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Pond, marvellous ducks, modern engine and animation…what else does a good slot machine need? Well, if it sounds interesting to you, then hop aboard because Net Entertainment have prepared a really unusual story of a duck parents bringing up two scruffy duckling kids at the pond. Obviously enough that this storyline shines with a bit of humorous moments, so gaming personalities all have a hilarious outing – papa duck seems to get over busy on his phone, mama duck has prepared a present for someone, and kids, they are just articulate fellas messing around listening to groovy music and licking sweet lollipops. And the narrative about this funny company is called Scruffy Duck which is probably some kind of a dereference to the messy duck teens brightening up the routine around the family pond. Overall, there is one thing for sure: you are definitely going to enjoy reckless atmosphere dwelling on the screen.

The design of Scruffy Duck slot machine revolves around watery images of the home-pond serving as the background for the game. You will encounter reels to be ‘adjoining’ to the water, so that it seems like they are located right in the middle of the center of attention. The whole scenery, in the most part, much resembles a cartoon film which has an impressive set of graphics for a video-slot. So, gambling action becomes completely animated in the very best way combining a plenty of colourful details together as NetEnt greatly elaborated every moving thing to establish a special mood for the machine. You just face it: Scruffy Duck would impress even experienced casino players with something extraordinary because there has been created such an amazing setting powerful both in theme and outlook.

Outside, Scruffy Duck slot presents a typical layout constructed upon a five-drum, three-row, twenty-five-line terrain where, unfortunately, paylines cannot be customised, but it should already be habitually for 2014+ machines from NetEnt. The great aspect about the line-up is that you can enjoy brilliantly worked out symbol cards each depicting a duck member of the family flock and totally amazing additional installments in the gameplay like a whole crowd of Wildcards with different resulting functions, lots of fun Free Spins offering five extra features and a couple of exclusive replacers, but mostly Scruffy Duck is about having a good slotting session in a completely enjoyment ambience that feels like home. Since the machine provides a large experience on specific extra features, there’s certainly something to discuss.

Interesting features

Attractive scenery is, of course, a great topic to talk over in the first row. In fact, the interesting element of Scruffy Duck slots game is an ability to cover cinematic realism within the frames of a Flash-based platform operating in browsers. No wonder why so many gamblers actually feel in the flashlight of an ongoing animated cartoon film because it’s evident how much NetEnt effort placed to draw out specific gameplay elements. Over than that, the game is ready to surprise even after the first acquaintance with gaming arrangement and appearance, so prepare yourself to meet incredibly interesting features devised to cover not only bonus-game rounds but regular-base spins as well. Here gamblers are served with top-notch Free Game regime where you can choose in a pick-and-click option your rewarding in terms of the numbers and additional feature spread across the whole set of rounds. Apart from this, base game is also extended with Expanding Wildcards. But let’s keep it slow-burn and reveal the cards in an intriguing order.

To start with, regular spin rounds could be graced with two beneficial features each having its own potential – these are Expanding Wilds and Scatter symbols to activate some handsome spinning action for free. In case you are a regular customer at casinos, Wild substitution shouldn’t bring up any questions in your mind. If you are not, then the basic concept is written in a way a certain symbol’s ability to replace for other adjacent icons on any payline. Usually, Wild is a single picture, but Expanders can roll over to cover the whole reel they are on. Yet, Scruffy Duck unwraps the icon only if it lands on a bet win line with other matchings. Besides, Expanding Wilds are guest stars during Free Spin rounds. As for Scatters, these are standalone images triggering bonus game to start – collect three of them and get access to the fun free play.

The journey across Scruffy Duck doesn’t end with one little Expander as we are getting closer to Free Spin features where you can unleash your inner high-roller. First of all, Free Games have three handsome substituters to offer – Random Wildcard which is a conventional single-stand replacer, Colossal Wildcard eating gaming space in a savage manner (clear from the title) and well-known now Expanding Wildcards to make a full circle in additional Wild features. Each has some range of useful functions aimed for players to benefit, but replacers appear randomly, so no one knows for sure what piece of a cake will arrive to the gambling party. Moreover, Free Game and Bonus Game both include Stacked duck symbols meaning mid-win icons appear in a random set of two or three adjacent vertically.

Finally, we make it to Free Spin preset modes arranged in a mini-game with scratch-style behaviour. Initially, Scruffy Duck must show you a package of Scatter icons on the reels so that the action could start. Right after that you are not straightly directed to playing your concrete number of free spins, but a new window opens where you need to pick your rewarding – the number of spins and additional feature applied every free round. Basically, you might take great advantage of five diverse advancing elements which are a couple of sticking Wilds, doubling, multipliers and removal, so the company gathered under the roof of bonusing looks quite promising in terms of payouts. Note that this range of features are unavailable for base game, but you always have a bunch of Expanders to sweeten the pill.

