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Secret of the stones

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General Description

Stonehenge is the most popular architecture in the world. There is an opinion that at the time of his construction, the druids used to build the building for their secret rites. The player is invited to make a trip back in time and meet exactly these culprits of the existence of Stonehenge. Find out all the secrets of this building and the magic it has in the Secret of the Stones slot. As you know, the druids are strangers to material values. So, all the treasures of the stone sanctuary will be yours.


According to the style of the old times, of the origin of the cult of Stonehenge, the stone building is depicted by a dense green forest. Cold and light colors emphasize the majesty of the atmosphere. Mystical and mysterious, smooth background music at once is replaced by a dynamic melody when composing a winning combination. Among the character set, the player meets the druid, the tree of life, as well as the images of card symbols and animals, supplemented by the stylistics of Celtic ornaments, thus symbolizing unity with nature.

The graphics is high-quality and colorful. It is fully maintained in the style of ancient civilizations. The supposed atmosphere is captured completely, and that is not surprising at all, because that is exactly what you expect from NetEnt. Animation in the game is well-designed and dynamic, but at the same time not excessive. An interesting animation effect: a combination of symbols, provided by the payout table, disappears, all other signs on the reels flash for a moment.


The interface is familiar to NetEnt. In addition to the buttons for betting and activation of paylines, there is also a preview of the bonus round. The interface and design in general correspond to the story, reveals it, and creates the atmosphere necessary for the game.


For the main game, select the number of active lines from 1 to 25. Make a bet by setting the coin denomination and the number of coins, and start playing. Collect the winning combinations not just to become richer, but to also learn all the secrets of the druids. In the slot you will be waiting for an additional round with a win-win bonus game. Besides, there will be ritual stones right near you, behind each of which is hidden a prize.


The Secret of the Stones gaming machine will reveal the secrets of Stonehenge to the most courageous players, introduce a longtime druid who knew the secrets of the universe.

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Secret of the stones Reviews by Players

Cori Caison. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Secret of The Stones is a well known game from Netent software. I have to say that for a long time I didn't really understand why other players like this game so much, when I played it, I didn't play long sessions with it and I didn't get any decent winnings. In the last months I've been playing this game more and I can absolutely say that I have admiration for this game.

It has kind of ancient theme and the symbols look mythical. Reason why this game has a name like that, in my opinion, is because of the free spins round, which is the only bonus feature for this slot. When you get 3 or more scatters, you will get 10 free spins with 1x multiplier. Then you'll see dozens of stones and you will have to pick them and they'll add something to the bonus. It's like revealing stone secrets. Usually I get an extra 2x multiplier and extra spins. What I've experienced very often is that the free spins can take really long time to trigger.

This game has a wild symbol and it substitutes for all, except scatter symbols. I really like the wilds because in my experience they really help out a lot to make winning combinations. On base game I haven't got winnings over 50x bet, and I have to say the thing that scares me a little to play this slot is the fact it can give lots of dead spins. In my last session, a couple of days ago, I played around 200 spins, received a free spins round within first spins, and lost 30€ with minimum bets without any winning over 20x bet.

I do like this game a lot and I've seen winning screenshots from other players so I have no doubts about this games' winning potential. With this slot I have similar experience like with Dead or Alive, I see good screenshots and I like everything about those slots, but whenever I play them, I rarely good decent wins and most of the time get bust. I do recommend this game and even though my winnings from free spins round haven't exceeded 100x bet, I think this game has potential to award nicely in the free spins round, because of the multipliers and other features you can get there.
I hate payouts in this game. It is very low. Wilds appear very often and everywhere, but still my best normal play payout was about 50 bets. Usually game pays even less money.

Usually picks in feature is bad. Most common I get freespins and multiplier, and very rare I pick something better.

