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Get to the enemy ships at the right distance and break the entire flotilla with accurate launches of torpedoes – that’s what you have to do in the bonus game of the video slot Silent Run, that was recently released by a well-known company Net Entertainment, rightly considered one of the leaders in the field of software for online casinos.

But the advantages of this model are not ending on the bonus round. This classy free slot machine will amaze you with a variety of functions, the quality of graphics, as well as the the fascinating gameplay. Even if you are absolutely indifferent to everything connected with military operations, do not leave the Silent Run video slot without attention.

General Description

Silent Run is a five-reel video slot with twenty-five fixed lines and three rows of characters on the screen. You can play on a slot machine at a rate per line of one to ten coins with a face value of one to fifty cents. Thus, up to one hundred and twenty-five euros are accepted for spin.

In this model there are special symbols, a thematic bonus round,and numerous other functions.

Rules for the formation of winning combinations of surprises are not presented. You need to get on the line from three identical images, which should be placed side by side, beginning with the first drum. The amount of payment depends on the rate on this line and the combination ratio (the maximum multiplier is x1000). From each line, the winnings are calculated only for the highest combination.

According to official data, the theoretical return of the Silent Run gaming machine is 96.1%.


Since the video slot Silent Run is dedicated to the navy in general and submarines in particular, all the pictures depicted on its drums are directly related to this topic. On the game screen you will find ships, submarines, torpedoes, depth charges, mines, as well as denominations of playing cards from ten to ace.

Special symbols are Wild (red warning lamp), Echo Wild (red locator screen) and Echo Bonus (green locator screen).

Wild is able to replace other conventional pictures, if its position on the reels allows you to help form a combination of them.Echo Wild can be seen only on the third drum. When it appears there, it sends three signals that reveal Wild hidden on the screen.Echo Bonus – appearing on the third reel, this symbol starts the thematic bonus round.

Bonus Games

At the beginning of the game, the Echo Bonus symbol finds hidden torpedoes on the screen. They can be from two to five. They will be at your disposal further when you need to shoot at the ships.Each launch of a torpedo, as a result of which the enemy ship will go to the bottom, will bring you a payment of a random size. With each shot, a special additional wins multiplier will increase, which can reach x10. At the end of the round, all earned prize payments will be transferred to the user’s account. The maximum amount that can be obtained in the bonus game of the video slot Silent Run, is 256 600 coins.


Here are all the buttons that you will need to know in order to comfortably play this slot machine:

  • Round button on center – start of new spin
  • Bet – the size of the bet on spin
  • Level – select a bet in coins
  • Coin Value – determination of the nominal value of coins
  • Coins – the number of available coins
  • Paytable – view the coefficient table
  • Feature Preview – introduction to the bonus game
  • Auto Play – activation of the autoplay mode
  • Max Bet – the game at the maximum rate

Silent Run slot has several parameters of user settings, information line and reference section. You won’t have to download this slot, because it works directly on the site.


The most attractive feature of the video slot Silent Run is its thematic bonus game, in which it is necessary to hit enemy ships. Perhaps, after a few rounds, it will seem monotonous to you, but you can not fail to admit that the game is played very qualitatively, and the payments in it are decent. If you are lucky enough to get five torpedoes, a solid prize is guaranteed to you.Also, Silent Run can be praised for quality graphics, realistic animation, spectacular soundtrack, intuitive interface, gaming settings, a good percentage of feedback,and so on.

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Silent run Reviews by Players

Kroko. Reviewed on 13.04.18
Personally I do not know when “Silent Run” was released, but I suspect that is one of the somewhat older slots from NetEnt casinos. With all of these said, and although the slot has also some bad parts of the older NetEnt slots, it is generally a good one that I liked especially because I made me remember some special moments from my past. So, 20 years ago I was invited to work for a few months in Germany, even in the city that built these famous submarines that made the fear of the Atlantic Ocean during WWII (Kiel). Next to one of these submarines that now has become a museum (“Kaura” or U995) there is a wall about 10 feet high and about as much long on which there are written the names of all those who sacrificed themselves on the seas of WWII. It is needless to say that this wall is filled up to the top with these names. Chilling facts....
Returning to the U-boat itself (U995) I will remember forever how those sailors squeezed to live in such a small place (some of them even slept directly on torpedoes), and the fears that they had to have lived when that emergency red bulb (Wild in this play) indicated a surface attack. It was just creepy, and the slot emphasizes this terrible atmosphere by the background sounds. (Using the streets slang one could say something like: “This was not a game, this was real sh*t, man”). But back to the slot itself, it is good mainly because occasionally playing its two features one can recover almost all previous loses. In the Echo Wild feature a red ADSIC is pinging to discover the still “invisible” Wild symbols on the reels. Having 5-6 of these Wilds revealed, the possible win can amount to several good thousand coins (50-100x bet). The same in the Echo Bonus feature, a green ADSIC is looking on the reels for invisible torpedoes.
After they are found, it follows a round in which a number of ships are being torpedoed (as many as torpedoes were found). Every ship brings a variable win and advances a multiplier, so the order of sinking the ships counts. In addition, even during normal spins the payouts are not as small as for other older NetEnt slots. It is true that on the overall after playing about 3000 spins with the minimum bet, I went in loss with 10-15 Euros (and I triggered very hard the Echo Bonus game), but I also had some times when I was playing with extra money. This slot deserves a good rating if only for its realism with which the real events were transposed into play.
I hate it when the Echo Wild feature turns wilds into wilds. Yes, this is not a typo.
There is no point in replacing a wild by a wild. Unfortunately many games have this annoying characteristic.
Charlette Donahoe. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Silent Run was one of the few games I was advised to try in one of askgamblers threads. It is a 5 reel 25 payline slot with bonus round. Fellow gambler said this game works good fr him for meeting rollovers, and I honestly can say I have played this game 2 or 3 times and I wanted to change that.

