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riviera riches Reviews by Players

Venita Vantrease. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Riviera Riches is a nice game from Microgaming software provider that I like to play from time to time. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines and I like to play it when my balance is low, because the minimum bet is 0.15€ and this game has both free spins and bonus round and many times it has helped me to get back on my feet from low to decent balance. Winnings around 20x bet can be seen very often and I also like that you get paid your bet size for 2 scatters. Like most slots, it also has wild symbol, that substitutes for all, except scatter symbols and doubles winnings.

The theme of this game is "living the high life" or gambling, rich people and wealth. Design wise they've done a decent job, but it isn't my favorite look from Microgaming. This game has 2 bonus rounds- one is roulette bonus and other is free spins. Roulette bonus triggers win bonus symbols land on 1st and 5th reel. When I first got the roulette bonus, I was really surprised because I hadn't seen something like that before. In this bonus you have 2 roulette spins and you can place your bet on one of the numbers. When I play with minimum bets, I usually win around 25x bet size, since I never pick the right number.

The other bonus is free spins round. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters land anywhere on screen. It gives 12 free spins with 3x multiplier, which is quite standard amount for free spins. But what is great is that the roulette bonus can be triggered during free spins and the spins can be retriggered. I have experienced, triggering roulette bonus in free spins, but overall I have never experienced 100x bet winnings on this slot.

Overall I think this is a decent game and I do recommend to try it. I will keep playing it with low balance, because I never lose much with it. But at the same time, I wouldn't expect high winnings, as I haven't seen winnings from other players on this game, as well as I haven't experienced big winnings myself, it's just a good game to play to keep your balance steady.
Nothing special to list here, just very regular slot game - you could play a lot of games like this.
Larraine. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Riviera Riches is my favourite video slot too. I guess me and the forum witch do have something in common after all ;) . For a 15 paylines video slot, small letter/number symbols actually pay better than those on other video slots. That small increase goes a long way when playing for a long time on Riviera Riches. It makes a better impression when the Wild puts 2x on my combinations!!! But what I like which feels like on even scales would be both the Roulette Bonus and the Free spins features! I like them both! They all contributed very well when my wagering was still being shaved off before making a cashing out.

The Roulette bonus is just like a game of Roulette, it's triggered using the roulette bonus symbol under the two reels for 1 and 5. Two picks on the table can be made and depending on where they land it'll give me a chance to gain multipliers for my triggering bet! It's a fair gainer of a bonus! $0.45 or $0.60 is well enough to provide what I'm looking on Riviera Riches but the thing I love to trigger on here is the free spins. All I need are 3 scattered Euros for 12 Free spins at 3x! On $0.60 I received about $23 and when I feel lucky then I go for $1.20 to trigger this feature again for a much larger outcome!

The graphics are great, the symbols including the letters/numbers pay very well. Little words can be said about the Roulette bonus and having 12 Free spins at 3x are appreciative in my plays. Riviera Riches is such a great game that it neared taking away my entire bonus when I played this game for two hours! It's a very refreshing, nicely paying video slot that causes different emotions as well as award cash grabbing features.
Just one detail on Riviera Riches. I hate making a choice on the Roulette table to receive small amounts of multipliers for my bets when my chosen number/colour becomes the complete opposite! My red is actually the winning black & vice-versa!
Tenesha Loder. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Riviera Riches is a video slot with 15 paylines and 5 reels coming from Microgaming. The first impression for this game is that it shines with glamour which can be found in some casino on the Cote D'azur. This coast is the most famous French and European Riviera. A lot of towns like Nice. Monte Carlo or Monaco, that are a synonym for the Europe Glamour, are situated here. Of course here you can find some of the most famous casinos in Europe.

The symbols in this game clearly state that. Here you will find symbols like cognac and a cigar, an elegantly dressed man and a woman, and casino chips and money everywhere. In the background you can hear music which just relaxes you and is pleasant to listen to. Microgaming offers a big number of slots and it takes a lot of time to try them all out.

I found this game about two years after I started playing in Microgaming casinos. I remember that on my mail I got a special offer from Go Wild casino, 50% on my deposit for 50 euros minimum and 50 free spins on Riviera Riches slot game. It was a tempting offer I just couldn't resist and that was my first encounter with this game. On the very beginning I didn't expect much from the free spins. 50 free spins on a game that has only 15 paylines, you can’t expect to have some big cash out. But it just so happened that I cashed in 50 euros from these free spins. It was a really great feeling. After the 50 free spins were over I continued to play this game. I increased the bet to 0.60 first and to 0.90 later per spin. I had some big wins here again and since than Riviera Riches has become one of my favorite Microgaming slots.

Overall in my opinion this is one of the best 15 payline slot games which you can find in some Microgaming casino.
Tova. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I had a nice and interesting experience playing this slot for the first time! I received 50 free spins to play at 5 different slots from Microgaming, 10 free spins each one and one of this slots was Riviera Riches!

Because I didn’t knew anything about this slot, I played first the free spins to the 4 slots and I left Riviera Riches at the end! I won about 8 euro from the 40 free spins and I opened Riviera Riches to play the 10 free spins! I saw that it has good graphics, I can't say very good, but acceptable and also an interesting story, about money fortune and luxury things like cars and expensive drinks!

This slot has 5 reels, 15 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.15 euro but I think that is better to play with 0.30 euro bet! When I started the 10 free spins, I was impressed because from the first 7 spins I didn’t won anything but the 8th spin I managed to catch the 3 scatters and I was awarded with 12 free spins with 3x multiplier! Nothing special so far but in the free spins, I managed to catch on the 1st and 5th reel the bonus symbols that gave me the chance to win some extra money from the bonus feature!

Overall, I won 22 euro both from free spins and bonus feature, not much money but it counted! I was happy because I wasn’t expected to trigger the free spins feature or the bonus game from the 10 free spins!

Overall it was a nice experience to play this slot, I like both the free spins and bonus game features but also the wild symbol, the theme and also the graphics! I will give an 8 for the graphics because it should be better, 9 for the great features and 8 for the payout rate because the free spins and bonus game are very hard to catch!

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