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Super Lucky Frog

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General Description

Who can now be persuaded of the existence of magic except forchildren? It would seem that the world of fairy tales and miraculous adventures plays a small role in our life. However, it is precisely these dreams and fantasies that can make every person’s life much brighter and more colorful, regardless of whether it is an adult or a child.


The NetEnt development team decided to remind players of the existence of a magical world, inhabited by forest elves, good fairies, gnomes,and the most successful frog. After playing this funny game, you involuntarily start to believe in miracles, because the winnings here are simply unrealistic. Moreover, each player has the opportunity to win one of three local jackpots, enjoy free rotations and multipliers. In the slot there are two best assistant players: the Scatter and the Wild symbol, and the biggest win will be a whole 7500 bets, which when playing at the limit values ​​will be $ 375,000. After such wins, it’s hard not to believe in a fairy tale! Catch the magic frog of luck, and it will certainly reward you with a lot of prizes.


The magic world of the Happy Frog is embodied in all elements of the slot, from graphic design to the interface details. The musical accompaniment also emphasizes the atmosphere of magic and miracles and does not detract from the main process. Bright characters are represented in the form of mysterious creatures, elves, gnomes, ladybirds and butterflies, which will miraculously make up combinations. Winning sequences of signs are accompanied by small animations and sound effect, however the game reacts to the actions of the user as quickly as possible, it starts at any settings and any modern device. The background image is a magical forest, where our wonderful creatures dwell in huge tree houses. A frog was called lucky for a reason. Catching three or more images of Lucky Frog with Bonus on the drums, the frog will suggest you try your luck in turning the wheel of fortune. In the prize round you can win a fixed jackpot of up to $ 5000 or a small incentive.


Management in the game is similar to most slots, and will be familiar to all fans of games from NetEnt. An extremely simple and intuitive interface allows you to instantly customize the field and enjoy the game. According to your preferences, the “Coin Value” coin denomination, the active “Bet Lines” and the bet on each in the range of 1-5 coins are set “Bet Level” button. To learn about the cost of combinations and about the features of symbols, you can use the “PayTable menu”. User who love play large can use the “Max Bet” button, and, if desired, activate the automatic mode “Autoplay”. Additional settings and game rules are hidden in the lower left corner (sound, graphics, Game Rules). After simple preparations, you can immerse yourself in the magical world of a lucky frog with the help of a central button (the rotation of the drums).

According to the rules of the slot, the most expensive combination is paid for in the series, and also combinations can be made using only 1 drum (except for the scatter).


The magic uncomplicated slot Super Lucky Frog will give a lot of impressions and recreate the fabulous atmosphere. Such a story will appeal to users of the famous Skazka slot machine, because it will also transfer gamers to the magic world of miracles. Plunged into the world of a wonderful forest, each player will have excellent chances to make good money, because there are plenty of prize opportunities in the game. The slot is suitable not only to fans of fantasy and fairy-tale worlds, but also to fans of high-quality video slots with high efficiency.

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Super Lucky Frog Reviews by Players

Tennille Tomasello. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Super lucky frog is another one netent game which have jackpots to be won. Game has 25 paylines, and offers few features. Game looks like fairy tale movie or something like this, and i am pleased with this theme, even so i am not kid, but it looks good and kind.

Base game on this game like at almost all netent jackpot games is really boring. Big wins is almost impossible, but at least here we have wilds and scatters. 3 scatters give 10 free spins with x 3 multiplier, 4 scatters give 20 free spins with x 3 multiplayer, and finally 5 scatters award 30 free spins with x 3 multiplier. On base game my best hit was around x 100, and same result was best for me after free spins. I played this game only on one casino, it was redbet of course, because playing at such casino i have no fear to win jackpot, because i know that i will get paid in any case, in any amount won. Jackpot can be won on bonus game, which can be triggered by 3 bonus symbols on first 3 reels, and and this bonus symbols should be on payline. I hit this bonus game many times, and the joke there is that if you not win jackpot, game award you with 1 x total bet, and i always keep getting this 1x total bet, and never won any jackpot playing on this game.