The theme of this game is shipping/ocean adventures, with ship, torpedo and other technical symbols. I really like the color scheme and overall design but that isn't a big surprise as it is Netent powered game, I like the fact that it brings me calmness.
This game has 2 kind of bonus rounds but no free spins. An Echo bonus is in a green color and it appears on 3rd reel. When it appears, it searches for hidden torpedoes on the wheel (from 2-5). Those torpedoes you will use for blowing up other ships. Each ship has a different coin amount that will be multiplied, so the more torpedoes you get, the more chances to win bigger. Besides each torpedoe has a multiplier attached to it (1x,2x,3x,5x,10x).The Echo Wild is in red color and also appears on 3rd reel. This echo searches for hidden wilds and increases winnings.

To try it legitimitely I invested 40€ in my Casumo account. The minimum bets are 0.25€ per spin but I placed 0.50€ bets. I started to play 250 spins autoplay and at first I wasn't very impressed, I had lost already 10€ within 30 spins but then I received the Echo wild bonus that multiplied the wilds and paid me 16€. I mostly had half of bet wins, rarely more. About 40 spins later I got another Echo wild feature and this time it paid 6x bet. I got the bonus another time, so in average of 40 spins I received the bonus. It seemed like a roller-coaster, I again received 40x bet win.It took me 130 spins to get this game in a giving mood, the next bonus paid already 27€ which seemed nice. Later I received one Echo bonus that gave me 4 torpedoes. I won 12€ with it. So overall playing this game for about an hour and in total of 400 spins I got 2 Echo bonuses and 8 Echo Wild bonuses.

I think this game is really good. Altough it doesn't have any free spins feature, it is really interesting to play and I will do it more often. As I said, the graphics are great and design wise this could be one of my favorites from Netent.
Although this game is great but it's a pity that it doesn't have free spins bonus round so NetEnt if you are reading this it might be a good idea for the sequel: Silent Run 2: Deep sea warfare (or something like that).
Halley. Reviewed on 25.09.18
It’s been a while since I last played the video slot Silent Run from Net Entertainment. One of the reasons why I probably choose to not play this game too often, is that my results never been that impressive. I often used to play this game by hitting spin/stop in succession to make the reels spin very quick.

So if it the slot doesn’t pay, you’ll lose a lot of money quickly as well. Silent Run contains 5-reels and 25-paylines and has the theme of a battleship. Now I’m not too much into battleships, nor movies where these play a significant role. Therefore, I didn’t really care much about the theme.

The minimum bet on this game is €0.25, but I played it on €1.25 bets most of the time. The slot format is quite different from what we’re used to. There are no scatters and no free spins but there are some special features you can definitely look forward to.

I must add though that without the features I’ll mention soon, it’s hard to get a good win during base game. I don’t think I ever won more than 20 x my bet size without the features during base game. The features I’m speaking of can be triggered if you either get a green sonar symbol on the 3rd reel or an orange sonar symbol on the 3rd reel.

The green sonar symbol activates the Echo Bonus. The symbol tries to detect torpedoes and will randomly find between 2 and 5 of them. Afterwards the torpedoes can be launched towards a couple of ships to destroy them and win a prize for each. In addition, the more torpedoes the higher the multiplier will be increasing to.

It can reach all the way to 10 x. I never got more than 4 torpedoes though, so my max multiplier was 5 x. The feature been disappointing for me most of the time paying 10-20 x bet size on average. But I did hit 2500 coins (100 x bet size) on my first torpedo once.

So I can only imagine if that hit was tied to a 10 x multiplier, it would have been 1,000 x bet size. So it definitely has some huge potential. The other feature is activated by the Orange sonar symbol on reel 3. The Echo Wild will randomly make a few symbols wild during your spin.

One time it made like 5 symbols wild for me ending up in me winning 80 x bet size. I guess the key here is to already have a few wilds on the symbols, and then adding up the wilds of the feature, could end up in an enormous hit.
Johnny. Reviewed on 27.09.18
The theme of this game, inspired by the most powerful ships of the Navy, conveys a sense of power that drives you to fight until you get a big win. "Silent Run" is for me one of the best games created by the prestigious company NetEnt I've played so far, and not only for its design but also for the potential, which in my opinion, has to generate huge profits, and the best thing is gains do not depend exclusively on the activation of its special characteristics, since several of my best winnings in this game, have been reached by completing 5 of a kind lines, with high symbols involved, during the base game.

Special features in this slot are not always synonymous of Big Wins, but the advantage is they occurrence is a common event throughout the game, giving you a better chance of getting a great hit, and for this reason, I like always cautiously increase the value of my bets until I can get some significant gain, and when this happens, and depending on the size of my earning, I decrease my bet some levels, even to the lowest one in case my income would have been large enough to overcome the balance I had at the start of the last round of increases. Both special features have seemed great for me, with Echo Bonus, most times I get only between 2 and 3 torpedoes, but still I have managed to sink ships with the biggest prize on numerous occasions, and with Echo Wild, I have also achieved several Big Wins, especially when before triggering this feature they have appeared one or two wild symbols on the screen, thereby helping to maximize my chances.

Overall, I can say that this video slot is for me one of the most exciting, like one of those capable to make me lift my arms to celebrate, and it is fortunately a slot currently present in many of the best online casinos I know, to play it is a pleasure and even better if you got some bonuses, because you shall consider some times we have not so good streaks and the best is to have patience and a balance large enough to overcome them. If you have not yet played Silent Run I hope you do it very soon and I wish you the best of luck with it.

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