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South park: reel chaos

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NetEnt continued the successful launch of the South Park gaming machine,  a new amazing video slot on the plot of the same cult animated series. All fans of the animated series will be familiar with the superhero images of the main characters. Shy and naive Butters is reincarnated as a powerful Professor of Chaos and decides to capture not only South Park, but the whole world. Four loyal friends of the primary school of South Park decide to confront the Professor and arrange real chaos on the drums of the slot game.

Slot will delight users with its bright design, sparkling humor, an abundance of prize rounds and special signs, and, of course, generous prizes and payments. Do you recognize all the characters in the series in unusual images? Who is hiding under the guise of the mysterious Mysterio, the clever Raccoon and Mintberry Crunch? Will the main characters cope with the onslaught of Professor Chaos?


Introductory game saver tells the story of the insidious plan of Professor Chaos. The theme, interface and mysterious music create a proper atmosphere, character replicas and colorful animations develop the storyline. The background splash screen will no longer be a sunny South Park, but a night city full of mysteries. Each of the characters has special abilities, and characters with different images will activate additional prize rounds, bring backs and multiplayer wins.


Management in the game is simple and the game itself has flexible configurations. Basic settings can be set via the control panel located at the bottom of the screen. The lines in the slot are fixed, so the player can only adjust the bet. You can specify the value of coins with the help of “Coin Value”, and bet with “Level”. The betting range is loyal, you can play for amounts ranging from $ 0.2 to $ 100 / spin.

For more information about payouts and bonus rounds, go to the “Info” menu. To set the sound settings, graphics or see detailed rules of the game, you can use the menu located at the bottom left of the screen. In addition, players will always be able to play at Max Bet betting limits or turn on auto play mode through AutoPlay.

This  slot also introduces a a variety of mini-games, that will bring players a lot of bonuses. One of these additions will be the Stacked wild Cartman badge, which will randomly appear on the playing field, occupying the entire drum and going down one square of each spin.

Kenny’s bonus game can be randomly activated on the slot drums. At this level, players will rotate the wheel of fortune and win additional multipliers.

Prize level “Wall” starts randomly after the spin without any combinations. Then you will rotate the reels free of charge until the prize combination falls out, each re-spin will increase the multiplier of the win by 1 point, up to x10.

Kyle’s prize level activates 3-5 wild signs on the field in random positions. The main bonus level of Mintberry will be launched after the loss of 3 Bonus signs. You have to fight with 4 enemies of Mintberry, and if you pass this fascinating quest, you will receive the main prize of the game. Each spin in the mode of the bonus game will take lives from enemies or from Mintberry, depending on the combinations that have fallen out. The round is not only amusing, but also very generous for payments.


The game world of South Park: Reel Chaos is sure to please you with a variety of options and additional games. The device has a fascinating plot based on the cartoon. The basis was an episode where Keny, Stan, Kyle and Eric appeared in the images of superheroes familiar to users of the X-men gaming machine. Successful   continuation of the thematic slot of South Park will appeal to fans of the series, and fans of colorful animations and various quests.


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South park: reel chaos Reviews by Players

Amiee Bower. Reviewed on 02.06.18
South Park Reel Chaos is a Netent powered medium variance 20 payline bonus video with an assortment of features, mini features and free spins! The follow up to the highly popular South Park slot I think they have done a pretty good job on this one and certainly respected my (critic) Authority here hehe! South Park Reel Chaos features all the boys dressed as all their respective alter egos good guys and super villains!! The backing tune is absolutely spot on for the game and is not annoying like some other backing tunes on slots I have played. South Park Reel Chaos has a pretty nice paytable too! Top symbol of butters (prof chaos) pays out a generous 1000 coins for 5 of a kind other symbols include Cartman (raccoon) Kyle, and Stan with various payout ranging from 500 coins downwards. They have stuck by the Alpha numeric A-9 as well which is a little disappointing when they could have had dastardly symbols such as potions, lasers, bombs, a mask of one of the characters perhaps? Use your imagination guys!

Next I will move on to my favorite part of the game all the features inside of this little gem! All features are activated randomly at any time apart from Professor Chaos battle spins for this you need 3 turquoise bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time this activates free spins. The free spins begin with bosses ranging in difficulty to defeat the bosses? Well you just have to hope for any line wins as each line win knocks health off your opponent however if you miss they dish out a blow to your health! Various bosses include Prof Chaos, Anime prof chaos and evil minions. Each time you advance by hitting a win your multiplier increases for the next spin and is multiplied accordingly up to a maximum of x4 this stays at the level you've reached until your health runs out. Next I will mention my favorite mini feature Cartmans stacked raccoon wilds! Cartman literally scurries on up to 3 reels and turns them wilds the reels then spin and you can produce some big wins! Another feature is Stans wheel of fortune style bonus wheel spins round after a respin of the reels and awards a multiplier on top of the win gained. Finally I will talk about the prof chaos mini feature this is easily my second favorite mini feature prof chaos drops minions on the reels which add wilds when they transform these can be combined with regular wilds in the game again producing possible mind blowing hits!