Game is interesting i like it, and it is one of the best netent jackpot games. But of course chances to win jackpot is small even very small, therefore it is hard to wait something from this game. At least in my experience i can say that free spins dropping often, and this keep game not so boring in my eyes. I rate this game with 8 stars, it is not so bad, and i will open it again in future.

Lately I started to be a little more lenient with the NetEnt slots after I played a few better slots here, yet even if I want to be indulgent the Super Lucky Frog slot is only average between other slots in these casinos. The greatest sin of many NetEnt slots (including this slot) is that from 60-70 % of the winning combinations the player gets only small or even ridiculous payouts. Since this slot has 25 lines and the minimum total bet is 25 cents this means that in over half of the cases you will have a payout of about 2-5 cents (for 3 symbols aligned). A bit disappointing!

It is true that sometimes, very rarely (that is in about 1-3% of cases) the wins will be really great (1 Euro) but if you're unlucky you risk here to lose on the average about 10 Euros per each 100 spins played (i.e. for each 25 Euro gambled). This is too much in my opinion. Of course the advertised return of NetEnt slots is not so small (but between 93-97 %) and playing on long run, that is at least 500-1000 spins will have probably the opportunity to make up for the losses, but the suspense is too high.

Anyway, at least the theme slot is nice with animals from the stories of childhood: the Lucky Frog, the Snail, the Butterfly, the Ladybug, etc. However the two features of the slot are not quite perfect either. First there are only 10 Free Spins (with 3x multiplier) and it is more difficult than the usual to trigger this round. In 350 spins I only entered once the Free Spins and the wins were modest (a total of Euro 3-4).Also the Bonus game here (provided by 3 “Frogs”) promises even have a chance to win the big jackpot, which does not happen at all. On a wheel that spins there are 12 equal sectors. 4 sectors pay equal to the total bet, 4 Sectors pay the Froggy Jackpot (the lowest), 3 sectors pay the Lucky Jackpot (average) and 1 sector pays the Super Jackpot. If everything would be OK you would have 4/12=1/3 chances of winning the lowest Jackpot (about 300 Euro). But this does not happen. In 9 Bonuses I won every time only a sum equal to the total bet. This is exactly equal to nothing! And how I was waiting each time the big bonus!

As I said slot is of average quality. There are several slots in NetEnt much better than this game.
Let me tell a little story ahead of other things. Once when my cousin visited us they brought their sweet 4 year old baby boy but he was in really bad mood and couldn’t stop crying and he made her parents so angry. Accidentally, I left my computer open and the screen displayed a NetEnt casino welcome page and with the recent promotions in the headline and sometimes it showed Super Lucky Frog. My little buddy’s eyes suddenly lit up as he saw it and after wiping all the tears away he just started smiling. I asked permission from his Daddy and sit him in a chair, set the Fun Mode and pressed the Spin button. From that moment his sight was fixed on the monitor and we barely heard anything of him almost all afternoon except his laugh sometimes. That’s how this game is cute.

It really one of the most cute, childish game I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s a little bit too childish for my taste. Seriously, if gambling weren’t illegal under 18 I would think it made solely for children. (Oops, I broke the law with my mini pal?! Hush! Do not tell anyone!)

The 25-payline slot has figures like mushroom, snail, unicorn and they and the whole appearance are like a scene from an animated cartoon movie, but gamblers who sometimes discover the little child part of their personality don’t have to be scared, this game can be much more businesslike. The most important and surprising, this has 3 Jackpot (local) to be won from €295 up to €93.000 in a certain casino. I still can’t believe a game like this how can get such big rewards that bring shame on some more popular, famous action and progressive slots. Three Frogs can give us a chance to be very happy when lead us to the bonus room where a fortune wheel can decide our fate. It has 12 slices from which 4 send us back to the game, 4 Froggy, 3 Lucky and one Super Jackpots. From mathematically perspective we’d have a very good chance to grab one of them but in reality it’s a whole other story. We also can achieve some nice return with 5 Elves that serve as wild and pay up to 7500 coins. The last extra that have to be mentioned the Fairy figure that can present 10, 20 or 30 free games at tripled prize on top of its 400 times pay of the triggering bet.

