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starlight kiss Reviews by Players

Anabel. Reviewed on 01.05.18
Certainly “Starlight Kiss” is the best slot in what it concerns the music that accompanies the game here. It is a modern classical music, a piano that raises you floating in heights and makes you not want to leave this slot again. It is something extraordinary with 10 steps over any background music from all slots that I have played so far. It is the true story from “Love Story” (excuse me for repeating) that when you read, you vibrate and you are at the unison in all aspects with the characters from the book (or from the movie). The same is the slot also: a love without end, which likes to every player because himself also was once part of it. Such passion as found here, I met only when playing the “Esmeralda” slot, but there the passion was from the Latin dances. It is something that the words do not succeed to completely describe.

The game play itself is in tune with the music and its theme. It was not possible that such a slot to disappoint also about the statistics and the wins. After the first 200 spins, played for a bet of 30 cents/30 paylines, I had more than 20 Euros extra. Maybe between the spins 200 and 300, I lost some 5 - 7 Euro but still I was into win. The 10 Free Spins always bring another beautiful music together with a few Euros. But what impressed me here is the amazing Bonus Game. When you select the objects to create a pleasant atmosphere for the two lovers, each object will bring along with a payout also a growth of the total love that will ultimately provide a big multiplier. With about 400 cents and a 5 x multiplier, you get to earn 16 Euros, about once every 100 spins. Make yourself the count: in 100 spins with an average of 15 - 20 Euros from Free Spins and Bonus Game, this money pays for almost all spins played. The rest of wins you get from the normal spins remains in your pocket. Like I said, it is like the slot truly loves you, it would not want to make you leave.

At the end I repeat, the slot gets a very high rating from me just for the best music I have never met before. Thanks Microgaming for this beautiful love story. I am like 10 years younger now!
Randal. Reviewed on 01.07.18
If you’re looking for a nice romantic slot to play as a couple or alone, then Starlight Kiss might be a worthy choice. This slot has a romantic theme and is accompanied by a nice melody to get you into the mood. The symbols are made off several objects that make you think of love to get you going, including gifts, love letters, roses, lady and gentleman.

The slot itself consists of 30-paylines and 5-reels, but what’s even more amazing is that there are two second-level bonuses attached to it. So there are plenty of opportunities to have a decent hit. Don’t be expecting super big wins though, because it simply isn’t that type of slot.

I’d class it as low variance and a good choice to clear a bonus on if there are still some wagering requirements left. The minimum bet on this game is €0.30, but I played this game on €1.50 bets like a year ago during a brief session at Redbet when I was way up. During base game I remember losing 50 euros after like 30 minutes of playing. During those 30 minutes I managed to hit the bonus game twice by having a bonus symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4.

They only can land there and you need all three, so it can be difficult sometimes to trigger it. You then get taken to another screen where a couple is sitting closely to each other. You need to select 3 objects and based on your selection you win a prize and a multiplier depending on the number of hearts you pick. I never came further than a 3 x multiplier and a small prize of around 24 x betsize.

But the multiplier can go all the way up to 10 x the prize. So there is room for much more potential. I also managed to trigger the free spins feature by hitting 3 scatters awarding me 14 free spins with a 2 x multiplier. During free spins I had a mediocre win of around 30 x betsize.

Not much happened besides a few wilds (Starlight kiss symbol). I hit another few spins afterwards but no luck in triggering anything again. I accepted my loss and decided to move on.
Carmelo. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Starlight Kiss is a game powered by microgaming. The drawings and the music of the game are very beautiful and pleasant. Considering you will be playing this game for half hour or more, that does play a big role. This is a 30 line game with a possibility to get a bonus or free spins.

To get the bonus, you have to get three bonus symbols on the second,third and fourth reels. That will take you into a Romance bonus. In the romance bonus you have to pick three objects in the garden. Each object comes with a random amount of hearts. Each of those hearts go into the romance meter which awards multipliers for a specific amount of hearts collected in the bonus game. There is a chance of getting up to 10x, but i never even got close to that. Max i ever got on a €0.30 bet was €2.10 times 4x. To be honest i always pick the smallest wins, so i guess if you are lucky you could win a decent amount in the bonus game.

The free spins feature is awarded when three or more scatters come out. You are awarded 14 free spins with 2x. I did get four scatters few time but unfortunately it doesn't add more free spins. The free spins feature can be re-triggered, and i am happy to say that i have re-triggered it couple of times in the same game:) Boy does that feel great:)

Max i ever got on free spins( €0.60) was around €80. But that was with couple re-triggers. My best line hit on this game was five wilds (starlight kiss) on a €0.60 bet and that added up to €40. Over all the game is pretty cool. The music is really relaxing and keeps me playing at the same rhythm. If i was to rate it out of 10 ill give it a 6. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
Darrin. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Starlight Kiss is a romantic love themed 30 paylines video slot. Personally, what to love about it for the most part are the two features it can bring forth! I like hitting the 3 scattered houses for 14 Free spins at 2x because not only does this trigger hit much easier than the bonus round but it pays quite well to my bets of $1.20. My best home runs for the free spins have been $34 but I also have much more if I'm lucky once again to retrigger the feature.

The bonus round however may be very hard to trigger because it needs 3 bonus symbols on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel but.....with so much difficulty in landing them all it will far more than compensate for losses, it will give me the chance to win much more! Inside the bonus screen I see a couple sitting on the stone bench. I just have to set the mood for them by choosing objects to increase the meter to the left. Each of my picks came for $7.20 for the harp, $9 for the Candles and another $9 for the Fountain! The total gave me $25.20 multiplied by the 5x from the meter giving me a super nice $126!!! It's very difficult to trigger but it will be incredibly worth going through this bonus!!! The music sets in very nicely on this Romance type slot!
Sometimes the bonuses aren't cooperating after many of my 3 - 4 coin bets per spin. The experience has left me frustrated! The Free spins have been more better and more easier to hit than the bonus so it's most likely the best option for me!

Another thing that I dislike is inside the bonus when....finding an object with little prize credits and very low hearts to fill the multiplier meter. Should I find two of those in the bonus screen then it will make the payout look like a total wreck!

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