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shoot! Reviews by Players

Shoshana Strong. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Shoot is the Microgaming version for football theme and I think they did a good job with it. It nicely fit to the trend but personally maybe I like more with a nuance the Playtech’s variants. MG also decided to use sports card style icons (what I used to collect in my childhood) giving the slot more authentic and for me sentimental look. Some of the biggest geniuses from the past appear like Maradona, Cruyff, Pele, Keegen and several supplementary participants- sandwich, clapper and ball.

The 50-payline game can offer what a player can ask for and has interesting and funny side games. The mentioned collecting hobby when I was a child comes alive in Shoot! Bonus where with a simple ‘pick me’ bonus type game we have to pick 4 football cards out of 12 items that introduce the biggest stars from 3 decades and all of them reveal its cash prize. I played the game for a while when I realized this extra session is more real than I first thought as this side game’s background image is a school bench where the card are laying and waiting for a trade. First time I laughed about it and recalled the time when this whole thing happened exactly like this.

Not just credits can be won by cards but Free Spins and Magazine Bonus can start from here after picking the specific cards. Free spins are played with doubled win prizes and can be from 10 to 35 spins. Magazine bonus is a little bit different from the other extra as picking from 12 magazines last until the Red Card is shown up. Fortunately, where is consolation prize for every unselected magazine if we too fast find one of the two Red Cards.
The feature triggering Bonus can also pay out up to 200 times of total bet and 5 Wilds on an active line mean a 7500 coins prize.

Personally, I very like this slot partly because of its good features and relative good payout capability partly because of the nostalgic memories. Whichever I get from these 2 qualities it makes me happy either if I have good results and win some money or have some enjoyable moments and spent my time with a great slot. It’s a win-win situation. If you’re a sports fan especially football follower you have to play this game, that’s simple.
Shoot is a good slot, even really good. It is part of Microgaming casinos and I am glad I chose to play here. The slot is good because it managed to do what other slots so far did not: it brought me back in my early years when I was young and so enthusiastically I enjoyed watching football matches on TV. Now I have a certain age when football does not passionate me anymore. But this game did it!

The slot would be better called „Pele versus Maradona“! Which person has not heard of them, of Gullit, of Bekenbauer and of others having similar big names? The slot is not beautiful only for the football atmosphere it creates. Here also you will win like in thefootball!What I mean is that, at least I was at a loss only in the first spin. On the second spin I had a win of about 2 euros and at the third spin I won the Bonus Game. In the Bonus Game one can play 3 different games! One need to choose 4 different cards with football players and obtains a straight payout or enters the Free Spins round or the Magazine Game.

The Free spins are also great! On a scoring table the number of free spins is randomly chosen depending on the outcome of the match . And because the minimum score is 1-0, who does not enjoy at least 10 Free spins? Although in general one can play here 21 Free Spins, maybe even more.

The Game Magazine is also nice. Even if you choose the wrong magazine (that is the red card that stops the game) you will still get a consolation payout. I played 3 times this Bonus Game in less than 300 spins.

In short, here everything is magnificent, not only Bonus game and the Free spins. The wins are amazing due to the high number of lines (50 paylines ) and playing with only the minimum bet (50 cents ) at the end of nearly 300 spins I had an extra of 18 Euro. Although at one time I had an extra gain of 45 Euro! The wins at this slot, are frequent and very welcome. Also the Wild symbols ("Shoot") and "Bonus" symbols (which trigger the Bonus game described above) are equally frequent . After 2-3 smaller wins you will always win handsome, a few euros!

The slot is, as I said good even really good . All is beautiful here, starting with the atmosphere of the game and ending with the wins.
Wen. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Shoot is an amazing 50 pay line 5 reel slot which is one of the finest slots from Microgaming i have played at. The theme of the slot is football and all the symbols are inspired from football stars in 60's , 70's and 80's like Maradona , Pele and other famous names. This slot gives outstanding returns to the player because it has a good paying base game with an overwhelming 2 tier bonus round which surely will fill you pocket.

