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General Description

The NetEnt development team has always presented surprises to users in the form of colorful worlds on the reels of game slots. Funny monsters, alien creatures and a mysterious machine for cloning – that is the universe of the new video slot-Space Wars. Feel the lightness and comfort, immersed in the world of cosmic wars, and help the alien creatures resolve their cosmic conflict.


Space theme is successfully implemented in all elements of the game slot. In comparison with the slot machine Out of this World, this device has turned out to be more realistic and colorful, which is an indisputable plus. Introductory video introduces us to the history of the mysterious planet and the red crystal, around which the war broke out. However, monsters and game symbols do not look aggressive at all, and cheerful bright animations will raise your mood straight away. Space battles in the fictional world of Space Wars will never end, and an amazing machine for cloning monsters will provide players with a mass of prize combinations and additional rewards.

One of the key slot game ideas is the collection of a large number of medium cost combinations, simple gameplay and prize re-spins replacing the classic round with free spins and dropping out almost every time, increasing the balance of the players. The musical accompaniment of the slot corresponds to the proper atmosphere and sets the player to a positive mood, and cheerful monsters will fill the whole field with the help of a wonderful cloning machine.


The management and interface of Space Wars is extremely understandable and convenient. As in most NetEnt projects, the game line is fixed, the player operates only with different rates. However, the stakes in the game are quite loyal, you can play one of the 10 levels of “Level Betting”, and also adjust the “Coin Value”. Fans of large wins will be able to set the marginal rate with a single click of “Max Bet” Beginners will like the “AutoPlay mode”, which will rotate the reels a specified number of times automatically. Information about the coefficients, additional symbols and the re-spin mode is found in the “PayTable” menu. Detailed rules of the game, and the functionality of the basic options is located in the “Game Rules” menu.

Despite the fact that Space Wars does not have a bonus level and a lot of special characters, the gameplay is very exciting thanks to the two built-in Feature, which became the key feature of the game. The classic prize-winning round with free spins is successfully replaced by the re-spin function, which gives additional rotation after absolutely any combination. Already intriguing. But that’s not all yet, because the symbol of the combination falls into a special machine Clono Pod, which will multiply the winning sign and fill it with almost the whole field in the next back.

It is difficult to imagine possible winnings, because the game field of Space Wars consists of as many as 40 lines, and all the winning combinations of spin will be paid without exception. That’s such an extremely simple, but very generous and fun gameplay, that is offered to the players of Space Wars. Join the battle and capture the entire galaxy, creating your own legion of funny alien monsters, and then Fortune will reward you fully.


A fun and colorful slot from NetEnt will please all fans of space adventures and unusual gameplay.Thanks to the re-spin game mode, you can risk and win a lot of money, as well as try out the generous character cloning machine.

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Space wars Reviews by Players

Dortha. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Space Wars is a Netent powered slot game with 5 reels and 40 paylines.This is one of the games that I've always known about but for some unknown reason didn't play. I really love space theme and that paired up with Netent software couldn't be bad, I thought. First thing I liked about this game was the cool design it has. Great graphics and unique looking aliens made me smile just looking at them. Also I liked that it has 40 paylines, this number was a little unusual as mostly I play 243 way slots or slots with lower payline amount than 40.

This game has no free spins bonus round, but it has an interesting re spin feature. When there's a winning on a bet line, you will get one free respin. Visually it looks interesting because there is this cloning matching on the right side and when there's a win, the symbol that was winning, is cloned in the machine. A little thing but makes game more fun.Since there are 40 paylines, the minimum bet is 0.40€ per spin. There are also wild symbols that substitute all slots' symbols. But the wilds don't appear on all reels, only on 2nd and 4th reel.

I have seen a fellow AskGamblers winning screenshots from this game but I am a little surprised to see such winnings because when I played this game recently, I had only 20x bet winnings, if lucky then 30x bet, but not even 50x. The wilds can come up stacked and those are the times when I had my biggest winnings. I think that this game could also be a money eater, often times I had lots of empty spins or with bet size winnings, so I think you need decent bankroll to play it.

Overall I do like this game, I love the design but the technical aspects of it could be better. The re spin feature could have some kind of wow thing like multiplied winnings. Most likely I won't invest much in this slot because so far I don’t see much winning potential.
This slot has 40 paylines and 4 rows. Usually 40 payline slots can pay good but here it is not the case. The paytable is poor except for the red crystal symbol which has a payout of 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The symbols can come stacked on all reels so that’s always a chance for a good payout. Still the rest of the symbols have a really horrible payout. This game doesn’t have scatter symbols but does offer a wild symbol which can come stacked on reels 2 and 4. This is great but again there is no multiplier attached so another great disappointment.