Reel Chaos is not the release of the year but what I really do like about it is value for playtime compared to your money. It didn’t bust me right away and should you pick up a nice feature of any kind it usually gives at least 10-15x bet which is not to be sneezed at!

Big wins possible in and out of the features.
Variety of features.
Value for money at 20p minimum spin.
Exciting and brilliant backing track.
Hilarious free spins when chaos smiles and laughs cracks me up!
Innovation is overall good!
Looks fantastic.

I give Reel Chaos 7/10 you can win bigger on other slots but for wagering this is a gem with a big win potential too!
Elyse. Reviewed on 25.09.18
South Park Reel Chaos is the second South Park game from Netent entertainment. It was landed only last year. I haven't got any huge wins so far from it but I think it's just because I haven't played it that much. This game has 20 paylines instead of 25 as South Park. I really love the look of it and a couple of days ago one casino sent me 20 free spins on this game, which reminded me to give them a better try. I really like the South Park game (the first one) and in my opinion Reel Chaos is much cooler and upgraded version, all the main characters are still there but this game has more features than the previous one.

You can meet all those characters not in a bonus round, but in the main game, as all of them work as different type of wilds. There are Cartman's Stacked wilds which happens when Cartman tries to catch General Dissaray, climbing up and down the reels, Kenny's multiplier which comes up when Kenny and professor are fighting, Stan's multiplying re-spin, which starts randomly after a no win spin and continues till there's a win, each time increasing multiplier from 1x-10x and at last there is also Kyle's overlay wilds - when he tries to get the minions away, creating 3-5 wilds. I think it is really amazing how many features this game has, making it much more interesting. Then of course there are the amazing Epic Bonus spins. If you get bonus symbols on 1st, 3rd and 5 reel, you'll be playing the bonus spins where Mintburry has to defeat all 4 enemies. To be honest I think it is very hard to get to those spins, as I've never got them so far.

To try this game more seriously, I had around 30€ balance in one of Netent casinos and I placed 0.20€ bets. I played 250 autospins, the first 50 spins were quite empty, after 100 spins I got the bonus spins. It was so fun! I managed to kill 3 of the 4 enemies, but on the 4th level I lost, this bonus gave me 8€ win. It is really interesting, the first enemy spins have 1x multiplier, second 2x, 3th level has 3x, but the last level has 4x multiplier. After the 250 spins I still had money enough for 50 spins, I played them and lost balance. Overall I got 1 bonus spins with 40x bet win, all features visited me, except the Cartmans Stacked wilds.

I think that this game is a real eye candy. All the features including free spins are very exciting. For me the bonus round is quite hard to get and I wish the features would come up more often, but other than that I will keep playing this game from time to time and it is definitely worth trying.
Malika. Reviewed on 27.09.18
After more than a year since the release of the game South Park, NetEnt has pleased his fans with new extension of this popular title. Unlike the first part, this sequel has five lines less payment but through the game get the impression that it gives greater gains than the original South Park slot machine. This is a game with a lot of symbols multi-level bonus rounds and guaranteed fun while sitting in front of a monitor or playing on your mobile device. The basic theme of the creators of the game are four heroes Kenny, Kyle, Cartman and Stan who fight against evil Professor Chaos then his assistant general Daissaraya and two evils pet which together are called Evil Minions.

In this great game Cartman is responsible only for stacked symbols, that two or three of his symbols on the reels start to slide down the column until you catch the evil generals, and during that time its symbols remain on the drum. Kenny appears in the game until the slot spins, and when there is a Professor Chaos then begins a struggle between the two men, then Kenny you paid multiplier that increases your winnings by 3-5 times. Stan was the one who actually works on re-spin and with it the multiplier increases by turning each one, and all the way up to 10x, so that you will not be too happy if you win something in the first few spins. The last hero in this game is Kyle that appears after the drum pops evil hamsters, while another slot spins. Then Kyle shoot with laser and on lines 3-5 leaves overlay wild symbols.

The bonus game is for me the most valuable part of this game, and something I particularly good tidings. The full name of the bonus is Mintberry Crunch Epic Bonus Spins. It is activated with three bonus symbols but not very frequent occurrence in the game because it occurs only in 1, 3, and 5 position on the reels. When you receive it starts a fight with against four enemies in four levels and there are rules quite complex. Basically there is a lot of multiplier, winnings are based on the loss of energy opponents in all levels of the fight and just this segment of the game makes it special compared to others that are too simple for my taste. Enjoy on the Reel Chaos and charms of this imaginative and professionally designed games. Rating 9/10
Can have dry runs
Less lines than original means less higher wins in a way
Can be very tricky to hit bonus free spins

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