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An another unique and unforgettable slot from the manufacturer NetEnt called Spinata Grande. In general, the theme fully reveals the favorite festive fun of Western kids, which film directors often show us – the piñate. In this slot everything is imbued with the spirit of Mexico, from the beautiful graphic design to the characteristic music.

The topic is fully disclosed in the bonus task of Spinata Grande, where it is necessary to “break” the bonus screen and receive winning coins. In general, this gaming device fully conveys the atmosphere of celebration and fun, repeating the popular game in detailsl. Cheerful characters on the screen and flickering make you forget about all household problems and worries, tuning in a positive way. This slot is very suitable for distracting and recharging with positive emotions.


The stylistics of the Spinata Grande slot machine fully corresponds to the usual idea of ​​a holiday piñata, among all its symbols a spirit of joy and fun reigns. The symbolism, or rather the graphic design of the signs in the game, enthralls even those people who are difficult to surprise with the quality of graphics.

The professionalism of NetEnt programmers has fully developed in this slot, because they showed  us unsurpassed picture, that is worthy of competing with the absolute leaders of the gambling market. As in all slots of this company, there is a characteristic arrangement of game buttons on the screen, after adapting to which, you can evaluate their convenience to your advantages.  There is a “spin” button in the center, “maximum” and “auto game” buttons on the sides,

Separately I want to note the colorfulness of the picture. Speaking about the colors that are predominantly found in this gaming device, it can be distinguished that it is characterized by sand tones, which are the embodiment of Mexican streets, on which the celebration takes place. Vivid accents on them yawn colorful garlands that create an unprecedented atmosphere of fun.


Gameplay is standard and does not involve any additional knowledge. Absolutely every person, regardless of the experience of playing in the slot machines, can easily learn it. All you need to do before you go to the game itself is to select the number of lines and set the bet that will be used for twisting. The drum itself will start spinning and give you winning combinations. There is no possibility to double the winnings, but this shortage easily overlaps at the expense of an already large list of bonus offers.


Spinata Grande is a great slot,  that will give you tons of ​​positive emotions, and is guaranteed to distract the player from gray everyday life.

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Spinata grande Reviews by Players

Yuk Stecher. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Spinata Grande is the newest release from Net Entertainment. A few hours ago I checked my mailbox and found many emails with free spins from several online casinos. Of course I’m always hoping to win something from those free spins.

However, I wasn’t too lucky since at almost all casinos the new game was quite cold. I didn’t achieve any win above 10x bet. Nevertheless, I was still interested in playing on since I really liked how this slot looked, the design and the outstanding graphics.

The Mexican feel to it really shows in multiple ways, from the background sounds to the symbols decorated as piñatas. But those weren’t the only reasons for my positive reception of the game despite basically gaining nothing from the free spins.

Spinata Grande is another example that shows that the masterminds at NetEnt really know what they’re doing when it comes to creating a new and exciting video slot. As we know by now almost 90% of their new slot releases is different from either the perspective of the slot format or the features offered.

This goes for this game as well, because it comes with an exciting characteristic. Spinata Grande contains 5-reels, 4-rows and 40-paylines, but the minimum bet is only 20 cents. So that’s definitely good value for money. But what I’m specifically pointing at are the way some symbols are decorated.

There are these so called ‘colossal symbols’ which consist of 2x2 or 3x3 symbols, and they really can help (or block) to achieve good winning combinations. Because I wanted to play on I decided to make a small deposit of 20 euros at Unibet and proceeded. Although I again was unlucky until I had approximately 4 euros left after playing on minimum bet, then suddenly the slot started to be pleasant.

First I had a couple of good hits of 20x bet and then I managed to trigger the mini-slot feature. During the base game if a specific symbol lands, the mini-slot feature gets launched. It then spins with other symbols, including coins and free spins symbols.

Luckily for me I managed to trigger the free spins like three times in 10 minutes. Two times I received 6 free spins and one time 9 free spins. I won respectively 100x bet, 20x bet and 30x bet from those free spins. I then decided to play another slot but my overall impression was absolutely positive.

Therefore this game will definitely see me back since it's very exciting and really manages to capture your attention.
Spinata Grande can have some cold streaks as well unfortunately. Dead spin after dead spin isn't exactly something nice to experience. But like I said before, the colossal symbols are great if you hit, but they can also block other combinations.
Romeo Claytor. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Is this game supposed to be in Mexico or in Spain? Beats me, but it doesn't really matter does it? But the name of the game somehow reminded me of "arriba-arriba-yeeee-hah!" So, what's the connection? Beats me, but I'm just saying it aloud. Maybe it's due to that lively Mexican music in the background, or is that Spanish? Dang! Maybe I need a nice Mexican-Spanish translator lady to show me and tell me the differences. Yeah, that will do very nicely indeed! Then I'll probably go "arriba-arriba-yeeee-hah" myself! Hahaha.

When was the last time a new game made you happily tried it out? Can't remember hah? Neither can I, but I do know that this Spinata Grande game gave that bit of liveliness to me when I played it for the first time! Not many games can do that, I can tell you! But of course, I was only referring to the lively aspect of the game. Whether it pays happily or not, or simply eats your credits hungrily, is yet to be seen, or to be known, for you that is. I already know it, or else I won't be writing about it, right? Hehehe.