Now the base game often pays you 2X the bet because of frequently occurring wilds and 2 scatters. Sometimes 3 wilds results in 5 of a kind and i have won a maximum of 1120 coins from 3 wilds on this slot. Apart from base game, the bonus round is specially what to look for in this slot. 3 or more scatter symbols triggers the bonus round called "Trade em bonus" in which you are required to select among four trump cards which has win behind it or even triggers a secondary bonus rounds of two types named "free spin bonus round" or "magazine bonus round". When you find a free spin bonus round behind a card, you will be taken to special score board where two reels spin and the resultant number is the number of free spins you get with a maximum of 34 free spins possible and the multiplier of free spins is 2X.

I have won maximum of 24 free spins that too recently on Comeon Casino which paid in total from the whole bonus round i won 3800 coins and luckily i have screenshot too. That was less i have earlier won even 7000 coins from this bonus round and seeing the potential i would say this is also less... lol... Talking about other bonus round in trade em bonus that is magazine bonus round where you are required to select among 12 magazines giving you prizes behind them until you strike a hand symbol (i am not sure what it is) which ends the round.

According to my observation, play this slot on low bets such as $0.01 and wait for the bonus round to strike and then depending upon your wins in the bonus round increase the bet and again wait for bonus round to strike, that is what i do..Thus I would say this is a must play for all the slot lovers and i would rate this slot 10 on 10.. Well done MG !
Herta. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I remember playing Microgaming's SHOOT at 32Red many times after the initial release date. I believe SHOOT was released just prior the Euro 2012 soccer campaign. At 32Red I would usually play poker through their poker client, and switch to SHOOT when I needed a break or had some small left-overs.Being a big footy fan and proud follower for over 20 years myself, I really appreciated the fact that Microgaming came out with this 50-paylines slot. However, most symbols (football pictures of famous footballers in the past) were pretty much before my time. We all know legendary names like Pele, Beckenbauer en Cruyff, but all of them were retired by the time I was born.However, I did see others play like Gullit and Maradona to name a few. The symbols are pretty much football cards named after the legendary players with of course their faces printed on it. The nice thing about SHOOT is that 50-paylines is the max bet, which you can adjust to less paylines if you want. The maximum bet is 20 coins by the way. I always kept my bet size modest with this slot beeting €0.50 on average. I haven't played it in a while, since most Microgaming gaming casinos where I play at seem to be missing it in their portfolio.The best paying symbols are Pele, George Best and Maradona. I must say I don't agree with the order though, since Maradona is the best in my opinion hands down. In addition this slot also contains wilds and scatters (Bonus Symbol), with 3 or more scatters awarding the bonus feature.The bonus feature must be one of the most exciting ones I ever played. What I like about it, is that you're not sure about what you will get, until you turn around the cards. With the Trade-Em-Bonus you can choose a couple of cards, which either reveal a price or even better - reveal a second level price like the magazine bonus or free spins.My biggest win with this slot was like 400x my bet size after the bonus round, hitting both the magazine bonus and free spins feature. I definitely recommend this slot for every footy fan, since it's simply a great slot.My final rating for this slot is: 8/10
Janise. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Shoot is another one microgaminng powered slot, and it has very interesting theme - football. Of course pity that it is not modern football theme slot, it is probably 70 - 90 of 20 century years, but i am still like it, also there is a symbol of Diego Maradona, did there anyone who did not know this footballer? I am sure everyone know it.
Graphics and sounds not so interesting, at least for me, honestly i found it boring. Slot has 50 lines, and this is good, because actually i love 50 lines slots more than 243 liners(because good line of 5 of a kind usually pays better at 50 liner, than on 243 liner). Anyway, as a big football fan i am can not miss such slot, and i played it couple of times, and actually i like it.

This slot also had a bonus game, in which you just pick cards(actually this is just regular pick feature). But during this bonus round, you can win free spins with multiplier, and of course this is always nice, so does not think that this is just regular boring bonus game, no, you can manage to achieve to free spins, and actually i think what can be better? Get money selecting cards, and if you lucky then you even play free spins, nice thing from microgaming i believe.

If you ask me about my experience with this slot, i play it not so many times, and can not say you about its variance, but from my playing i believe this is medium variance slot, and also i never lost on this slot, always up, and then lost on immortal romance or thunderstruck II :)

I like this slot, and everyone who love football as a game of course should give this slot a go. If you not football fan, probably you will think that this slot is boring and stupid :)

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