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Net Entertainment knows well what its players expect to see by launching an online slot machine. And the Sparks Slot is a perfect proof! This is an ideal combination of addictive gameplay, attractive graphics and a series of mind-blowing bonus features. The soothing soundtrack perfectly goes with the electronic theme and creates the right atmosphere for an enjoyable gameplay. Sparks Slot by NetEnt is a five-reel and twenty-payline game. The minimal betting per line in Sparks Slot casino slot machine is £0.20, while the maximal betting here is £400. The maximal winning Sparks Slots by Netent promises its players is £80,000.

Interesting Features

Sparks Slot slot machine developed by NetEnt features thematic symbols. These are all sparky trails in different colors including blue (pay up to 100 coins), green (paying up to 150 coins), red (paying up to 200 coins), purple (paying up to 125 coins), and orange (paying up to 175 coins). All of these colored electronic trails are high-value symbols. Low-value features, meanwhile, are represented by ordinary cards – 10, J, Q, K and A. By collecting from three to five matching low-value symbols you will be able to start getting prizes to around fifty coins.

The Sparks Slot wild symbol is pictured via a “W” in a gleaming blue sphere. This symbol has the power to substitute all other symbols to assist in creating a winning combination except the Expanding Cloning Wild feature. The latter is represented via a huge gold “W” letter in a fire sphere.

Additionally, the Wild symbol of Sparks Slot game will also give you an instant win up to 200 coins.

Bonus Rounds

Sparks Slot provides a marvelous bonus feature via the Expanding Cloning Wild symbol. The latter can be met only on the second and fourth reels. This feature has the power to expand down, up or both ways to complete the whole reel. However, this is not guaranteed and depends on the player’s luck.

Additionally, this Sparks Slot symbol replaces the feature on its left to the right side, thus ensuring you’re going to have at least one winning combination. And if you are lucky enough, you will witness the Expanded Wild symbol cloning all the symbols to its left, too. Expect to see the miraculous power of this Sparks Slot slots symbol in every ten spins. Unfortunately, Sparks Slots game doesn’t provide any opportunity to gain free spins.

Rules and Features

Sparks Slot slot is a game full of surprises. It offers its players the right to select the payline structure – to play from left to right or vice versa (the RTP, in this case, is 96.56%). Sparks Slot names it “Win One Way” mode. This is an entertaining and new feature that interests players the moment they start the Sparks Slot game. And if it may seem to you that playing the Win Both Ways mode is more beneficial (the RTP, in this case, is 96.54%), the practice shows that the outcomes are nearly the same as the all prizes are actually halved. However, what Win Both Way mode guarantees, is a faster and a much more engaging gameplay.

Sparks Slot real money casino slot machine is available both for desktop and mobile players. There are eighty diverse levels, as well as credit value combinations available for playing in this game by NetEnt. Depending on your budget and playing style, you have the chance to set the right energy level. During every spin, you can select from one to ten levels and apply one of eight provided values ranging from 0.01 to 2 coins. This way, the minimal betting per spins is valued as 0.01 coins while the maximal one turns out to be 20 coins!

Concluding Thoughts

For all casino players, who are in a search of a brilliant, sparkling and promising online slot machine, Net Entertainment suggests launching Sparks Slot. All the features and gameplay of the casino slot machine provide relaxing and at the same time re-energizing gambling experience. It seems that the reels can be triggered endlessly! You can find this game in perhaps all NetEnt reputable casinos available nowadays.


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Sparks Reviews by Players

Loyce Wansley. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Another month, another new NetEnt game release. I guess we have got used to it by now and most of us know the drill. Unfortunately we get used to knowing what to expect as well. Lately most new NetEnt games have been extremely disappointing. I find it hard to be able to enjoy them when they swallow up your bankroll without any substantial return.

Is it even possible to win big on these latest releases? In an age where companies get driven by profits, it doesn’t seem NetEnt differs from that perspective. I’m not calling the RTP of these new games into question. I just find it hard to get ahead or even win something decent.

Once again I had many free spins waiting for me on this new slot named Sparks. Not much Sparks in my favor though as most free spins delivered almost nothing. Lots of dead spins and small hits never exceeding more than 15x bet.

Sparks contains 5-reels, 3-rows and 20-paylines and offers the possibility to play both-ways. You’d think the ingredients are there to make this an entertaining and fun game. Take the wilds and some special wilds that can appear on reels 2 and 4 into account, which can duplicate symbols from left to right and up if I understood correctly, you’d think that there would be some good wins out there.

Unfortunately the wilds on reels 2 and 4 don’t end up showing often and when they did for me they never awarded me any decent wins.