Bonus rounds

Scruffy Duck slots have a lot of action when it suddenly comes to bonusing. By and large, these rounds can be specifically activated by landing three Scatter symbols anywhere in the middle of reels – 2, 3 and 4 works perfectly fine for an occasion – and shortly after gamblers will be offered to take part in a small giveaway where they need to randomly choose two different parameters: the number of Free Spins and an additional feature-expander serving as a constant element during the whole set of bonus games. What is amazing about animation is that the Ugly Duckling depicting on Scatters is going to turn into a magnificent white swan which is surely one more Easter Egg to the point of the original tale. The giveaway places five ‘peak-down’ duck characters who could provide the following:

  • 6 Spins and Double Feature
  • 8 Spins and Random Wildcard
  • 10 Spins and Colossal Wildcard
  • 12 Spins and Low-Win Symbol Removal
  • 15 Spins and x3 Multiplier Feature

Basically, three Scatters will transfer gamblers to a new screen where five ugly ducklings swim in the pond upside down, so that no information about their rewarding would pop up beforehand. If you ever happen to explore specialty sections at casinos, then the following ‘raffle’ concept should be quite familiar to you – these ducks are actually some kinds of analogues for scratch cards only their values are drawn in the free-spin number and extra gameplay elements.  As far as you can see, there are at least two unusual features offered to be engaged in the free rounds. Thus, let’s have a brief recap of what these additionals can actually do when they are connected to free spins.


These lovely big-sized duck images are able to make some magic and dissipate into 2 to 9 standalone Wilds. Overall, they appear on 2, 3, 4 reels and occupy 2×2 or 3×3 clusters, but may land partially.


Removal simply removes all low-win icons from the free rounds (i.e. Aces, Kings, Jacks and Tens), so that only four main duck are involved.


Totally plain in implementation because Multiplier will just add x3 value to all your winning combinations.


These are classic Wilds appearing in the form of a single symbol to randomly land on the reels. The don’t expand or overlay anything.


The most profitable advancer to Free Games as it randomly chooses two different features from the four ones previously listed and applies them at the same time.

In addition to all that, players could also benefit from Expanding Wildcards which remain in charge during bonus rounds, though, there are some definite overlay rules applied to them as two other Wilds are also included. Firstly, Expanders lands on the 1st and 5th reels only and during Free Game they cannot replace or alter the functions of other Wilds. So, when the Random Wildcard lands on the same reel with the Expander the latter will overlay the whole reel in any case. Also, Expanders can’t appear when there’s already a Colossal Wildcard somewhere on the reels.

Rules and features

Scruffy Duck slot is a game with intuitively clear interface placing gamblers in a standard 5×3 gaming grid offering to bet at 25 fixed paylines. There are two different system parameters which contribute to the amount of funds you are going to place per round – coin value aka denomination and bet level which is also serves as a multiplication digit for the paytable payouts. In other words, when you select a particular level of betting (from 1 to 10) this number is used to total win combination prize. For instance, three Papa Ducks will fetch you 20 by default, but, say, level 2 is to multiply this 20 by 2 and so on. Speaking of bets, Scruffy Duck provides a moderate course of investments with 0.25 minimum and 250 maximally wagered on the 25 payline set. Volatility is claimed to hold a medium value, so it’s pretty apparent why stakes like 250 are allowed for rounds.

Rules are based upon old-time classics: you bet, you win, you lose. Additionally, Scruffy Duck incorporates two major features stretching through the gameplay. Regarding that there are just two categories of symbols – low-win and mid-win – totalling 8 icons on the whole, it’s a sheer relief to recoup losses during diversified in elements Free Spins. What’s more, almighty Wildcards have a great power behind to create enlarged combinations where base game will always offer to wild the entire reel. The maximum sum on stake is x1200 to your bet, so doing some math and including 250 highest wager, the resulting total gets a very satisfying form. And don’t forget to take a look at paytable values on bet level 1 to receive a complete picture.

SYMBOL 3 4 5
Jack 3 20 40
Queen 4 25 50
King 5 30 60
Ace 5 35 70
Daughter Duck 10 40 150
Son Duck 10 50 200
Mama Duck 10 60 250
Papa Duck 20 100 400


Scruffy Duck by NetEnt is a refreshing story made in a modernistic fit with a few leitmotives borrowed from Andersen’s classic fairytale. The new interpretation also takes place at the pond, but it seems like a good load of harmony reigns within the duck family despite their being scruffy and a little too festive. NetEnt brought an astounding setup for Free Spins rounds where everyone could find a fair share of interesting features, so that all lines of rounds appear in a brand fashion. It goes without saying that missing Scruffy Duck slot in a gaming library would be a wasted opportunity to encounter another high-quality machine with excellent backing, that’s why you should put off all important plans and enjoy a most hilarious company of cute ducks right now. Besides, real money adventures can hardly be boring or tedious.

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