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With Subtopia slot , you can go to the exciting world of the underwater kingdom. Or rather,  become one of the members of the team of intrepid discoverers of the sea depths.


The subject of the Subtopia slot machine illuminates the life of submariners who bravely face the dangers. All the details are made in the best traditions of the manufacturer and perfectly beat the topic of the slot. In general, from the first seconds, you are involved in the process of the game and fully imbued with the spirit of adventure.

The company NetEnt once again proved its unquestionably high level of professionalism in the development of this gaming device, because the quality of graphics even makes you forget for a while that this is a gaming device, and forces you to believe that Subtopia is an another video game.


Subtopia is made in full accordance with its theme: repeating the way of life of travelers on the seabed in details.  All game symbols are very detailed, for which a special thanks to the manufacturer. Combined in an unrivaled melody, they give a wonderful sense of their own participation in the process of developing the depths of the sea. Fearless men, a girl with books that embody the immense intellectual work that preceded the journey – all this in a complex creates an unforgettable overall picture of the game.

The color gamut of the game basically involves the use of blue shades, which symbolize the seabed, and the background of the screen is the image of the underwater city. It’s hard to believe that the modern slot as a phenomenon has long gone beyond its usual perception, becoming a full-fledged game with its storyline and gaming tasks. Playing in Subtopia, the gamer is completely immersed in the procession of worldly troubles fade into the background.


The game process is standard and does not provide any additional knowledge of the features of gaming devices. All you need before starting is to set the number of paylines and a bet, and then just press the start button. The machine itself will make the twist and will give you the combinations that they played. Functional buttons are placed on the screen in the best traditions of the manufacturer, namely: the “start” button in the center, on either side of it – the “auto game” and “maximum hit” buttons.

The player can independently choose the bet by which the twist will be made, spin’s cost depends from it.  Also, for lovers of excitement, the manufacturer has provided a “maximum impact” button: thanks to it, the machine automatically sets the maximum number of lines and the maximum bet that is available, based on the game balance. However, you have to be extremely cautious with this button, especially to those who only master the world of a virtual casino, otherwise the game for gamer can be finished before even starting.

As always in this manufacturer’s slots, high-quality information support for players is presented here, which is able to help even a person without experience. In the payout table you can find information about the cost of each line, their structure, and also get acquainted with the scatter and the wild symbol.


Subtopia is a great slot that confidently expands the circle of its fans and becomes more popular every single day.


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Subtopia Reviews by Players

Oretha Fitzmaurice. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Subtopia online video slot it is another one great old game from net entertainment, and it is a bit painful to review this old games right now, because i just realize to myself how bad new net entertainment games compared to their old job.

This game has 20 paylines, and payouts for all symbols is pretty low, for example best 5 of a kind here pay x 100 total bet. Wilds are involved in game, but they did not have any payment, just substitute for other symbols. Base game featuring random multiplier for each and every spin player made, and multiplier can be up to x 5, therefore we can say that biggest possible win in base game is x 500.My best result in base game playing this slot is something like x 200 total bet, i had nice 5 of a kind and to my surprise multiplier was x 5. Scatters in this game activate free spins, and also for 5 scatters play will get x 100 total bet. Free spins has a counter, on which landed multiplier x 2 x 4 x 6 and also here is an end of free spins picture. So in theory free spins can be going and going for a long time, but i think biggest number of played free spins for me is about 15 or so, and it is not many of course.Also few times i had terrible free spins rounds, when they finish after just one spin. It is painful, but honest, as it is all madding at random. My best hit after free spins feature is also about x 200.

This is medium variance game, and i like to play it. Both base game and free spins are interesting, and can pay nice winnings, up to x 600 total bet in free spins. If you ask me will i play this again, i will answer of course yes! Interesting game which will not eat all your money like some new net entertainment games.
Well, “Subtopia” is also a slot from NetEnt casinos that has 20 paylines . The theme of the slot are the characters existing in a submarine: the captain, the mechanical engineer, the navigator, the diver and the compass(which is Scatter here).

As I said in a previous review of “Jack and the Beanstalk”, NetEnt casinos are usually stingy when it comes to wins offered by their slots and this slot “Subtopia”, in contrast with “Jack and the Beanstalk”,is indeed a stingy slot. Perhaps it is better said hungry for player money, rather than stingy, because the wins are frequent here (but generally their value is small).It is true, the slot shows a peculiarity which occasionally offers big wins, but these big wins are very rare. This feature slot is given by the fact that about once every 5 spins, randomly for the next spin, a multiplier between 2x and 5xis given. But what good is this, if the next spin is a loser? So only once in about 15 spins you will have a win multiplied . Because of this multiplier, the normal wins are rater smaller: about 3-10 coins are earned every 1 to 3 spins. Too less.

The only compensation , so to speak, is the Free Spins round. Here all free spins are accompanied again by a multiplier: 2x , 4x and 6x . This multiplier is increased when a special symbol is found on one of the reels. Every time this multiplier advances the submarine is sinking deeper, and at a value over 6x, the submarine returns to the surface and the Free spins round ends. In general there are awarded more than 20 Free spins, and the win are some nice 5-7 win Euro, but usually to enter Free spins it costs more than this.

