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Stickers play online casino for real money

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Stickers is a wonderful slot, which is very easy and fun to play. If we talk about the theme of the gaming machine, it is worth noting that the plot is not at all abstruse: the producer presented the players with a simple but very entertaining machine, where absolutely everyone can relax and forget about all the worries encountered in real life.

General Description

Once you open up the game, you immerse yourself in the world of excitement and listen to a relaxed melody that intrigues and carries away. Despite the presence of the same exotic fruits that the gamer already saw on the expanses of Slot-O-Pol slot machine, the slot received an original and vivid design. Color images that take part in the twist and form winning combinations, are able from the first seconds to adjust to the desired mode and enthrall. So, to all who wish to spend time pleasantly playing in a quality and laid-back slot, welcome, along with us will be poisoned by the development of Stickers. And your holiday is guaranteed to bring a lot of positive emotions and pleasure.


Stylistically,  Stickers is performed in the best traditions of the manufacturer. All functional features are preserved and give a full sense of comfort from the game. The location of the game buttons is standard: the “Start” is located in the center, and on the sides – “the Maximum Bet” and “Auto Game”. Having played once on the slot of this company, on the move you notice for yourself the functional superiority of this manufacturer.

Speaking about the color gamut of the gaming machine, the first thing that comes to mind is the rainbow, because the colorfulness of Stickers is simply amazing. It is difficult to single out a certain color, which prevails in its design, but nevertheless there are no inconveniences in the game process for this. In addition, as in other devices of the manufacturer, the player’s attention is given the opportunity to change certain configurations of the game at his discretion, namely color, sound and so on.

The game provides high-quality information support, which can come to the aid of a gamer, if he has any questions. There you will find all the necessary information about the cost of signs, the structure of building lines, as well as a description of the “Wild” symbol.


As in all other devices, before you go directly to the game process, you need to specify the number of lines and the rate at which the twist will be made. After you have made this choice, on which the cost of spin directly depends, press “Start”. The drum itself rotates and provides you with the combinations that have been played. In the game there is no possibility to double the won result. But this can hardly be called a drawback, because such a function is rarely presented in modern slots.

For the convenience of users, you can use the “Auto-Game” function, in which you specify the number of spins that are produced automatically. Nice, convenient, but also very interesting: that is how you can characterize the process of playing in Stickers slot. A casual and simple game will be guaranteed to the liking of fans of those slots that were presented in real halls of gaming devices in due time, but at the same time, every modern, demanding consumer will like it.

As always, NetEnt pleased us with a simple payout table, where any person, regardless of the experience in the game, can easily find answers to the questions of interest. Several pages that are placed in it, fully describe the essence of the game and give the opportunity as soon as possible to join the fascinating process.


Stickers is an incredibly colorful slot, which is fully endowed with all the advantages of modern games. These include simplicity, color, and generosity. Many gamers choose him as a partner for their leisure and note his high percentage of return. Perhaps,this is why the popularity of Stickers worldwide is growing day by day, adding more people to their army of fans.

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Stickers Reviews by Players

Tina. Reviewed on 13.04.18
Unibet has just sent me an e-mail offering 5 free spins at their newest slot game called Stickers so this would have been foolish to refuse this opportunity. After opening up the game a 20-payline fruit slot said ‘Hi’ but somehow I wasn’t really impressed with the interface of the game. I think it would be better saying the graphics was the one what I didn’t find such attractive what I used to at NetEnt games. There’s no major problem with it but the symbols are not drawn by the best technique and the pictorial elements seem to me very simple and overall the appearance can’t give too much delight visually, but on the other hands the used colours are very great and give the screen a fresh and vivid look.
Though it didn’t live up completely to my expectations and I couldn’t tell it’s a NetEnt product but this very ordinary pictorial work is still solid enough to spend some time, even extended time per session. Because it’s a fruit slot I didn’t expect many features and exceptional game qualities and it didn’t let me down as it is a very simple working product. The best paying symbol is Strawberry and in the case of a 5 of a kind win with it the profit is just 400 times of line bet which is not too generous but the most important symbol at this slot is Wild and the only feature the game offers also attached to this substituting icon. Every time when a Wild appears on the screen 1 re-spin is awarded while the Wild stays on its position giving another chance for other winning combinations. If the next spin brings another Wild to the reels, one more re-spin will be played while the two Wilds remain on their spots.
So basically this re-spin feature lasts until a no-Wild spin occurs. Sadly, the Wild doesn’t have win multiplying functionality which really could some damage and the game itself doesn’t provide any extra feature. Needless to say, the 5 free spin went by very easily without giving me back anything but I have never played this slot before and I decided I gave it a little bit more times to dazzle me and kept playing with it but this time with my real balance. The smaller wins quite often completed and the Wild appeared from time to time and gave me re-spins but never managed to repeat this kind of free spins more than twice one after the other but after 15 minutes nothing noticeable event happened so I left the game alone.
Next day I returned with a little bit more spare times and intention to play a longer session but not much differences I experienced and I was about to jump on another slot when I got 4 re-spins and evidently the fourth spin was played with 5 Wilds on the table and the final profit I gained during the 5 spins was around €68 and it gave me another push to stay with the game and chase my luck on it but at the end of the night this win was the biggest one and from then nothing happened what I expected. Overall, this game is nothing special and in my book this is just another average game.
I don’t know why but I’m not really impressed by it and sometimes I felt that the game hasn’t got the ability to really entertain me and I’m not saying this game is monotone but definitely missed some kind of excitement and diversity while playing. As I mentioned earlier there’s no real problem with the game but on the other hand it should give me some more to make me believe this is a really good game which is worth to visit again and play with on frequent basis and because I didn’t get such kind of encouragement from Stickers I suppose I’m going to stick to games what I really love and already familiar with.
Jody Rizzo. Reviewed on 30.06.18
When the whole gambling world was getting high on sticky things, all sorts of sticky games came to the surface. I was always very keen for a certain sticky game too, but never mind about that, hehehe. So, what should you name a game about sticky things? Stickers of course, but don't go and ask any baby if they know the answer. They'll probably lift up their 2 legs and you've got some sticky mess to wash up! Hahaha.