As you can guess my journey with free spins at various NetEnt casinos never lasted long. In fact, I made sure to switch off to play another game with any winnings I made with this Sparks after a while. Although I haven’t played more than 1,000 spins on this game, I do know enough and that’s the fact that I won’t be playing this game again.

Luckily I didn't have to invest my own money to experience this game, because this game is truly lame to be it blunt.
Boring slot, low sized wins all the time. Simply a weak Net Ent production like many of their new games these days. And I really doubt I will change my mind anytime soon.
Mila Hartzler. Reviewed on 30.06.18
This 5 reel 20 pay line video slot, is the latest edition from Netent provider, which is another game with neon themed graphics.

While I was reading about this game, comparing this game to Starburst video slot, well sorry guys, I have been playing Starburst slot very often and the payout from the Sparks and Starburst video slot, it cannot be compared. I would say that Starburst is video slot with medium variance payout game, while Sparks belongs to the group of very low payout game.

Maybe a bit early to get that conclusion, but from all I saw this 2 days and tried this game I didn't trigger nothing big in this newly added game. Sparks game, offers 1 win way and both win way, which I would suggest, never play the one way version slot, just because you wont benefit anything playing that way. While the both win ways, is much better. What I liked about this slot is the Expanding wild or cloning wild, which she only appears, at the second and fourth reel. If the Cloning wild will be triggered on any of this 2 reels or both of them, the good thing is that she is cloning the symbols from left to right side, so that way, giving the player winnings combination.

The highest winning symbols are the wild and the orange Spark, their payout is only X 200 your bet, but only if you trigger 5 of them on any active pay line. As I mentioned above, I see this game as a slot, with very low variance of payout, so maybe will be good for wagering bonuses, but still didn't try in that way.

Yesterday, many of casinos, actually even today, they were having promo of this new Netent slot, so giving free spins to their players. I tried Sparks slot, but with only 10 spins you cant see anything, so that way I made 2 small deposits so I could try Sparks a bit longer. I have to say, that I am not impressed with this game, just because it isn't what I expected. Starburst doesn't offer free spins either, just like Sparks, but still will stick to my old friend Starburst!
Sharie Standridge. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Sparks is one of the newest game which came from NetEnt software. It has 5 reels with 20 paylines. The minimum bet is set to 0.20€. The first time when I played this game was some kind of offer for free spins on this slot without any deposit needed.

I am happy when I received this kind of surprise from casinos and sure I tried it out with free spins. When I opened the game, you must choose which way to play it. You can choose between either ways or one way. I always select both ways; I prefer to play this because I think that will pay more but now when I tried one way I don't really think that this could change a lot.

This game offer expanding cloning wilds, the cloning wild symbols can appear on reels 2 and 4 and when it appears it will either stay the same, expand up or down or even in both ways. The symbols near to wild symbol will clone, so you can get full of screen of wilds and one symbol.

I think this mode of gameplay is new one at video slots and at the first I like it when I saw. But when I started to play it, I was a little disappointed. I expected more big winnings. I don't know if I could say huge because the paytable at this game is bad. It paid poor. When I used some of this free spins which I received I won only around 1€ never more than that. And because of that, when I saw how it pays I don't like it to play with my own money. Sure I will use free spins at this game if I will receive them, but for my own money I won't play it. I think graphics are ok so as sounds, but the paytable is really bad. And because of that I will rate it with low stars.

One of my least favorite NetEnt games, poor payouts and lack of features.
Arnetta. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Sparks is one of the latest NetEnt releases. When the game was first launched there were a lot of free spins offers from a lot of casinos to try the game. I used all of them and tried the game for real money a few times. Visually the game looks great and it reminds me of Starburst. The graphic and animations are good and the background music is calming so it won’t get boring after some time.

When I first played the game I didn’t quite understand what the catch is but after going through the paytable and a few big wins I caught on pretty fast. The minimum bet to play this slot is 20 cents because it’s a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. What’s interesting is that you can play the game with pays from both ways or only from left to right. I always choose both ways because you can win more like that especially when it comes to the feature. If you take a look at the paytable you will be disappointed because the symbols pay low and usually during base play you get small to medium wins.

This game doesn’t have a free spins or cash bonus only expanding cloning wilds. There is also a regular wild which can appear at any position. In this game the cloning wilds can land on reels 2 and 4 only. They can stay the same, move one position or expand to cover the entire reel. They clone the symbols from left to right. The trick in this game is to win high paying symbols on reel 1 and cloning wilds on reels 2 and 4. This way you will have 5 of a kind combinations both ways on all paylines and a big win. This will happen someday but usually you get medium wins. I had a few big wins but the most I got was about 60 x bet. I expect more from this game in the future because it has a nice potential for a payout.

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