I played about 200-250 spins and entered the Free Spins round 2 times. I had an average loss of 15-20 Euro for every 100 spins and an average win of 5-7 Euro in Free spins.

My opinion is that on the whole, the slot is weaker than “Jack and the Beanstalk“ and the losses are bigger, although from time to time some wins in particular, may be higher.
Krista Kierstead. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Subtopia is a slot where I have fond memories of. This game is developed by Net Entertainment and the theme is based on an underwater adventure in a submarine. It's one of those slot that differ from the average slot layout. This is especially notable during the free spins round, but I will get back to that later.One problem I do encounter with Subtopia very often is that graphics are kind of slow at some flash based casinos. Luckily NetEnt does make it possible to lower the level of graphics in the settings to enable a smoother gaming experience.Other than that it's a great slot with symbols that resemble people you would find in a submarine. However, a bit animated with a lot of creativity. Subtopia has 20-paylines and 5 reels. There are wild symbols which can appear on every reel.The wild symbols substitute every symbol except that of the scatters.The other fun part of this slot is that it has a random multiplier during base game that could keep changing after each spin. So your winnings either get multiplied by 1x, 2x, 3x or 5x. The only exception is scatter wins though. These cannot be multiplied under any circumstances. I once turned 5 free spins from a casino into a cash out of €850 by only playing this slot. Of course granted I got incredibly lucky. However, when I won that amount I never hit a five of a kind of animated people on that ship.I did however hit many four of a kinds with a 3x and 5x multiplier in base game. I kept moving my bet up from €0.20 to €1.20. My biggest wins were during the free spins session.The best part about this game is the free spins. Once you get 3 scatters, you'll get an unspecified number of free spins. This is first slot where I came across this type of concept. On the 5th reel there is a multiplier symbol which moves up from 2x to 4x and a 6x multiplier when the symbol appears. However, do keep in mind that the higher the multiplier becomes, the closer you get to the end of the free spins session. During one lucky session where I probably had more than 20 free spins, I had a nice couple of hits of 140x and 100x my bet size. This slot has a lot more potential, considering the 6x multiplier and the excellent payout for 5 symbols.My final rating for Subtopia is 8.5/10.
Iona. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Subtopia by Netent has 20 pay lines and 5 reels with an interesting theme of underwater adventure in a submarine.. I am not sure but seeing the symbols it seems that they are in search of treasure inside the ocean... Now , since it is a Netent production , it is quite understandable that the slot has extremely high graphics and some times it becomes necessary to reduce them to medium configurations until you have a great Graphic card.

This slot has an interesting feature in the base game itself where a multiplier of 1X, 2X , 3X or 5X gets activated randomly giving you some more money then usual slots. Now , what i have seen is that the multiplier is on 1X multiplier for most of the times after that 2X multiplier has major portion of spins and then 5X. 3X has pretty less number of spins. Although these are random but according to me say if there are 20 spins , then 12 spins would have 1X multiplier, 4 would have 2X multiplier , 3 would have 5X and remaining 1 would have 3X... This is my personal experience and not that Netent has been biased with the feature, may be it is with me only.. Though a random multiplier of as much as 5X is awarded , still the returns are low to average only. You would have to be extremely lucky to land a good winning combination ( 4 or 5 of a kind ) on an increased multiplier.

Apart from base game there is an additional free spin round which gets triggered by getting 3 scatters on the reels. Netent slots always have very good free spin rounds with amazing additional features and on this slot there are unlimited free spins with a multiplier ranging between 2X to 6X. This free spin round compensates for the returns on the base game and i have seen that it pays about 50X to 120X your total bet. I have had greatest winning of $120 on a total bet of $1 on comeon casino few days back. Unlimited free spins doesn't simply mean that you will play them for days but they usually end after 10 to 12 spins as the multiplier increases.

So all in all a decent game on returns and an excellent game on graphics which gives it an 8 out of 10.
Waylon. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Subtopia is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot coming from NetEnt. For a theme this slot has an underwater world called Subtopia. The graphic is descent and the slot has a simple design. There is another game like this one, it is The Marvelous Mr.Green which was made exclusively for Mr.Green casino. Everything is the same only the symbols are different.

The game has a descent paytable and the highest winning symbol has an award of 2000 coins. This game has a random number multiplier. It can appear after any spin and awards a win multiplier up to x5. You can have some descent wins thanks to it if you already have some nice 5-10 x bet win. This game also has a wild and scatter symbol. The wild can appear anywhere on the reels and substitutes for other symbols. The scatter symbol can land on all reels and at least 3 of them trigger the free spins bonus.

This game is interesting because you don’t know what number of free spins you will get. The free spins start with a x 2 multiplier and when the special multiplier symbol lands on reel 5 the multiplier increases up to x 6. When the multiplier is at x 6 the next time the symbol lands the free spins finish.

Compared to The Marvelous Mr.Green the free spins here come more often and are much easier to trigger. Sometimes they will come in the first 20 spins and can award some nice wins. In my last session in this game I got the free spins only after 7-8 spins and played 14 free spins. The last 3 were played on a x 6 multiplier and I had a win of 60 x bet. Other times the free spins can finish only after 3-4 spins leaving you with nothing but in one session I got up to 22-23 free spins and had a win of over 200 x bet. This game is fun to play and can provide some big wins so I recommend it to everyone.

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