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We present to your attention another modern slot from the company Net Entertainment called StarBurst. It is difficult to immediately evaluate the subject of this gaming machine, because the first impression that is formed is the delight from the shining stones that the player sees on the screen.

General description

Indeed, when creating this slot, the manufacturer decided not to complicate the task with the twisted plot of the device and its bonus tasks. StarBurst is an extremely simple slot that is as close as possible to first-generation gaming machines, but still has unrivaled graphics and no less than worthy music.

So, if you are tired of gray everyday life and want to experience the destiny, StarBurst is perfect for this. All the necessary properties are available in its presence, although, at the same time, it is simple and convenient. StarBurst – this is what you need if you are looking for a calm and measured rest and at the same time want to earn some additional money.


Stylistically StarBurst does not really differ from any other devices made by NetEnt, first of all it is expressed in the arrangement of game buttons and information support. Those who have already tried all the advantages of this manufacturer’s slots will note the functional simplicity of the products. So, the main “Spin” key is located in the center of the screen, on either side of it are the – “Maximum Bet” and “Auto Game” buttons. The function buttons are highlighted in green on the display, this accent makes it possible to quickly navigate to StarBurst and not to break away from the exciting game.

Speaking about the color scheme in which the slot is made, it is worth noting that first of all the starry sky and eye-catching bright crystals are cast into the eye. Indeed, absolutely every character in the game beckons with its brilliance and enthralls the gamer. In addition, quality information support is standard here for the products of this company. Absolutely every newcomer can easily get comfortable in the slot. In StarBurst, it is presented in the form of a paytable, which details the cost of each game line, as well as the structure of building winning combinations.

In general, the style of StarBurst is consistently high. A perfect combination of melody and picture will delight even an experienced gamer.


The gameplay is quite simple and there can not be any unforeseen hiccups during the development of the slot. All the same five reels and ten game lines are at the player’s disposal. At its discretion, a gamer can change the number of lines involved and the bet on which the game is played. It is worth noting that in general the course of the game is quite simple. In the arsenal of the device there are no bonus games: probably, the manufacturer made the main bet in the game for the effectiveness of the game lines.

Indeed, StarBurst is a gaming device for an amateur who will adequately take its place of honor in the ranking of Top-slots. Perhaps it is due to its simplicity that people who can only discover the world of virtual casinos can easily master it. For convenience of use the manufacturer thought over the button “Auto Game”. Thanks to it, you can adjust the number of spins that will be produced automatically. In addition, there is also a “Max Bet” button, which builds the maximum bet and lines that the players can afford, that is, depending on their game balance.

It should be noted that, as in all other slots of this manufacturer, the game provides high-quality information support to players in the form of a paytable. It details the cost of all the characters that take part in the twist.


StarBurst gaming slot is definitely a unique gaming device, which due to its simplicity with enviable progress increases the number of its fans around the world. In addition, gamers who chose this slot as a satellite for their leisure, note the special generosity of the gaming machine, which can significantly improve their financial position. You can list all the advantages of StarBurst for a long time, but it is much better to play it once for yourself, and you are guaranteed to remember the time spent in its company for a long time.

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Starburst Reviews by Players

Anh. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Starburst game is powered by NetEnt. What can i tell you about this game? This game is definitely over advertised on the net and by now i would say that everyone has tried it.My personal feeling are mixed and sometimes i think this is the worst game ever and other times i think it is the best game ever.

I usually play this game on BGO. They gave me 200 spins for depositing, i did not know that i had to log in every day to spin 20 so i forgot about them and when i remembered i wrote them and email and they gave them all to me. In these 180 spins i only won around €25. The game was on a smallest bet of €0.10 and i guess that is why my win was so small. I played this game many times after that and it was good and bad. there were times when i could not get stars or good wins and there were other times when i was getting good wins and stars. My best win on this game was on a €0.30 bet and i got one star, then on the next spin another star came out and on another spin the third star came out. I won over €90 on that, that showed me that there is a lot of potential in this game but it is very hard to get it.If you get three stars on a max bet then i'm sure you would get a huge win.

Over all the game is pretty cool but can be fussy.Therefore If i was to rate this game i would give it 7 out of 10.
Starburst is well known ten lines slot form netent powered casinos.It is slot that features gemstones bars and sevens instead of card symbols.I discovered this slot a long time ago but haven't played it very much until i got one offer from casino with 20 free spins on starburst slot as a bonus.When i opened casino lobby i checked my bonus and it was a minimum bet one cent a line orten cents total.I did not expect much but with those free spins i managed to win 6 euros.It is quite a sum for a ten lines slot with minimum bet and the thingy that makes this slot great and appealing to people helped a lot.

The both ways wins.It is simple feature that helps a lot because we all know how often the first two reels make problem with winning combination but on starburst slot even if first two reels don't get matching gems if the other three do you get payed.

The only thing missing at starburst slot is free games but if you get wild rainbow star it expands to entire reel and you get a re spin which is nice too.You can win up to three re spins.I mostly play this slot at minimum bet and if it is in a good mood it can pay nice and if not i don't loose much money in the process.

