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An another intriguing gaming machine by Net Entertainment is worth your attention, it is called the Steam Tower slot. This slot will appeal to fans of gaming devices with an interesting theme and an exciting storyline. Indeed, it is difficult even to imagine the motives that the developers of this software were guided by when creating it, but it is worth noting that it turned out to be quite original. Interesting design, nice musical accompaniment, and sweet graphic, all of that completely beats the theme.

General Description

The basis of the game, as in many common romantic stories, is the release of a captive girl, who languishes in the captivity of a wild dragon. So, to all the representatives of the male who consider themselves to be true heroes, there is a perfect opportunity to fully realize their heroic potential with the help of the Steam Tower gaming machine. It will give you minutes of joy and delight, guaranteed to distract you from the gray routine and everyday problems, and also give you the opportunity to make good money. development.


The first impression of the slot just enthralls, and this feeling remains with you for a long time, throughout the game. It’s amazing how the Steam Tower differs from its predecessors. Stylistically Steam Tower completely beats the theme of the gaming machine, in trivia, conveying the main accents. So, all the symbols in the game resemble the details of the complex mechanisms of the steam station, and the illustrative background of the game screen allows you to dip into the right atmosphere from the first seconds.

Speaking about the color scheme in which the slot machine is executed, it is hard not to notice brown shades. However, the buttons are made in contrasting design for more convenience. It should be noted that the slot is made in a style characteristic for this manufacturer. This refers to the location of the game buttons and pay tables, which is the main information support for the player on the Steam Tower. Each player, regardless of experience, will be able to fully realize his desire for excitement without unnecessary effort. In addition, the feature of the company’s products can also be called the fact that the user during the game independently determines the configuration to your own taste, for example, sound.


All you need before you start to play the game is to determine the number of lines that take part in the twist and set the bet. The machine itself will rotate with the start button and give you the combinations that you played. As in all other products of this company, you independently determine the size of the bet, thereby deciding how much one twist will cost.

As in all slots of this manufacturer, you are provided with a convenient and simple interface, which qualitatively affects the game process. The symbols and the work panel are flawless and enthralled. Like always, you can find most of the answers to your questions simply by discovering the payout table, because there are detailed descriptions of the cost of lines, their structure, as well as the conditions for the start of bonus tasks.

For the special convenience of gamers, the “Auto-Game” button was thought out: it allows you to set the number of twists that will be made automatically at a rate that was determined in advance. Slot just leads to an indescribable delight, as far as it differs from the first representatives of gaming devices, that they met earlier in the halls of real gaming machines.


The Steam Tower is definitely a new generation slot that will provide all the necessary functional features that a modern gaming device should be endowed with. It is guaranteed to attract the attention of even those people who perceive the machines in their standard form, namely, such as they were in the halls of real gaming machines. Also, the Steam Tower will be guaranteed to the taste of modern gamers, because they appreciate high-quality graphics and an interesting story. Thus, absolutely every gamer will find something on the Steam Tower for himself and will remain satisfied.

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Steam tower Reviews by Players

Latoria. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Every new release from Net Entertainment is basically a mystery when it comes to the slot format. No video slot is the same and I think that’s rather a good thing, because this really shows that the creative minds at Net Ent have put in their best efforts to come up with something exciting and a game that entertains the slots fans.

Steam Tower is yet another slot with a complete new concept. Although the wins have to be made on only 15 paylines, there are stacked wilds, multipliers and additional free spins that can be earned during the exciting free spins feature which can take you a floor up each time with increased benefits.

In addition to 15-paylines, Steam Tower includes 5-reels and 3-rows. First time I played this game was last month with some free spins offered by several NetEnt casinos. Nevertheless, my first experience wasn't a good one.

Lost all my free spins quite fast and didn't even get to trigger the feature. I chose to continue a few days later though since the theme was appealing enough for me and the minimum bet of just 15 cents is of course feasible even for players with the lowest bankroll.

During base game the wins didn't come in regularly. One good 5oak hit assured me a 10 euro win though sooner or later. It also took me some time to figure the game out itself. The wild symbol (hook) could easily be mistaken for a scatter. So when I got three of them appearing on the reels and nothing really happened, I was kind of shocked and decided to check the paytable again.

