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so many monsters Reviews by Players

Freda. Reviewed on 01.07.18
As we all know Microgaming tends to release at least two new games every month. Some releases are disappointing while others are a breath of fresh air. It’s always a mystery how things turn out during every new slot release. Even licensed games are not guaranteed to be enjoyable or high quality in that respect, even though the adoption rate among the players community is logically higher.

With So Many Monsters, Microgaming once again proved it never runs out of ideas. This slot has recently been released and I had the pleasure to play this game during one session. As the name suggests, the theme is based on Monsters. And not just a couple, but a lot of them!

If you've played So Much Candy or So Much Sushi you'll might find them being quite similar, because they are identical. Just different themes.

The monsters are not creepy looking but more of cute who can help you net big wins. The whole catch of this game is that the monster symbols can multiplier up to 5x per symbol. Where have seen this before? Flowers from NetEnt is the first game that comes through my mind, but So Many Monsters exceeds this by far. The game has 25 paylines and 5 reels and the minimum bet is €0.25, but I played this game with a bet of 1 euro.

In addition, there are wilds and a wonderful free spins feature attached to it. Although I didn’t win much during the base game, the potential is really there and quite astonishing in fact. Since every monster symbol can pay 5x its original value. The max payout for 5 monsters on a reel, if they all multiply into five, is a shocking 25x the original prize.

In short, you can win more than 600x betsize even during base game. I had plenty of 3oak combinations awarding me 10x betsize. Sometimes slots don’t even award that when you hit a 5oak. During base game my wins were stable to keep the game playing, but nothing to make me quit the game right away.

The eyeballs symbol is that of the scatter, and you need at least 3 to trigger the free spins feature. What I like so much about the free spins feature is that you can choose how many free spins you want. The more free spins you choose, the less the maximum payout gets. During the free spins only one particular high paying symbol appears in addition to the usual card symbols.

Don’t worry though because even the lowest possible payout is higher than during the base game. All monster combinations have an different payout. You can pick 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 free spins. I chose 8 free spins and won like 130x betsize thanks to one good combo.

I'm glad I managed to leave my session with a profit. Definitely can't say this for most slots.
Vesta Jilek. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I played “So Many Monsters” in Mr. Green casino and I do not understand why in this casino the slot only had a 2 stars rating out of 5. I say this, because in my opinion “So many monsters” is a good slot that deserves a 7/10 stars appreciation. I have not played so far other slot from the series “So many ...” but after 300 spins here I was fully satisfied with all the game.

Regarding the theme of the game, I probably have never met so many “ugliness” gathered close together in one place. And when I say ugly, the term is “soft” because almost certainly these creatures would scare even the most calm players. To tell about the music and sounds in the background, they manage very well to amplify the ugliness creatures on the reels. What is new here is that when the player aligns a few monsters of the same kind, each of them
multiplies (up to 5x) and earnings grow as much (it is like when the same payline is multiplied). If you have 5 monsters (of the same kind) each multiplying himself 5x the payouts are fabulous (for bet of 25 cents/25 paylines you win between 100-150 Euros). However, if you are unlucky and you have only minor symbols aligned the payout is almost ridiculous and the losses start to pile up.

What compensates in full these losses (at least in my case) is the Free Spins round. Now all the monsters turn into a single available monster (on the choice of the player) and from the 8-16 spins that are awarded (depending on the monster type) the total win is nice (about 10 Euros on average). I entered pretty easy in Free Spins (more frequent than once every 50 spins) and so on the overall I managed to gather some extra money. The screen shot added above shows such a win from a payline with 5 monsters that were multiplied up to a gain of 16x in a Free Spins round.

However, if you are unlucky and you cannot get into Free Spins, you will find that the amount of money available is shrinking pretty fast. For the "ugliness" of the monsters and for the easily obtained wins (in Free Spins) this slot is pretty good.
Branda. Reviewed on 28.09.18
So Many Monsters is a game from Microgaming software and it's one of the latest games I've tried from them. It's a 5 reel and 25 payline slot with monster theme. I have to say this is one of the cutest looking monster slots I've seen, the colorscheme is really bright and the monsters look friendly instead of scary.

First thing I noticed about this game is that it is quite simple. There's a wild symbol and free spins round triggered by scatters. Also what's really fun is a feature called high symbol split and when 3 or more high symbols appear on a winning, they split and give higher winnings. High symbols are all five monsters and what I've experienced so far is that this happens a lot and winnings like 10x bet come up very often.

I think it's kind of funny that scatter symbols look like eyeballs. When 3 scatters or more are on the screen, the free spins starts. There you must choose one of the monsters and they will replace all high symbols. I mostly choose the red ones or yellow ones, because they give lower amount of free spins but have higher value for them and I think they have bigger winning potential.

I do like this game but I think it is quite mediocre. I kind of miss the fact that there's no other bonus round, I think they could have made some cool monster bonus to make this game more fun. Also I think the paytable is average, from all the free spins I've got so far, I haven't received winnings over 40x bet.

Overall this is a decent game from Microgaming, but it's not a game I would choose for wagering bonuses or play on a daily basis like I do with other Microgaming slots. I think the payouts are quite mediocre, free spins have no multiplier and I think it's a minus. Also the base game winnings are mostly 10x bet, which is better than nothing but not something to look forward to. I really like the fun design but everything else isn't that exciting and rewarding.

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