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The secret occult communities of the Illuminati hid many aspects of their activities. There is even an opinion that the scale of their influence was so great that they could, at some times of their triumph, tacitly manage political processes. For sure though that the Illuminati had impressive treasures, because, as you know, there is no influence without money. The player in the Secret Code slot is proposed to infiltrate the trust of members of the community and take his own benefit out of it.


In front of you is a pretentious five-reel slot with a grand design and cutting-edge graphics. The game action takes place in the Gothic dungeons – the places of secret meetings of the Illuminati. There is a cold stone atmosphere of semi-darkness.

Classic buttons for NetEnt products are decorated with a stylized finish according to the specified theme. The table of payments, by the type of background, imitates an old book with secret writings of the community. Among the symbols of the game you can find both quite expected rings with seals, amulets with ornaments of ancient nationalities, images of hourglasses, which seem to remind us of the fleetingness of time, books – an integral attribute of wisdom, as well as a key in the well, gold coins and the members themselves. The animation of the symbols is laconic and fast, and that means that the effect of not overloading the overall picture is achieved, as well as the acceptable dynamism of what is happening on the screen.


In addition to the classic buttons for betting and customizing game features, the Control Panel provides an option “View function”, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the features of the bonus game. This very convenient solution will help the user to er navigate the process better.


To start the game, you must select the number of lines from 1 to 20, make a bet, after which you can rotate the reels. Collect the winning combinations, by collecting symbols and bringing yourself closer to the moment when the secret code becomes available.

Free spins await you, if signs of fate point to this, showing you 3 or more gold coins. The bonus game is associated with the old key, which is present on the bonus symbol, which launches it. It  opens the chests, which are kept by the masked men. Choose the right chests, where people hide behind the mask, not monsters.


The Secret Code slot machine is a unique, colorful and thought-out slot with a full-fledged non-trivial storyline. You have to learn a lot of secrets, open a lot of curtains to find out the information that will make you stronger, wiser, richer and more powerful. Will you deal with this force if you recognize the secret code and know the truth?

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Secret code Reviews by Players

Hortensia Prestridge. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Secret Code is one of those games I've enjoyed playing very much. It was an absolutely pleasure playing this game. This NetEnt slot gave me a lot of playtime en entertainment. First time I chose to play this game was when I had a limited gambling budget available. Sometimes I prefer playing older games, which I haven't played before and that was the case with Secret Code. The minimum bet size on this game is only €0.20, but my budget of €40 allowed me to play a bit higher. So I chose to play €0.40 bets and it always amazes me how long sessions can take once you play small lol.Sure you're sacrificing the payout on a big win when playing low-sized bets, but sometimes when a budget is small then that's the right choice. Anyway Secret Code has 20 paylines, 5 reels and lots of features to reward you royally. According to NetEnt this game is based on the mysterious surrounding the illuminati. I must say the symbols match those mysteries perfectly. On reels 2, 3 and 4 there are wild symbols which expand and take over the whole reel when they appear.Although I don't think I saw 3 of them appear at the same time during my sessions, I did have a lot of 2 wilds appearing to complete my five of a kinds. Albeit lower paying symbols most of the time. I would rate Secret Code as a low to medium variance type of slot, since it spits out a win very often and 20x, 30x bet size is quite regular as well.Perfect option for bonus grinding in my opinion. The fun parts about this game is not only the expanding wilds, but also the Bonus feature (activates when hitting bonus symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5) and the free spins feature (3 or more scatters needed).The bonus game takes you to some evil looking ghostly monks. While receiving a couple of keys, you have to open their boxes. Each box reveals a price, before advancing to the next stage. There you only get one key, and also the option to risk your win and win more, risk only half or stop.I don't think I ever won more than 5x to 10x my bet size in this bonus game. However, it's a fun additional feature. I also had the free spins feature multiple times. When you get three scatters, you pick one which awards a random number of free spins and a set multiplier. I had 12 free spins and an 1x multiplier most of the time.When another 2 scatters show up during free spins, you get additional multipliers. Almost each one of the free spins sessions it had paid like 60x bet size on average. I just couldn't go broke on this game, therefore it's so nice to play. I'm probably a little bit in profit with this game, and that's rare.Final rating for Secret Code is 8.5/10.
Errol Eisenbarth. Reviewed on 26.09.18
I like how Secret Code can bring me back to the dark and mysterious Middle Ages using simple but beautiful graphics, images (it’s especially true for the bonus game). Seal rings, relics, monk, sand-clock are among the symbols we can play here and they’re great in their simplicity.

The 20-payline slot offers all the 3 features (and more extras) that I seek for a gambling game. Wilds appear on the middle three reels and spread its functionality for all 3 spots of that reel. Scatters trigger the free spin feature and also determine the number of spins and multiplier and I think this has one of the best possible multiplier numbers in the business even though we haven’t been introduced to each other but the possibility of wins with x20! multiplier is quite something. Just think of a win during free games with x20, on the maximum 5 coin level and the best paying 5 of a kind (x4000), which would be a spin worth huge 400.000 coins. Free games can’t be re-triggered but the appearing Scatters at this stage increase the multiplier value, but I suppose not too many of them pop up at a session at x20. In the Bonus we have to match keys with proper statues and if the right key finds its statue we can see an angel face behind the falling mask. I like this mini game’s angel-demon theme but love more the opportunity to increase my winnings as the wins can be doubled by gambling feature where we have the same task except this time there’s only one key there to use.

I always play Secret Code with max. coin number at €1 or €2 total bets. The bonus usually gives back around €20-€40 so I very often go on and try my luck at gambling feature. Once while was playing with €1 and rewarded just €21 I had 3 successful gamble rounds with each time doubling the numbers and because I didn’t dare to make a 4th selection and stopped at 3 and won total €168. It was enough money to my budget to not see it evaporating followed by my pitying glance. The usual free spins for me at that stake are 15-20 spins at x3-x5 multiplier (these are far away from the x20 but maybe one time…) and my biggest win didn’t exceed the €100 limit but it rarely comes out, at least comparing to the bonus games.

Maybe it just doesn’t favor me but the already mentioned win with bonus was my best run here, so I hardly can speak in superlatives about most of my sessions I spent with Secret Code. In the end, it’s a decent slot game with many positives, and has the ability to entertain players with proper graphics and good bonus rounds.
Glendora. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Secret Code is another video slot machine from NetEnt software provider. This one has 20 pay lines. The theme in this game is good, about secret code. I played it a few times, but I had no any big winnings at it.

The base game is interesting. I had some decent winnings because of expanding wild symbols. I like that when wild symbols are on the reels, they expand to entire reel and raise your winnings. Maybe the only thing that bothered me was that wild symbols can expand only on 2, 3 and 4 reels.

The bonus game starts when you get 3 bonus symbols. This symbols appears on reels 3, 4 and 5. Later there are keys and you have to match them with box chest. I never win anything special at this game, most of the time winnings were around x 20 bet or even less. At the end of this bonus you can double your winnings and later you have to match one more key with box. I tried also this one because I like that you can double your winnings with one click. But I lost it, I did not match box and key right.

There is also free spins feature. When you get three scatters, you have to select one of those symbol to reveal the number and multiplier of free spins. I had almost always 10 free spins at x1 multiplier. I think this is not good, and my winnings were around x 10 bet every time when I had x1 multiplier.

Otherwise this is a decent game. But I do not like it very much. The reason is because I have no luck on it. Maybe it could provide some good winnings, the graphics are good. Maybe the sounds and music could be better. I do not know if I will play it more in future. I will rate it with 6 stars, I do not like it very much.
I could not write anything bad about game with 10 stars from me this is right?

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