Only then I realized that I needed to get the wild symbol fully stacked to trigger the free spins. Like 20 spins later I did manage to get one reel completely wild for 10 free spins. And that’s when the real fun part starts. During free spins you can win additional free spins and an increased multiplier all the way up to 7x prize.

So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you can win real big here. The goal is to climb up the floors to floor 16. But this isn't easy though and with each couple of floor you manage to climb up, the benefits get a bit better. You start off with a 2x multiplier and every time you get 2 wild symbols on your screen you get 2 additional free spins while climbing up to the next floor.

I never managed to get further than the 3x multiplier. The free spins session is however very exciting and I can only imagine how much fun it would be when you're spinning with a 7x multiplier. My best hit up to this day is 80x bet. Not too huge but then again I haven’t played this game very often yet.

Overall Steam Tower is a fun game with a creative concept that I can definitely recommend to slots players who have a weakness for NetEnt games.
Sophie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Steam tower it is probably my favorite Netent game. I am using game 'probably' not because I am not sure if this game great or no, iIam using this word because there is couple other Netent games, which also make me happy.

This game looks stunning good. Sounds and animations are not perfect, but it is very great suits exactly in this game, and everything is made really good, so I can't find what negative I could say about this game in case of it look.

Also it is very good that there is only 15 paylines, so it is possible to play with 0.15 bets. And feature here is very frequent, so if you run out of money on your balance this game can be really your saver. It is not guaranteed that you will win, but it is guaranteed that you will have some fun while playing, and unlikely you will lost remaining money very fast. In that term it is best game, not much need to pay - to get a lot of fun.

Freespins feature triggered here by very special and great way. You need to get stacked wild on any reel to get 10 freespins. Stacked wilds appears on all reels, and it is not hard to get feature. I think average amount for me is something like each 40-50 spins i got freespins. During freespins any single wild add you +2 freespins, and +1 floor. Each few floors increase multiplier up to x 7. And if you managed to reach 16 floor, you will not only get x 7 multiplier, but also will kill dragon and save the princess. For this you will get 1000 coins. Great!

I had a lot of sessions on this game. Most of my sessions was good and never left me unhappy. Of course iIam not saying about that i win each time, no. But each time I play this game - at least I get couple of features, and I play for decent amount of time. There is no fast losses. 10 stars this is honest rating.
I have played this game a number of times simply because I like 15 payline slots and I always had some nice wins on them. Still this game is a real disappointment for me. The base play wins are small and in a few sessions after 200 spins on minimum bet my balance was down for 20 euros and more. The most I have reached is the seventh floor and never beyond. The wilds don’t have a multiplier attached so I don’t think this game has the potential to pay big.
Earline. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Steam Tower is a very good slot from NetEnt. When it was first released I did not liked this slot much and I did not play it often, but lately after watching some youtube videos with big wins and I understand the very good potential of it, I play it more often and I have many good wins here.

I can not really tell what the theme of the slot is, since it has dragons and steam towers together so I would probably called it a fantasy slot, a guy trying to save the girl from a dragon who lives at the top of a steam tower maybe.

Steam Tower has only 15 pay lines and 0.15 minimum bet. I like that it has only 8 symbols, 4 letters and 4 higher paying symbols with the dragon best symbol. There is also a wild and a stacked wild which is also a scatter. The pay table seems low since 5 dragons will pay only 133 times the bet, but on the other hand this win can be multiplied during free spins where you can win big. During the base game the wins are low and there are many dead spins but luckily the free spins are triggered often.

You can win free spins if the stacked wild lands whole on a reel, so it seems easy to have them. I like the free spins feature of Steam Tower very much. During free spins your goal is to climb to the top of the tower. You start with 10 free spins and a multiplier of 2 and every time you have wild in the screen you get 2 free spins and you climb a floor. Too bad that even if you have two or three wilds landed at the same spin you get only 2 spins. Also every time you climb 3 floors you get an extra multiplier. When you reach floor 16 you get a 2000 coins win multiplied with the bet size and all the extra spins you have left you play them with a 7 times multiplier. And of course you rescue the girl.

This slot has very good potential for big wins and is a great addition to the NetEnt slots.
This Steam Tower game may generate a lot of steam playing it, hot angry steam, because the Wilds are dumb, 5 Wilds don't pay, 5-scatters win is non-existing, the highest 5-of-a-kind win is only 2000x the line bet, and I can lose one lorry load of money bags! But, I must admit, playing Steam Tower can be fun! Hahaha.

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