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Marion. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Hello, I am actually very surprised to be a first who writes review of Sugar Pop, because that new slot seems to be quite popular. First of all, I am not a fan of Betsoft. it is not my favourite software and not even in Top 4-list. I know their slots, because sometimes got free spins for those. I find most of their slots to boring or then just cheap copies of slots from other software. However, I was curious and decided to test Sugar Pop, which is newest Betsoft-slot.

Sweet, tasty, delicious, delightful! I wonder how many times I saw those words during less than hour what I played Sugar Pop? Sugar Pop is Tetris-type of slot, so even if it is normal 5-reel slot, it differs so much from others. There are different levels in that slot and I managed to enter into seven level. Also features are interesting, though I saw only three. Lollipop-feature is very common and mix those candies, Bubblegum-feature goes and smash those candies and White-chocolate-feature randomly smash some candies. I got sometimes Bubblegum-feature, but only once White-chocolate-feature. Like name Sugar Pop says, graphics of that slot are about candies. ;) Have to say that I was positively surprised for seeing something original and different from Betsoft. :)

I got 7 euro money for that slot, and first I played it with 1 euro-bet, which seems to be a minimum-bet. Then I raised it to 2 euro, 3 euro, 5 euro and even to 12,5 euro. I think that Sugar Pop has quite a low variance and you can easily win at least something from it.

Sugar Pop seems to be favourite of some gamblers, and I have to admit that it can be also very addictive and theme also is not so bad. However, I got my experience of Sugar Pop and that slot is not for my taste and very possible I will not play it in future. It is still not worst slot and it is not one of those slots which only eat fast your balance. Sugar Pop is worthy of trying and I know that some people will think about it different way than I think. ;)

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