From the bonus features this game has almost nothing. If you have a win you get a respin with a chance for another win. That’s pretty much everything. Now when I first played the game I didn’t read the paytable and that cost me almost 100 euros. I started playing on minimum bet and have to admit had a few nice wins of 30-40 x bet thanks to the respin. It seems what symbols land in the first win tend to come even more in the respin so you get a descent win. Still the timeframe from a descent win to a descent win is too long and you will drop in balance. There is no question about it. You may get a few 5-10 x bet wins in between but that’s it. This is one of those games where it is impossible to win so don’t even try playing it.
Dannie. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Being a pioneer and bringing innovative things to any area of life, business, science, anywhere is always a great, honorable thing but sometimes it doesn’t live up to the expectations and the shortcomings will break up soon.

I was waiting for the release of this game after I read the news about it and could be heard some opinions that went so far to say this slot will revolutionizing the gambling market and take the amusement on a higher level. Well, well…I’ve played with Space Wars since it’s launched but I’ve never seen these reflects in it and I dare to say the game is very overrated.

What I like the most at this product are the qualities it possesses without spinning the reels. Its graphics are really great. I like its colours and the transparent background that let us to see a planet and the endless space. During the play the little blue, flash like animations are also cool but there’s nothing that would really excited me.

I don’t know what symbols it uses, for me they’re simply indefinable (maybe a child visited his NetEnt employee father at workplace and brought with him some toys, and while fighting with lack of inspiration the creative team just borrowed them, or I don’t know but they’re really look like that every toys shop could offer with mark ‘Ages 6-8’)

40 fix payline are in use, organized in 4 rows, but 40 lines can’t be guarantee for big prizes every time. Especially if we consider the stacked Wild only substitutes the others and doesn’t multiply the winnings and only appears on the even reels. The free spin feature consists of 1 re-spin though it always comes up after every single win. The next feature…Wait! That’s all! I can safely say I expected much more from a reform game like this.

If I remember correctly I had 1 wins at value of around €60 but that was far the most I gained. Once, I got only 3 spins with pay backs (all were less than €5) while my balance decreased with almost €75. I couldn’t believe it. If I had played with another 40 line game but I would have put my bets on just one single line I’m sure it would’ve rewarded more.

Space Wars is clearly a disappointment for me. Though its graphics are in the line but all other segments don’t touch the quality level what I uses to and expect from a NetEnt product. At the beginning, I think I just wanted to like it because of the hype surrounded it but it didn’t work for me. Maybe I had just bad luck but every time, everywhere?! I doubt it. Perhaps it will change in the future but I don’t know why would I play it again, unless curiosity, but for now I’ve lost my faith in it.
Wilmer. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Space is always inspirational. Novels, movies, books, and soon enough, followed by games. Space themed games, like in this NetEnt release, are probably inspired by arcade games such as Wars. Space Wars might be that reason to create this slot game. Aliens with their battles, their universe rules and their yet undiscovered possibilities, are enough reasons to get curious and want to spin this game. The minimum bet size per spin starts at 0.40 cents and it's a 5-reels, 40-paylines game, so 0.40 cents is a common thing for any 40-paylines slots. If you are really lucky, you could win up to 400,000 coins, which is the maximum possible award in this game.

This game features Stacked Wilds and Re-spins. The symbols are represented by cute little alien creatures, fighting each other in order to make the wins. My sessions on the game weren't successful at all, but I did get frequent minor wins, all of them coming from the Stacked Wilds combining with those little creatures, and so far, only 3 Euros was my biggest win. The Wild symbols can appear on any reel and substitute for all symbols. The Re-spin feature is activated and paid according to the initial line bet value. The Red Crystal is the highest paying symbol, 5 of these pays you the maximum coin win of 1000, which is quite poor, and once again, you can't expect too much from this game, especially if you want to make nice big decent wins.

However, Space Wars can be fun to play, but the game could be way better off in terms of its features and the paytable as mentioned. Unfortunately, besides the fact that this slot looks cartoonish and has nothing to do with the Space Wars theme, all you can ever expect from it is to get those Stacked Wilds to make you some wins, and hoping that those Re-spin features could possibly give bigger rewards. Well, that's pretty much everything there is in this space game.
What I could say about bad things.

Low payouts it is the thing which I did not like at any slot. Here is not so many good symbols, and most others pays very low amount of money, even for couple of 5 of a kinds.

Min bet is 0.40,for such game it is a lot.

Respin feature usually pays bad. Symbols are added on reels during respin, but usually just not land. Most annoying is when it is happens with good paying symbols. You expect huge payout, and get only few bets. My best result is probably even less than 50 bets in this game.

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