I can't recall when NetEnt released this Stickers game, but it certainly wasn't that long ago. But, this Stickers game probably became sticky somewhere along the way, and the game designers never got to put better graphics into it. Maybe their babies got in their way! Hahaha. The only nice symbol I can see is the Wild symbol. All others are just 'hmm!" Paytable wise, it's a "ooh gawd!". Stickers is one game without any Free Spins game nor any Bonus game. All it got is some sticky moves, but giving a lot of sticky fun no less! I told you I like sticky games, didn't I? Games...not things! Hahaha.

Well, the nice Wild symbol is a nice dumb Wild, sorry to say. It doesn't pay, it doesn't double, it doesn't expand, it doesn't move either. It just sticks! But that's not a bad thing after all, it can create new wins, lots of new wins, not big ones, but decent ones nonetheless. Those fruits could certainly have been iconised more beautifully, but like I said, something got in the way. Too bad! Their win values start from 400x the line bet for the Purple fruit, down to 30x the line bet for the number 10. Not at all good, but blame it on NetEnt.

Like all sticky games, I must have played them until they became lame, until Stickers became lame. Plenty of sticky Wilds, plenty of sticky action, plenty of sticky moves and plenty of sticky re-spins, but not one single good nice big win! The most I got was just over 100x my bet win. Can I ever see a nice 500x total bet win or more? Hmm, I've lostquite a bit chasing it, but never finding what I was looking for!
I do not have anything to thumbs down. But I wish to get wilds more frequent of course, but this is not complaint.
Jana. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Stickers are the newest slot release from the amazing Netent software. As usually, when the game landed in Casumo casino, they offered me 7 free spins. I was using my mobile phone and I really had no expectations because the spins were played with the minimum bets, however, when on one spin I managed to explore sticky wilds on every reel, I was amazed and overall 7 spins paid me 15.60€ which was truly unexpected.

What I really like about this game is its simplicity. The design is colorful with fruit and letter symbols, just in the right time before summer, and overall an eye - candy, the game is simple - it has sticky wilds and has no free spins or any other bonus round. Some may find it a bit boring but I certainly do not, this game reminds me of Wonky Wabbits, because of the color scheme and wilds.

Game itself has 5 reels and 20 paylines and the key feature is Sticky Wilds. When a Wild lands somewhere on the wheels, it substitutes for all symbols, and gives a respin, in which it stays there. If you get more sticky wilds on the respin, you'll get another one. So simple, but so exciting.

I played this game more seriously the next day with a 40€ bankroll. I played with the minimum bets, which are 0.20€ per spin. First I played 250 spins and my balance went down for a few euros, although I had lots of sticky wilds and a couple of "big wins" of 4€. Then I increased bets to 0.40€ per spin and played another set of 250 spins, the wilds came more rarely I got more empty spins, but despite that, I managed to get a few 20x bet size winnings and boost balance for 15€.

Overall I definitely recommend trying this game, especially for low-rollers. The wilds aren't too hard do get and they give decent winnings. I think this game would really be a good help for meeting rollover requirements, because it gives small but quite regular winnings. In my opinion it would be really hard to hit some huge winning. The design, as usually, is amazing. I give this game 8/10.

Beverly. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Stickers slot game is one of the newest release games from Netent provider. Although I must admit Netent recently with every new game has disappointed me, so I wasn't expecting something spectacular from this game as like the Dracula one. Of course I wanted to try this new release from them and waited the day when we can play, so yes it finally happened and the game was free to play.

This game was offered, but with only few spins what casinos offer us when there is some new game online, but just so we can try it, but honestly from 5-15 free spin you can’t say much on some game is it good or bad or is it for you or not. So I decided to play with my own money and that was several days ago in Next Casino. I was playing with 0.40 per spin. So this game is fun to play but with all the fruits there it surely reminded me of the Fruit Shop slot but the only thing you won’t see any free spins. But the good thing is the when the Stickers start to lend, so the first one stays till another one, so maybe a decent win from this game, but don’t expect something spectacular.

I was playing maybe for an hour or so and from 20 euros of my deposit I managed to raise my balance to 80 euros and that was the maximum I got. As for the paying of this slot it surely reminded me of Starbust, which I mean that this game is maybe good for wagering some bonus, because the Stickers are really easily to triggered, but not one, but more of them, so the winnings are not big but at least they are constant. So far I like this game, but I am not very impressed with it or maybe I haven't good some big win on to be impressed by it, but I doubt that this game has of potential big winning. Good Luck.

Poor payouts, wilds rarely appears, and if they appear there are never enough of them to win big. After Dracula, another poor release!

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