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shark school Reviews by Players

Kristofer. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Shark School video game, maybe one of the newest games from Real Time Gaming provider as for the graphics and design we all know what this software will make, always same story with a bit, tiny difference, better then the older slots this software has, but again they are very far from Netent and Microgaming when we are talking for the looks, design and graphics of every their slot.

Shark Schoolis a 5 reel 50 pay lines video slot and the unusual 4 rows game, which really winning from it can be really difficult or maybe that I don't like 4 rows slots. As the name says Shark School, yes the theme is all underwater fishes go to school. The game doesn't offer something spectacular, but the average free spins feature.

The free spins can be triggered if three scatter symbols which are the School scatter symbol lands anywhere on the reels and again one unusual detail, so I guess not many games has to offer, well in good way, that the free spins can be triggered if they combine with the Wild symbol, so you wont need 3 scatters, 2 will do the job, with 1 wild anywhere on the reels.

There is a opportunity to choose from 3 kinds of free spins rounds The Bad Shark, Dont eat the teacher and the Swim Fishwhich they are kind of similar and the maximum you can get from them is X 250 the bet. I didn't like this game from the start neither like it now. I have played this game only few times and given as a free spins offer, from some of the Real Time Casinos. I only triggered the free spins feature few times and its payout was disaster. Since I tried this game and even the base game was awful I don't think I will deposit and play this game with my own money, well given as a free spins of course I will try my luck.
To be hones I don’t really understand the theme of this slot as I suggest it tries to illustrate an underwater school where the students and teachers are all kind of fishes and doing this with funny, cute style but I don’t really think the original thoughts of creators ever came true regarding the visual effects of the game. Of course nobody said that a slot game must be realistic or must deal with a theme which is a reasonable but I simple find this subject very stupid and despite all of my revulsion I still can live without it if I find something that I could like the realization of the theme or the pictorial world it creates but I think this appearance is messed up and not just way. The symbols are supposed to be funny but they’re really not and also can’t be said they would be charming or cute or just nicely drawn. The card letters and numbers are ugly and obviously don’t fit to other symbols (and I still don’t mention here how they’re unsuitable for the theme because I hardly could name any font type that will do that effectively) and other pictorial solutions are also very questionable for me like the class room background image during free spins or the decorative illustrations of game buttons which are illustrated as if they were built in brick walls and some other issues like these. Personally, I think the whole screen is simple unable to show some kind of unit and sometimes when I look at the table all I can see just some kind of mismatched, unshaped, characterless, colourful pictorial hodgepodge which I rather find very ugly and annoying than an average interface of a modern slot so this whole graphical work, design, theme are truly evaluable for me and I dare to say I really hate it.

However much I dislike what the game provides me visually but I have to admit that some of features at this 50-payline, 4-row slots are very good and very usable. The Octopus (Teacher) is the Wild of the game and it only substitutes for any other icons (yes it replace the Scatter too) but doesn’t do anything with the won amount and it just appears only one reel but fortunately it does that in stacked format on the first reel which is the most important one in this case. The School is the Scatter which can reward us up to 100 times of total bet and also trigger one of the three kind of free spins.

We have to select one of the triggering symbols on the screen to reveal what type of free spin is triggered and the options are Bad Sharky!, Don’t Eat the Teacher! and Swim Fishy Swim! fantasy named sessions. At the Swim Fishy Swim! version we can see a helpless fish chased by shark on the top of the reels and there are 3 spaces between them every appearing Shark on the third reel gets closer to the little fish while a landing Fish on the middle reel increase that distance and the side game lasts until either the fish is eaten or after 25 free spins it can escape (anyway that would be the best scenario in many ways, once it would be the favoured scheme for animal protectors and secondly in this situation 500 times of total bet is credited). All wins are tripled there while we’re witnessing this kind of hunting.

Bad Sharky! is probably the most profitable variety of free spins at least I had the most successes on it in the past and once I could collect around $85 but since then there were some smaller good run on it but I’ve never been even close to the mentioned prize so I suppose it was just a one-time wonder. During these free spins – which are randomly can be between 3-10 – the middle reel is transformed Sharks in its entirely while the side game lasts and at every spin Shark want to eat any or all fishes on the table and when it succeeds that fish symbol also turn into Shark and that new arrangement of symbols can cause some nicer wins. On that great session basically one spin brought me back around $60 when the entire first reel was Wilds and there were 2 or 3 fishes on the second reel and one on the fourth reel. The Shark could eat 3 fishes (2 on the second and the only on the fourth reels) and basically I had 9 identical Sharks on the reels so it would be a big surprise if that spin wasn’t able to reward me well.

The last one is the Don’t Eat the Teacher! extra section which is maybe the most enjoyable one. The free spin starts with x2 win multiplier and when the last reel contains a Shark symbol and at the same time a Teacher icon appears on thefirst reel at the same row, the Shark wants to eat the Teacher and if it’s failed the free spins continuous with increased win multiplier. The extra session is played until either the Shark finally can kill the Teacher or 25 games are played. This is not a bad game at least I can enjoy it though the average payout of the game is not too high and with the little animations takes too long time which slow down the rhythm of bonus not helping the overall gaming experience.

