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spartacus gladiator of rome

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spartacus gladiator of rome Reviews by Players

Wm. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Pros: The “Spartacus” slot from WMS casinos is built on the same template as “Kiss”. Because of this particular template, both slots are different (and in some ways special) than the average slot. In addition this Spartacus slot brings bigger wins and much better graphics than Kiss. Spartacus succeeds (like the Gladiator slot from Playtech) to revive the wars and fights of the ancient world and is doing this with a remarkable accuracy.

As the idea of playing the game, imagine that you have two slots to play simultaneously, a standard 3 lines x 5 reels (on the left of the screen) and a second giant slot of 12 lines x 5 reels (to the right). The number of paylines is very big (100) and includes only the simplest possible combinations (that is the horizontals and the up and down “V” lines). The slot designers found a compromise for the bet, namely that you pay 1 cent/2 lines so the minimum bet is 50 cents.During normal spins there are two symbols (Spartacus and a “She Gladiator”) that come extended on 8 of the 12 possible positions of the giant slot. In addition all other symbols are stacked, and when an entire reel of the small slot is occupied by Wilds this column is duplicated on a random reel of the giant slot to occupy all the 12 positions available. All of these gathered together (stacked symbols, stacked duplicating Wilds and huge symbols) lead to some impressive wins on some occasions (although the structure of the paylines is the simplest possible). When you have no luck you will win about 10-50 cents but if the symbols match on 4-5 columns, the payout can be up to 15 Euro from a single spin! In the first image attached here at AskGamblers you can see 5 columns of Wilds (a full Wild column from left was duplicated on a whole reel of the right slot). The second screenshot speaks for itself!

What I liked here was that for 95% of the time I played with extra money in balance. Not much, about 5-25 Euro extra, but (and this is what I said also in the Kiss review) when you gamble 200 Euro and you finish with extra money this is nice indeed!Even when it comes to Free Spins, Spartacus is better than Kiss. With a bit of luck here, about once every 50-100 spins you can get into this round (at Kiss I have played over 300 spins and I have not seen the Free Spins).

If I will have to play a bonus one day in a WMS casino I will definitely play this slot.
Marilynn. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: I am very happy that WMS games are now available at online casinos for the Netherlands because sometimes you just can't go to a land based casino (sickness or just too lazy to go to).

Yesterday I happened to play Gladiator at Casino euro because my gut told me that this game would give me a big win. I always follow my instinct because most of the time they are correct.

Casino euro had a promotion of 200 percent deposit bonus with a max of 20 euro.
I deposited an amount of 10 euro and got my bonus instantly added to my account.
After playing a few other video slots my balance went to over 120 euro and at that moment my gut told me to go to Spartacus, so I did.
It took me about 10 minutes before I got my first bonus round (it was frustrating when 2 scatters appeared and the third didn't come, we all know how that feels right?)
The bonus round rewarded me 8 free spins with expanding wild reels that will be transferred to the colossal reels on the right.

The first 7 free spins didn't gave me much wins but the last spin was a lucky one because as you can see at the attached screenshot, I got a wild symbol on the first 4 reels which are instantly expanded and transferred to the colossal reels.

It's a pity that the gladiator was not on the last reel, otherwise I would won more than 120 euro (I think) but I am very happy with the winning Spartacus gave me.
A year ago I was able to see when Spartacus gives a big win before the reels stop. Lagging, that's how I can see it and they have fixed the lag now.

Spartacus is one of my favorite video slot online or land based. I saw a man got the same winnings at a land based casino and to be honest I was stunned and of course jealous of him with his big winning but yesterday was my turn to win big!

If you able to play this game, give it a try and maybe you will get the same luck as I did.
I always believe that the most WMS games will reward you with big wins.
Hermina. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Spartacus Gladiator Of Rome is a game powered by WMS and I play it on Bet365. I am not a big fan of this game so I don't play it that much, but I have seen some huge wins on YouTube. I think that if you catch it on a good day and are betting big you could win a huge amount of money.

The graphics in this game are really good and high budget. A lot of detail has been put into it and I like that. The sound effects are complimenting this game very good and make the whole experience of the game very entertaining.
The minimum bet on this game is €0.50 and if you are not too careful you can lose a good bit of money very fast. Unfortunately for me the game has a stop button, and because of double tapping I lost a good bit on it. This is the thing with double tapping, if you do it too much, you end up loosing a lot. Even though sometimes you get features or good line hits, it is still a dangerous thing.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. You need three or more Coliseums anywhere on the reels. You could get 8, 12 or 20 spins and I only managed to get 8. The free spins is the time when you can make good money. If you get wild on the first reels, it covers the whole reel and transfers to the next reels too. If you get wilds on the first three reels or more, you are guaranteed a big win. I did not get that but i got wild on first and third reels a couple of times and won around €25 on that feature.

Over all the game looks great and can pay big. The only thing is that it takes ages for the feature to come out and the pays are a bit small.
If I was to rate this game I would give it 7 out of 10.

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