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rhyming reels jack & jill

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rhyming reels jack & jill Reviews by Players

Detra Doolan. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Here we have representative from microgaming series of slots with name rhyming reels, and it is jack and jill. This game was created by microgaming, and i think it was released somewhere in 2013 year, or probably 2012, i am sorry my remembering ability is not awesome.

This game has 20 paylines, and i am glad to say that this one probably best game in this series. Payouts are a bit low of course, but to be honest it is well compensated here. Also take not that if you hit 5 wilds - they have no payout itself. Also 5 scatters here pay only 50 x total bet, and i did not like when slots work this way, without awarding big for scatters and wilds. But wilds here is very important, and probably most important thing, because every wild which substitute on payline add to win x 2 multiplier, so if you get 4 wilds on payline your win multiplier will be great - x8. Also 3+ scatters trigger 15 free spins with x 4 multiplier, so we can have x32 multiplier during free spins, if everything will goes how we want. I play this game only at 32 red casino,couple of times, and i like it because every time i start playing it i have nice wins and leave it with more money that i open it. Also once i have here x 200 total bet win after feature, so i can't say that this game not possible to award great wins, it really can, but chances not so good like always.

Medium variance game from microgaming, with low payouts but multiplier of wilds and multiplier for wilds is well compensate this. I am pretty sure i will play this game again, because i like it and because i had really great experience with this slot. Also slot looking good, animations and sounds here also perfect, so why not to try this one?
Although before having 15 Free spins at 4x, the scattered pails were being arrogant by giving me what appears to be 2 scatters most of the time. It's always the same story about video slots about triggering features! I just had to play my persistence in order to hit these free spins. Unfortunately, Jack and Jill did tumble right after and lost their valuable bonus that a nice ground hog took without delay (There is nothing for bonus rounds)!
Drusilla. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Rhyming Reels Jack & Jill is a slot that has been produced by Microgaming. It basically belongs to the same series of slots as Georgie Porgie, Lady in Red and countless others of which I can't think of right now, but they should be visible in the huge Microgaming gaming collection. I've had my fair share of playtime on this slot, and I'm not even sure why I chose to play it.

The theme of Rhyming Reels Jack & Jill is based on a couple in love (Jack and Jill) who are out for a picnic apparently judging from images which are used as symbols. Rhyming Reels Jack & Jill offers 20 paylines and 5 reels. In addition it also has wilds with a 2x multiplier for each one and scatters. The water bucket symbol is the scatter, and for some reason it was a hell of a task to even have 3 scatters landing on my reels.

The minimum bet on this game is €0.20 but I've experienced this Jack & Jill mostly on €1 bets. Some online casinos that are powered by Microgaming don't even have this game I noticed. 32Red does though and that's the only place where I experienced this game.

I'd say this slot is medium to high variance since it's not easy to win big on this game. The best combinations are made from wilds as most slots. But each wild on Rhyming Reels Jack & Jill adds a 2x multiplier. Also good to know is that the Jack & Jill symbols are interchangeable and give you a prize as well if they match on a payline.

I've managed to have some decent wins on this game, even though it took me many spins to trigger a feature. Nothing more annoying than countless waiting and waiting. Once you manage to have 3, 4 or 5 scatters you get 15 free spins with a 4x multiplier.

I once won like 300x betsize on this game and that was my absolute highlight. The theme and all the happy melodies don't really appeal to me, but heck when I'm bored sometimes I just play any slot lol.
Tayna. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Rhyming Reels - Jack and Jill reminds me of the nursery rhyme I grew up with that speaks of the words "Jill came tumbling after". But here on this very uniquely different 20 paylines video slot, the thought of what I once knew wasn't entirely accurate with the pail of water, hill and tumbling thing! Ironically inside Jack and Jill, there is a pail of water which acts as the scatters for this game. 3 of them provides 15 Free spins at 4x!!!

The normal game along with some of the combinations I had produced a medium sized win. My $0.80 bets have tasted $2 - $4 wins and over. Such a love slot this is.....Jack and Jill, that the music does describe love in a way that Microgaming made this look so dam* wholesome with the symbols, the character symbols and most importantly, the music.

When I played this on 32red casino, the music doesn't fade during the process of a spin where other slots background music does only except for when I land 2 scattered pails of water then that's acceptable as that's a moment to grab the spotlight for higher payouts! Once I had triggered the 15 Free spins at 4x my highest win has been 5 mixed combinations of Jack and Jill that gave me $112 for my $0.80 triggering bet. It was kind of awful that it wasn't the natural Jack or Jill symbols. I had on an upside down "V" payline in order Jack, Jack, Jill, Jill and Jack but with a win like this I wasn't walking away from this video slot anytime soon. I later cranked up my bets for $1.20!!
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