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summertime Reviews by Players

Loria. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Summertime is a Microgaming nine slot and before it was released on Microgamings mobile casino, and that was only recently I hardly ever played it. If you have read any of my reviews on AskGamblers you will know I am a huge fan of nine slots especially Microgaming ones. Some of my biggest wins have come from Microgamings nine line slots, unfortunately Summertime is not one of those slots yet!

So as I mentioned Microgaming have released this on mobile so over the last two or three weeks I thought I would give the slot a chance. Unfortunately it is taking forever to grow me! The wins don't come in half as much as I would like and the free spins are almost impossible to get. There is a lot of dead spins with nothing and getting five of a kind is even harder! I haven't had any decent wins to be able to share a screenshot with you, but with my experience with nine liners I know it takes time so I am going to keep trying for that big win.

At the moment I am playing Summertime at the minimum bet so that's only 9p a spin, I have played it a few times on Instant play at 18p a spin but no more but that's only because I just don't think I would win anything back! But I could of course be totally wrong and maybe betting big is the way to go with this slot.

If you do manage to get free spins, this is where you could make some real money! Three scatters awards you with 15 free spins with a x 3 multiplier, it's just really slow with the free spins coming in. It would be nice to see a bonus game but there isn't one!
Slot can be a bit boring.
Ahh, Summertime...where the sun warmed beaches are filled with people and babes cheerily playing volleyball. Too bad you won't find any of them here on Summertime because all that there is are your usual retro symbols of fruits, bars, sevens and diamonds :p . Some of the things they have included as symbols in this slot are Wild Summertime Logos, chips and the glistening sand scatters. I like the way Microgaming thought of these scatters for when they hit for at least 2 on a spin, the water washes away on the sand.......the word "scatter" disappears and diamonds are left behind. Cool!

Now I can sell them to the highest bidder.......going once, going twice! Sold! ;) lol. Summertime is just a 9 paylines video slot. I got tired of betting for $0.90 so instead $0.45 bets were my way forward. It's easier for me, it held out my balance longer but I will miss the powers of hitting $0.90 triggering bet on the free spins. They can do wonders sometimes but often times they are much more as blunders than wonders for higher bets!

Now I would prefer to play Summertime as it's alter ego, the progressive slot (Mega Moolah Summertime), so I can try to collect the bonus too...if I can randomly hit it of course. The moment I collected 15 Free spins at 3x on this slot, I was well on my way to enjoy the free spins work it's "magical" reels. For just $0.45 I collected a meaningful $36 from free spins. As this is the first Summertime Slot there is no music unlike the progressive type of Summertime but however it is just entertaining to play on. Good normal payouts for 9 paylines, 15 Free spins at 3x holding various momentums, gambling feature for when the going gets tough for wins (small wins of $0.25 most of the time for example), and 2x paying Wilds. Summertime is not a way to get rich......but......that is where Mega Moolah Summertime fills that position for us ;) .

Outstandingly, this slot summons a score of 8.2 out of 10! It just needs all other symbols to pay a small amount on 2 winning combinations for me to really get fully interested! At least it's worthy to have a small payout than a $0.00 payout.
Torri. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Anyone who’s a fan of video slots with 9 paylines should definitely give Summertime a try. This game features characteristics of a classic slot with all types of fruit symbols that look juicier than ever before, and of course symbols like chips, diamonds, bars, sevens and much more.

The greatest thing about this game perhaps is the low betsize. You can compare it with DOA, Reel Steel, Agent Jane Blonde and Break Da Bank Again in terms of paylines. €0.09 is all there is needed to use all paylines for a spin. In addition to 9 paylines the game also features 5 reels, 3 rows and of course wild symbols.

The wild symbol is displayed by the sun, while there are also scatter symbols which can award you free spins. I like to play this game when my budget is very low, like 10 or 20 euros. Then I prefer playing this game to not go broke to fast. In all honesty these type of games do give you a lot of playtime, which definitely can’t be said for those 243-ways-to-win to slots.

The best combination you can get is that of 5 wilds… which will prolly only happen once in a lifetime. I never came further than three wilds on a payline. You need at least 3, 4 or 5 scatters to trigger 15 free spins. The free spins are attached to a 3x multiplier, but nevertheless the free spins never made me much of money. I can’t recall ever winning more than 50x betsize during free spins.

And trust me, I did give this game a game time. I believe there is also a progressive version which I have played as well I’m sure. The RTP must be lower there though, so I prefer playing the non-progressive version. My best hit during base game is around 100x betsize.

Which was around 18 euros for my 0.18 euro bet back then. Although I never been too lucky, this game does entertain despite its classic and simple format. Other slots tend to have the tendency to kill your budget too fast. I never witnessed this with this game.
Tiana. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Summertime it is simple clone game of thunderstruck and few others microgaming old video slots, which have everything the same, just different layouts. I am feel myself ok with a clones, if they good, because they give option to try few others, if at selected you did not have luck, and also add some fresh to eyes, since playing one game all the time is boring.

This game has 9 paylines, and of course here we have wilds on all reels. Wilds here is something really great, since payout for it is pretty high - more than 1000 x total bet, that is why this game probably can be placed in high variance list, since of course 5 wilds will land very rare. Also wilds double a win if substitute. Here we have scatters, which trigger 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, if 3+ of it appears on reels. I like that this free spins can be retriggered, i hate when free spins can not be retriggered, in such cases i feel myself like cheated. 5 scatters here like at all other clones pay great, 500 x total bet. I played this game only once at 32red, because this clone is not my favorite, i did not like layout with fruits, i write this few times already. During my playtime at 32red casino i get free spins feature only once, and with 0.45 bet i won something like 15$, which is not so good result after 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier, but from the other side i probably was just unlucky, and i should not complain about one such low win.

Most likely this game land in medium-high variance list. Payouts here for scatters and wilds is really big, other payouts are average, but still in free spins any 5 of a kind with wild will pay nice money. I will not play this game again, since i did not like layout and better choose thunderstruck.
Stephnie. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Summertime is an epic slot, and you just have to play it to realize that. I play it as much as I can and find this one better that the one with the jackpot. For some reason I get much more features and good line hit on this one. It is a 9 line game and I love it. You can play for ages and not spend too much money, and on higher bets can win huge amount of cash. I had some very successful sessions with this game, and would say that on average win more than lose.

The graphics in this game are pretty good and I like the sound effects. The theme is very positive and you can't help but to enjoy yourself while you are playing. I can play this game for a long time with out getting bored, the game also seems more consecutive that I thought. I don't wait too long for the feature and the wins are there quite regularly.

The best thing about this game is the free spins feature. I have managed to get five scatters a couple of times and on the bet of €0.18 it paid €90. I almost managed to get five of them in the free spins but only got four. Getting five of the would have given me €270.

The wilds are also very important in this game and if you want to get a great win you got to have wilds in the pay line. They double your win and pay a huge €100 on the smallest bet. I never got them but am still waiting for them to come out.
The background melodies could have been better.

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