Unfortunately any positive statement would be a lie which would apply directly to the paying ability of the winning combinations as the best prize we can win by a 5 of a kind win is just 1500 coins and even if we’re speaking about 4-row game which working system influences the appearing frequency of winning combinations and their payouts too but I still think the game generally should be more generous.

After the shocking start what the appearance means the game itself is not a bad game at all at least the free spins variations can make it interesting and more or less enjoyable but the payouts of wins are destroy the flame of satisfaction at least in my case and force me again to think this is actually a bad game which is not worth to be visited too frequently. I think the creators simple just overdone its jobs and made a game which is really ruined by the silly theme and unfortunately the game segment – even if some components of it can make the overall big picture better – but overall can’t compensate fully what the interface of the game fouled up so personally I still don’t like this slot and there’s a massive chance that I won’t do that ever.
Cheryle. Reviewed on 26.09.18
First gave Shark School a spin just the other day at ClubPlayer casino and I have to say I did enjoy playing it! Shark School is a 3d 50 payline stacked symbols, Real time Gaming high variance slot and of course is based on educating fish haha! The titles actually apt because a group of fish is called a school making it a sort of (funny name) a play on words!

At first it seems really tricky to get anything good but if you spin it for long enough with a balance of at least $/€70 it does payout! As I said above Shark School has stacked symbols making full screens of one symbol possible and enormous wins as the outcome. Shark School features an octopus teacher symbol this pays nothing by itself but substitutes everything including the schoolhouse scatter symbol(always handy)The top paying symbols 5 of a kind are Great White 1500 x, Hammerhead 1250 x, Whale shark 1000 x and a shark paying 500 x all x line bet. Other Symbols are various fish as you would expect and alphanumeric symbols these range in value from 200 x up to 750 x! A group of mixed sharks on the reels payout 25 x line bet for five.

Now I will tell you about the different features this is why I found the game enjoyable! The feature came several times for me quite easily! To trigger your feature you just need 3 or more schools and the teacher octopus can combine with 2 additionally!
Players then click a scatter to reveal their feature(like Paydirt!)

Features include Don’t Eat The Teacher free spins can go up to 25 in this feature with increasing multipliers every time you avoid being eaten if you make it to the end you are given 100 x bet!(rather funny to watch)! Bad Sharky Feature is another this one is probably my favourite the middle reel is turned into one shark and held you receive 3 re-spins when fish are displayed a shark swims across and eats the fish/or doesn’t you actually want him to eat as many as possible this can make massive 4/5 of a kinds (particularly if you landed a stack of sharks during your respin)! Lastly is Swim Fishy Swim feature I am not keen on this one as it does not last long before your session ends again you get free spins that are ongoing until you are eaten if you survive all 25 free spins you get 200 x total bet in addition to your free spins winnings!

From what you can hear this game is worth a dip in the ocean to splash up big wins and teach those sharks a lesson! 7/5 out of 10 from me fun to play but takes patience!

Pros of Shark School:
Stacked symbols create huge wins
Sub wild also subs as scatter!
A few nice feature modes(none of which hard to trigger)
Great paytable even at just 50p(adjustable)
Fun slot to play and great graphics just be patient!

Can be annoying when you can't line up symbols.

Some of the features end far too soon.
Tenesha. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Shark School is a new video slot from Real Time Gaming. Get your school supplies and your gear ready because class will start very soon.....underwater! In Shark School, the new 50 paylines video slot, you will undergo many underwater symbols such as Sharks and fishes. There are also normal letter symbols that I am sick of seeing as they are the lowest to pay out but are therefore the most common for slots. The letters need to be faulted more but I will leave that for someone else to do that.

You will come across mixed paylines for the Shark symbols but they will not come too often, for me anyways. The Octopus Wild on Reel 1 counts as one scatter and if it counts with two schools then the feature is triggered. Octopus teacher and two schools or 3 schools so there are two chances for the feature.

The first feature I hit was the "Don't Eat The teacher" feature for $1.50. Free spins keep coming until any shark on Reel 5 appears. If any shark appears on Reel 5 then it will try to eat the innocent Octopus Teacher, if it doesn't then that increases the existing 2x multiplier, it the shark gobbles the Teacher then it's over with whatever winnings were collected!

Another feature to look for is the "Bad Sharky!" Feature! This feature is your "hit and miss" feature that puts you on respins. Hopefully you would get more than 3 otherwise it's not worth getting. Basically any fishes that land on the reels will be potentially eaten by the sharks (at the start of the feature, that ominous sound for when the 3rd reel is covered with one of the sharks....oh no Jaws). When any of the fishes get eaten then they will turn wild....some will be lucky enough to be alive which is not good for the players, that means no wilds for any of the fish that live! I never gotten higher than $100 and my winnings or about $35 - $60.

It's a good slot but they need to emphasize more on the multipliers because some of the features require them, seriously!
The disadvantages of Shark School is mainly for the triggers. It got me struggling to find them, trying to get 3 scatters to get the bonus. Especially on a $1.50 bet I had my struggles coming for a period of over 20 minutes after my first 2 triggers.

The worst feature to trigger is the Swim Fishy Swim feature. It's super hard to not get a shark on the 3rd reel because that will move the shark up a space on the top screen. I never gotten a fish to move it up any spaces and I end up getting that fish killed. I just hope you get a feature besides this. Sometimes fishes on the Bad Sharky! feature get eaten, replaced by a wild but aren't in positions to pay up.

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