It is not very nice, but you need 4 or 5 scatters for huge payouts. My best result feature with more than 300 bets win was result of 4 scatters trigger.
Honey. Reviewed on 25.09.18
I have relative fresh memories of Secret of the Stones as I was offered 10 free spins at a casino not too long ago and among the limited available games that this offer was valid this slot game was the only I’ve never played with before (to be honest there was another one but I didn’t like that). It’s almost useless to say again how I appreciate and am a fan of NetEnt slots’ graphics so it’s enough to say my opinion hasn’t changed a bit by playing this game. I like its artwork symbols and the ancient, mythic world that it creates.

So started playing and the given 10 spins quickly gone but what I saw was tempting enough to transfer some money from the main balance and be ready to discover it deeper. I set my bet at €1.25 and on the fourth or 5th spin 4 Wilds appeared giving back €34 and I had to realize they did that without any additional multiplier because they act as just substitute. The Wilds very often popped up generating lot of smaller wins when finally 3 Scatters arrived and started 10 free spins, but before entering I had to choose 3 stones out of 20 to give some extra for free spins. I collected 7 more spins and a plus x1 multiplier and at the end of spins another €42 was added to my balance.

It’s a great and only one bonus here and the player can get more spins (2-10 spins per selection), multiplier (x1 or x2), chance to the second or/and fourth reel turns into Wild for the free spins and possibility for Owl or/and Deer symbols to be Wild for this session. As I see it, now after spending some time with this slot, the best if all 3 kind of options are selected. My greatest run was when the 2nd reel was Wild for 14 spins at x3 multiplier. I got a 5 of a kind win with Bulls (2 Wilds were involved) and after the extra games concluded I won around €105.

Back to my introductory session, I spent with the slot more than an hour and when I left the game I had 45 more Euros on my account. I know it’s not a significant or just worth mentioning amount but I had some good, enjoyable time and this occasion not just it didn’t cost me a cent but I could came out with a very little plus.

Overall, my first comprehensive impression was very good and I loved playing with it and still love doing it and though it’s not a complicated slot and doesn’t offer numerous bonuses, features but I find it very usable for wagering purposes too and I’m sure I will have some meeting with this slot in the future.
Ruthanne. Reviewed on 27.09.18
A mythical game from NetEnt, reminding me of other mythical games like Fairy Magic, Thor, Thunderstruck and what-have-you, although Secret of the Stones have no magical or special features like some of the other games. Where special effects are concerned, there aren’t any either – this is a straight forward game of the norm, with a slight twist to the free spins feature game. Graphics and sound wise, nothing outstanding, nothing new, but pleasant and nice. 1 star down.

The highest paying symbol, the deer, pays 1250x line bet for 5-of-a-kind. Not too bad, although not high enough for my liking. The scatter and Wild symbols carry no win value at all, which is also not to my liking because a lot of wins amount have been lost just by omitting win value to these 2 symbols! Wish they do carry at least some value. 2 stars down.

However, I love the Scatter and the Wild symbols. They are over-sized for easy and quick recognition, and beautifully presented too, just like ancient tablet hieroglyphs given a touch of Picasso’s colours. The other symbols are all well done too, except for the grey snake. Why was that? A little bit of colour to it would have certainly made it looked better. Still, 1 star up.

The free spins feature has a nice twist to it, which I like. 10 free spins are already in your hand, and you get 3, 4 or 5 picks to add more flavour into the spins, from more free spins, to additional win multipliers, and best of all, to expanded wild on reel 2 and/or reel 4. Super! I managed to get only 1 expanded wild on reel 2 in one of the free spins game, and it paid me a little over 100x my total bet! Just imagine if I had gotten 2 expanded wilds on both reels 2 and 4. The payout could have been really big, perhaps even up to the maximum of 350,000 coins. On another occasion, I got the expanded wild on reel 4, but the payout was just average. The reel 2 expanded wild gave much more wins. 1 star up.

Playing Secret of the Stones was entertaining, and I was always hoping to get those scatters in for more free spins. Unlike some other games, the free spins here always pay out a reasonable win, if not a good one, and never zero, which is good. But I have yet to win on this game, which is really a pity, otherwise Secret of the Stones would have gotten 10 stars from me! As it is, the good and the bad even out, so 0 star.

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