As I’ve said it’s beautiful, very sweet, very fascinating slot game but even if I greatly respect and take off my hat to its Jackpots, I just can’t take it seriously and I feel it’s definitely not my type of game.
Carly Gingerich. Reviewed on 26.09.18
"Super Lucky Frog" is another of the games created by NetEnt. The design is flawless and is inspired by the magical world of fairies and their graphs have a wide influence of manga style. Its standard characters are, in order of importance, unicorn, goblin, chimera, squirrel, ladybug, mushroom, butterfly and snail. The scatter symbol is represented with a fairy girl, bonus symbol is represented with a crowned frog, and the wild symbol with a fairy boy. The format of this slot is 3 x 5 reels and 25 paylines. The speed of spins is pleasantly fast and spin button can also be used as a button to stop at the player’s convenience. The game lacks of auto-spin and gambling options, quite useful for many players.

Wild symbols only act as substitutes for standard symbols; 3, 4, or 5 scatters trigger a round of 10, 20, or 30 free spins respectively. 3 or more successive bonus symbols on an active payline triggers a chance to win a jackpot. There are three types of jackpot: super, lucky, and froggy. When the bonus feature is activated, the screen transitions to a wheel of fortune where there are chances to win each kind of jackpot and additional option is a red triangle with number 1 on it that pays only the value currently staked, and it is not casual it is hitting on these red triangles almost 100% of times. In my opinion the wheel is simply symbolic because the supposed chance of hitting of 1 red is only 33%, since they are 4 of 12 pieces in the wheel. Researching the game rules, I have found the reason for this, and it explicitly states that odds of winning the largest jackpots increase as it is bigger the bet made at the time the bonus feature is triggered. After increasing my bets up to 4 times, my results on this wheel remained the same, and now I think the only intention of this bonus round is to keep the dream of winning the jackpot ever present in our minds.

To conclude, I think the game is very volatile, and with the help of free spins with tripled winnings, the balance always tends to be slightly positive, so I found in this slot an excellent alternative to clear bonuses if they are cashable. On the other hand, I found “Super Lucky Frog” as a slot supremely entertaining and even addictive, time flies in front of this attractive game.
Gayla. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Some slots really disappoint in many ways, and I'm afraid this review about Super Lucky Frog will turn into a very negative one. I simply can't believe that I ever wasted €200 on this slot. I chose to play this slot a long time ago when I was looking for a nice progressive payout. Well, little I knew was that it's incredibly difficult to even win the lowest jackpot available. Unfortunately I never managed to win a jackpot online at all, and this goes for the progressive jackpot slot Super Lucky Frog as well. Although the theme is nice with symbols of frogs, butterflies, squirrels, snails, unicorns and fairies - I sure got very pissed off when playing this game.Super Lucky Frog has 5 reels and 25 paylines. It has 3 progressive jackpots attached to it - Super, Lucky and Froggy. In addition it also has scatter symbols which award 10, 20 or 30 free spins based on 3, 4 or 5 scatters. The attached multiplier is 3x.So that being said it has two second-level bonuses - Free spins and Jackpot Game. The jackpot game can be triggered by having 3 or more bonus symbols (frog) in succession on a payline from reel 1 to 3 or more. I've played this game for a quite long time on €1 bets. I managed to trigger the bonus jackpot game for at least 5 times.Now here it comes…. you get presented a sort of a wheel of fortune with many slots. While the wheel spins you press on stop. You either win the Super, Lucky, Froggy jackpot or a smaller prize which equals 1x bet size. This wheel of fortune does not represent the real odds of winning any type of jackpot prize on this game.Each time I won 1x bet size and it absolutely took the piss of me. I can't say I ever been more disappointed in a game than this one. Anyway I also managed to trigger 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier which awarded me 30x bet size. Also disappointing since I had already lost a lot.That's the last I've played it and it shows how difficult it is to even win the lowest of the lowest jackpots on NetEnt games.Final rating for Super Lucky Frog is 4/10.

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