What can you find in Mexico, that you cannot find anywhere else? Any ideas? No, hah? Well, the answer is...a fish with a mustache! Yep, this fish even wears a hat! Hahaha. Like they say, in Mexico, anything can happen, just like as in Spinata Grande too. By that, I mean, you can have lots of small wins, you can have plenty of playing time, but you can also have lots of holes in your e-wallet! This Spinata Grande isn't as generous as you would expect it to be, simply because the paytable lacks the 'oomph'. But the entertaining part of the game would probably keep you busy playing for a while, until the novelty fades out.

My first few plays on Spinata Grande were not too bad really. Had some wins from it, not big at all, but better than nothing. You can get wins of 30x-40x your total bet quite easily, but anything bigger than 100x becomes a rarity. Why? Because the winning potentials of the game are rather limited in many ways. The free spins game, for example, can offer you a maximum of only 11 free spins, if you get all 9 stars in the mini-slot game, which again, is rare! With 5-reels 4-rows and 40 paylines, the winnings become diluted, unlike if it were to pay 243 ways. The paytable is so low you can do a 'limbo' dance with it! But otherwise, when the going is good, you can play for extended periods of time. On bad runs, oh boy, you better get out of there like a bull is chasing after you! Hahaha.
Tifany. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Spinata Grande is the newest game from Netent software.I am a big fan of this software and I am always interested in their news. About a week ago they released this game and my favorite Netent casino- Casumo sent me an email, saying they have credited my account with a 5 free spins valuable on this game. Casumo often does that and I think that's great.

My first impression was that this game could be something similar to Tornado Escape, another quite new game. But I have to say I really liked the look of it, the game looked so fun and exciting, colorful. The theme is really interesting and reminds me of this Mexican tradition when kids at birthday parties with closed eyes have to punch the pinata to get candies. The game is a 5 reel 20 payline slot and with 5 spins I won 0.70€.I was really amazed by the design - the fact that the reels had different size, that is not a very common thing for Netent. I used the rest money on this game and lost immediately. Later that day I made a deposit there and with 30€ balance visited this game again more seriously. The game consists of letter and number symbols, de la muerte symbol and a couple of pinatas. Getting the free spins is very interesting. To win free spins you have to get The Collosal Bonus symbol. Then it will punch the slot (like a pinata) and reveal your winnings. There can be coin wins, free spins and extra free spins features. The maximum I got was 9 free spins.

I placed the minimum bets and started 250 spins. After only 10 spins were made, I won 9 free spins that paid 50x bet, which was a good start. I got many small wins and then again 9 free spins. This time it paid 70x bet. I wasn't expecting that from this game at all. Overall I played the 250 spins, within them I got 4 more free spins features, and ended with 15€ balance profit on top of my initial balance. I played another set of 250 spins and managed to get 5 free spins features, all paid around 30x bet. After playing 500 spins on this game my balance had increased for 40€.

Overall I think this game has a huge potential to become one of my favorite Netent slots. Although it doesn't have any other bonus round except the free spins, the game is super exciting. Within my 500 spins I didn't have any long dry run, occasional, 4x bet winnings appeared enough to increase my balance and not lose. The features come up quite often and I think the payouts are good. Definitely recommend!
Penney. Reviewed on 27.09.18
“Spinata Grande” is perhaps the best slot from NetEnt casinos lately. And it is possible for it to be one of the top 5 slots ever made by NetEnt. Maybe just “Aliens” is better than “Spinata Grande” because of the action that comes together with the slot play. But now we talk about “Spinata Grande”. I feel like “Spinata Grande” opens a new era in terms of slots. Until now we were used to 5x3 (standard) video slots having 2 features where sometimes if you were lucky you won and when you were losing you said that you had bad luck, and maybe it is worth trying once again.

With “Spinata Grande” the story is different. I do not mean “literally” the slot story, very beautiful indeed, taken from the Mexican tradition, I was referring at something else. This is the first NetEnt slot with Mega symbols. So far I have not played slots with mega symbols only in “Big Time Gaming” (where the Mega symbols were almost just for the show) but here in NetEnt these Mega symbols even make their presence felt. Very often these Mega symbols bring wins. And there is another thing different from all other NetEnt slots so far, while playing this slot. Sometimes the wins come one after another having a periodicity of just 1-2 spins. And only occasionally you wait more for a win.

About a month ago from a discussion here at AskGamblers I realized that almost all slots are sometimes generous, but while playing here I was under the impression that I could find when the slot is generous and increase the bet to win more. You just have to play around 200-300 spins to make a fairly good statistics of the game. And I promise myself to try again, I am pretty sure I will easily win here.

For its appearance this slot is extraordinary. These Mega symbols from Mexican folklore are totally perfect. Symbols like the fish with a mustache, the donkey running, the parrot proud of himself, I have never seen before. I do not describe the Free Spins because a description in words would be not enough.

I prefer just to invite you to play here. This is a slot that deserves a 9 or even 10 mark! Probably it is the No.1 or No. 2 slot of NetEnt.
Everything would have been perfect if the slot had 1024 ways to win.

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