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Janiece Janas. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: Scrooge it is microgaming video slot, and it is themed with some movie or something like this, i am not sure where i read it, but i am myself for example did not know who is scrooge. This game has 50 paylines, and therefore minimal bet here is quite high, and this is not very good, because not everyone can play at such big bet size, and even i am sometimes did not play games with such high min bet, since you need at least 50$ to start playing this video slot, and i am not always have such balance.

I can say that at least i am happy that here is presented wilds on all reels, and they have payout itself. also way to trigger feature is interesting here, you get 10 December calendar at begin, every time when special symbol lands you get +1 day, and free spins start only when you get 25 December. Also number of free spins depending on number of free spins you collect, every time special symbol lands, you get + 1 future free spin. All free spins will be played with x 2 multiplier. Here is also possible to trigger bonus game, but it is typical and nothing interesting about what i would like to inform you. I played this game only at 32red and i can say that this game not so bad, and even with that high bet i am almost never left this slot with less money that i start. Game is interesting, and it is interesting to collect number of free spins and reach Christmas day to play feature.

Medium variance game from microgaming with high minimal bet, game looks good, i like free spins feature, and i did not like bonus game. So typical for me. I most likely will not play this game again, because i am not happy with it for 100%, and i am prefer high variance slots, which take all or give all.
Cons: Scrooge game is powered by microgaming. I hate this game, honestly for me personally this game is the devil. I have wasted over €150 on this game just to get the free spins and was very disappointing when i only won €30. This game actually has a perfect name, it is the most greediest game out there in my view.

First i would like to say that this game is very expensive. With 50 lines the minimum bet is €0.50, because you need to get to 25th December it could hit your pocket very bad. You can definitely get tonnes of spins in this game before you get the feature and i did get around 36 with all wins doubled, but they pay tiny. in fact after spending over €150 you cant help but think that you are going to win big. There is another feature and that one is even worst. You have to get three knocks on the first three reels and max i ever won was no bigger than €5. For me personally this game is a complete disaster with really bad pays and features. I would not recommend this game to my enemy and in fact would ask you to stay away from it.

The graphics are not bad and the sound effects are pretty cool but that is the only thing that is good in this game. i don't see the potential in this game and actually think that this game is there to take money of players. So stay away and be smart my friends, there are better games. If i was to rate this game i would give it 2 out of 10.
Anika. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: Naturally, the game got its name after the old, grouchy leading character of A Christmas Carol by Dickens. I always liked this book and in my opinion, the creators were able to catch the atmosphere of the story and interpreted it in funny way helping out with great, fitting graphics. Among the characters we can find some familiar participants like Scrooge himself of course, the ghosts of past-present-future, bag of money, little boy etc. I really have nothing to complain of as regards its visual appearance, and don’t think any changes would give more to the theme so it is good as it is.

Scrooge slot has 50-line to play on and I like its uncommon features like the free spins. At every single wins the player must choose a symbol from the winning ones that reveal its attribute (in auto mode it randomly selected). This game it’s not a cash prize or multiplier number but it can be 1 free spin that added to the free spins counter or 1 day that added to calendar. If the number of calendar reaches 25 of December the extra game is activated and consists of that many spins as the counter shows. Though this type of rule doesn’t make it possible to get another free spins again shortly but usually it’s worth to wait for it because the accumulated number of spins are around 20-30 and with the ability to double all the wins during this session (or quadruple if a Wild is involved) the total winning of this extra can give a push to the balance. After the bonus ends the counters reset to 1 day and 3 spins and the next hunt for the extra can start again.

The other bonus is attached to the Scatter if 3 or more of them appear on the screen. We have to choose dishes for 5 guests and the Xmas Dinner bonus randomly select from them and the prize (x6-x20 of triggering bet) is awarded. This is less interesting bonus but it has the potential to give out max. 10.000 coins but the real Jackpot of the game (120.000 coins) can be won with a 5 of a kind win with Wilds during free spins while playing with maximum bet. The Wild also doubles all the wins that achieved with its help.

I find exciting this free spin triggering method and the success of this slot is mainly depends on this feature and the appearing Wilds on this session. When I play this game I do it with €1.50 stake and usually got back around €50-€70 but it happened once when I had 42 spins in total and at the end the awarded prize was around €140.

Generally, it’s a quite good game and I like it and I’m sure it can give everyone (except those who’s a real action slot type fan) something to be loved and presents funny, interesting moments. If someone has already played with it, know what I’m talking about here and if someone hasn’t tried it yet, I just encourage her/him to take a look at Scrooge.
Syble. Reviewed on 28.09.18
If you love Christmas themed slots, then Scrooge will definitely fulfill you with pleasure this year. It's a probably the best Christmas slot available in the Microgaming range. Anyone who knows the "A Christmas Carol" story from Charles Dickens or for the newer generations the movie, then you understand what this slot is based on right away.Scrooge is one of the Microgaming slots that doesn't follow the usual trends, since the way to accumulate free spins is different from any other slots. Nor do you know how many free spins you will get, because it can be different every time you trigger them. This holiday slot has 50 paylines, and therefore the minimum bet is €0.50. That's the bet I used to play this game, because it can take a while before the slot triggers the free spins.I would definitely advise you to have a big bankroll to be able to cash in on the free spins. Scrooge also contains wilds on every reel which doubles up your wins, and in addition to the free spins bonus it also has another second level bonus called the "Xmas Dinner Bonus", which gets trigger by collecting 3 golden door knockers symbols. Let me first explain how you can get the free spins. On the left top corner of this slot, the December days are displayed. The game starts with 1 December, and your goal is to reach 25 December. Basically it's a countdown and therefore it can take a while before achieving this, hence me advising you to have a decent bankroll.On the right top-corner the number of free spins is displayed. This one starts with 3 I believe and moves up gradually. Every time you have a winning combination during the base game, either the December days increase by 1 or the free spins increase by 1. There seems to be no limit on the number of free spins you can accumulate.But if you do the math you will probably need at least 50 successful spins to trigger the free spins, if the allocation was 50/50. It one time took me 90 minutes of play to trigger 43 free spins. During base game I won a lot of small wins to keep my bankroll alive though.In free spins all my efforts paid off since I won more than 220x bet size, without even having a 5oak once. Smaller wins add up as well with a 2x multiplier! Then there also is the bonus game, where you have to select 5 different meals and place them on plates of the characters. The one who eats his meal the quickest wins.The smallest win you can achieve with the bonus game is 6x bet size, while the biggest win is 20x bet size. I really love this game, but since it requires an investment to be able to win decent sums on it I only end up playing it when I have huge bankroll.My final rating for Scrooge is 8.5/10.

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