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Eula. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Who doesn’t know the story of the princess that kissed an ugly frog to turn it into a handsome prince? Like the “Red Cap”, “The Frog Prince” was written by Grimm Brothers and also just like the first story it went much into the popular folklore because of its beauty and its morale. I played the slot with the same subject (“Royal Frog”) from its AskGamblers page as a part of QuickSpin casinos (a bit too many new casinos, these last days).

Although lately I have become more generous with my money, this is a slot where I would hardly dare to play for real. The first thing that is evident when you start playing is that for the 5 reels x 4 lines, there are only 40 paylines, too few in my opinion (and because of this the minimum bet is too big). Then although here one can also win, thanks to the big bet there are
moments when the losses summed together exceed 50 Euro (again, playing for the minimum bet!). To explain this I have to say that the bet shows a peculiarity: for 40 cents/spin there is just one Wild symbol (Princess) present, while for 4x40 cents (1.60 Euro) all the 4 frogs are transformed into Wilds (and 2 of them bring along also a multiplier). I tried to play in every possible way, with one Wild then with 2, 3 or all 4 Wilds enabled and except the moments when I entered the Free Spins, I constantly lost money.

For example having 4 Wilds (for a bet of 1.6 Euro) the average payout of 50 cents - 3 Euro is totally unsatisfactory. The only times when you really win something, is when you play the Free Spins. This happens because after each spin there are added to each reel other Wilds and multipliers (I had even 32 extra Wilds added). Now you will win more, but if you are unlucky to enter fast enough into Free Spins, you will finish the game money in just a few dozens of spins.
And one last thing that bothered me: this is the only slot where I had to play using the Fast spin and Auto Spin modes enabled. Otherwise, the slot “crawls” (it is not the computer's fault – I have a very good computer now- but is the game itself playing slow).

Yet the story and how this is being told is beautiful, and occasionally you are getting out of the woods with the money because of a bigger win. Therefore the slot can also be good, with all the negative comments above.

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