The only negative thing i must mention is that so far i haven't got any high paying symbols in winning combinations like bars and sevens but i hope to see them very soon.I see starburst as a slot for all people and all purposes.It simple all can understand how it works,all people can afford to play it and it is good for wagering bonuses and even if you are high roller and you aim big you can raise bet and expect big winnings.

So for the end i will rate starburst in my three grades.First are payouts for me still mediocre but i keep trying :) grade is 7/10 second is fun on starburst i rate also 7/10 and the last win big with small bets i rate 9/10
Valery. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Starburst is a very fun and joyful slot game to play. This game slot comes from a NetEnt provider, which is a very very popular provider and one of my favorites together with Microgaming and Playtech. I have played this slot game in several occasions, with some positive and negative experience mostly regarding the payouts I got.

But the first time that I played it was in Expekt casino I believe, I mostly played 0.20€ bets. Also I must say that this is a very colorful game and the background music is very soothing. This game is getting really popular throughout the gambling community, and nowadays I can see that also most of the casinos are giving FS on this slot game. So I think that is one of the reasons that this game became popular.

This game slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines. This game consists out of shiny diamonds with different of colors, a 7 symbol and a bar symbol. This game doesn't have the standard wild mechanism, instead it has a Starburst wild that kinda resembles a diamond flower with different petal colors. Once this wild is triggered is covers the entire reel and then you can get up to 3 FS depending on your luck of course, and in my case i always get 1 FS. What can I say, lucky me.

Possibilities for winning on this slot game are huge, but you have to consider that you can also easily lose money on this slot. This slot is very simple yet very attractive that you can spend hours playing it. I didn't have any major win on this slot but I did have a lot of good solid wins, as well as loses. But overall a very simple and interesting slot and would gladly recommend it.
This is a real pig of a slot machine in my opinion – I honestly have no idea how on earth it has gained the popularity that it has within the on-line casino world. I’ll concede it may have some use as a low variance bore for battling a bonus wagering requirement, but apart from this, I would not dream of playing this game for fun or profit.

The problems are many and varied – for a start, I see games with just a handful of lines such as this as ‘high variance’ games … which Starburst most certainly is not. The paytable has NOTHING exciting on it, and the maximum win is a pathetic 500x your total bet – that’s for a whole screen of the top BAR symbol, and I would be willing to place a substantial wager that you will never see that win even if you play this game every day for the rest of your life!

Next up, the total lack of any kind of feature, free spins round, anything – there is an expanding wild on reels 2, 3 and 4, which grants a free re-spin if you land it, and it is possible to catch further expanding wilds on the respin until you have all three of the centre reels completely wild, but it’s a very rare occurrence and the chances are you will get crappy symbols on reels 1 and 5, so be lucky to walk away with much more than 200x your bet – a decent win, but way, way out of whack compared to the massive rarity of the event occurring in the first place.

Every time I play this game, I just watch my balance go down and down, occasionally catching a half decent win, but it will never put me into profit – and don’t even joke about getting in front playing a game like this, its just not that kind of slot. Pure junk of the highest order I’m afraid!!!
Kirstie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
This is one of "those" classic NetEnt slot machines, in the true sense of the word. After some games I concluded that most often free spins gives exactly this "star" game, and just as the name of the game says every time you win a prize, it happens real Starburst. The symbol that brings the so-called re-spin in this game called Stacked wild and can be placed in position 2,3 and 4 on the reels, except that it occurs when then literally reproduce along the entire column, and so triggers a re-spin , then the symbol goes out, regardless of whether or not been beneficial.

A special charm to this game gives you a rule that payline do not count only from left to right as in most games, but also from right to left. This course gives the impression that the Starburst game is not a game with only 10 payment lines than twice as much. The greatest value in this game have symbols BAR from which I pulled twice about 30,000 of the maximum possible 50 000 coins. A lot of prizes offered by this game, it has a biggest opportunity to experience the real star flying through the great elements perfectly integrated in this magical game. If you are still wondering whether to try, I could wish you a good time, because whenever I've played this game very rarely I come out as a loser. Many times I received respin and I dare to say that almost every ten revolution was respin.

Developers of the game have been inspired universe that surrounds us, that inspiration are very nicely illustrate in this slot machine which is one of the infectious I've played, despite the Blood Suckers slot games this is by far my dearest NetEnt game. I hope you are in the game to remember these my words, and that you will each new spin cause new satisfaction and most importantly excellent earnings. If it does not, do not lose hope, try again tomorrow may be on your screen happens that magic Starburst, believe me it feels wonderful because play and enjoy the Starburst slot machines that give the highest rating. Rating 10/10
Think enough people have gone into what this game is about, I been playing online casino games for some years now, and this game is one of the worst things I've ever seen. It plays like crap and you have to ask why so many casinos offer it as a sign up FS offer and why they give you so many FS on first deposit. Well that's because it's god awful and it's a dead cert the casino wont be losing any cash to a player. I'd avoid any casino offering spins on this game as a sign up offer.

So bad it doesn't deserve a rating but I have to put 1 star to post this review.

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