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rhyming reels georgie porgie

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rhyming reels georgie porgie Reviews by Players

Abraham Bartos. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Rhyming reels georgie porgie is microgaming game, which was released back in 2013, and i think this is great game. Apart from other games in this series, this one can pay big, and also much more interesting for me, this was really pleasure to see such nice release from microgaming, like i was happy when netent released wild rockets, also amazing game. This game had 15 lines, and it is pretty similar to another microgaming game, which is also legendary game - break da bank again. In this game wilds has unique and most important role - because every win with wild will be multiplier for a great x 5 multiplier.

Free spins also has x 5 multiplier, and if you like to count max win, just multiply best symbol in paytable by 25 ( which comes from usual x 5 wild multiplier, and x 5 in free spins, 5x5 = 25).Graphic and sounds on this game is really nice and impressive, and this is really relax for my eyes to play this game. In short about this game - it is amazing. My biggest profit on this game was on guts casino, when i withdraw 500$ from 55$ deposit which was my last gambling money for month, but at 0.6 bet i get really nice feature, and increase my gaming budget really great. Of course i had bad runs on this game too, every game can be cold, everyone one knows it, but actually this is high variance game with great potential, and it is also very interesting to see the story of this georgie porgie!

Conclusion: My experience with this game - amazing, my impressions from this game - amazing, what i can say about this game - it is amazing. I rate this game with 10 stars, one of the best release from microgaming in 2013. Of course i can not force you to try this game, but i highly recommend to do this!
I don't know why some of the players don't like this slot? It contradicts my winnings to their opinions although my winnings weren't so huge will say that their pay out was still higher meaning to say more chances of winnings! I "always" play this georgie porgie to every Microgaming platform casino that i use. The making of this slot was so intelligent because of the great ideas that they keep to this slot. They said that this slot is made from a simple story the story of a man that was always seek for true love. This slot was attracting and amusing to play i didn't want to say the physical feature of "Georgie" but the slot itself.

When did i play this slot? Well, i play this slot when i didn't yet know the Askgamblers site but actively participating to some casino forums. M My first time playing this slot i saw and my impression to georgie is like a nerd guy that was seeking for a girl who will love her but unfortunately there was a group of bad guys that forbid her to the girl. What was your biggest winnings to this slot? Fortunately i got somewhere $300+ i didn't get any bonus feature but i got georgie symbols of wild that gave this worth of bonus! The free spins rewards and animation was good the bonus was a Fresh Mint symbol that Georgie use when he got the girl he wants. Animation of winning is was good but not as best as the top slots of MG.

What's can you infer to the graphics of Georgie Porgie? Uhm, don't judge the book by it's cover although the face of the Georgie and the animation of winnings is not suitable lol still they're great when it comes to pay out and gaming experience you'll only just need to not pay attention to the face of Georgie. Over all i will rank this slot 7/10!
Rozella. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie has been released by Microgaming like 6-7 months ago. I've had some sessions when I chose to play this game at 32Red. The game itself has a similar format with as other notable Microgaming games, such as Old King Cole, Jack & Jill, Queen of Hearts and Lady in Red.If you've played these games, then you'll know right away what I'm talking about. The number of paylines differs for each game though. I found Georgie Porgie to be one of the high variance games, since I really had a hard time to book some substantial wins. Georgie Porgie has 5-reels and 15-paylines and the theme is based on some nerd type of fella who's looking for some true love. Since this game only contains 15 paylines and you really need 4oak or 5oak to have a good win, I wouldn't recommend this game for long sessions since it can take ages before having that win.The game also contains wilds on every reel which hold a 5x multiplier if they help you make a winning combination. That being said, it can make a huge difference if some wilds dropped since it means your winnings will be multiplied 5x. This makes it possible for you to even win big during base game. However, keep in mind that it's really difficult to have the higher paying symbols to line up for a 4oak or 5oak.The blue fresh mint mouth spray is the scatter symbol with this game. First time I played Georgie Porgie it took me more than 1000 spins on a €1.50 bet to trigger the free spins. The minimum bet is only €0.15 by the way. During free spins there is another 5x multiplier attached to it.So basically this means that any wild can multiply your winnings with 25x during the free spins. You need to have at least 3, 4 or 5 scatters to trigger 15, 20 or 25 free spins. I didn't win more than 10x bet size during my first free spins session.Nothing more disappointing than chasing it all day, and getting left all in shock. Luckily I had another trigger within 5 spins after, but yet another disappointing bonus round with me only winning 20x bet size. I walked away and tried this game a few weeks later.I managed to win more than 200x bet size during the base game and around 100x bet size during the free spins. Georgie Porgie is a great slot though with huge potential, but you really need a bankroll for this game to hit it big. My final rating for Georgie Porgie is a 7.5/10.
Peggy Messing. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Rhyming reels Georgie Porgie it is game made by Microgaming. I do like this game but it is insane sometimes, just killing me without any chances. So I am very careful and trying to not spend much time in this slot. Better give a go to DOA, same chances to lose but payout can be much higher.

I like how this game looks. Sounds and music are good, animations is also very funny. Thumbs up exactly what I think about overall look of this game.

I like payouts. It is insane here. Best 5 of a kind pay 100 bets I got it twice, but with wild it will pay 500 bets, because wild have x 5 multiplier for all winnings. Unfortunately I do not get any best 5 of kinds with wild; otherwise it would be awesome payout.

I like freespins feature in this slot. It is very similar if not same to Break da Bank Again. You get freespins when 3 or more scatters appear on reels. All freespins winnings are multiplied by five, which give a chance to have great payouts. And of course during freespins all winnings with wilds pay x 25. For 5 wilds during freespins there will be 2500 bets payout, I calculated some time ago. And same will go for best 5 of a kind symbol with wild during freespins.

Had two or three feature more than 100 bets. And once I think I had more than 200 bets. Others paid much less. Very dangerous game for balance in case when you did not get it right and make high bets, so I think you need to be careful. But it is 10 stars for this game, nothing bad. But be careful it is really something which is required, min stake is 0.30 it is not as easy as in Break da Bank Again.

Wilds are very important, and therefore you really need it. Wins without wilds are a bit low paying, and generally make you more angry, than happy. During freespins there is even less wilds, and it is another very bad point for this slot. Better play this game with low bets, because I lost some money on it betting high, and it is not good way to play this slot.
Lisandra. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Rhyming Reels - Georgie Porgie is yet another slot belonging to the rhyming reels series such as Rhyming Reels - Hearts and Tarts (Used to be Queen of hearts until later), Rhyming Reels Old King Cole and one that doesn't hurt my balance so much......Rhyming Reels - Jack and Jill. But tell me, how does Jack and Jill fill in to the Rhyming Reels? It doesn't rhyme together as with the other video slots.

Anyways, Rhyming Reels - Georgie Porgie is interesting in graphics but not downright rewarding as this slot appears to be paying as stingy as the Break Da Bank Again except there is one major difference! You got the 9 paylines for BDBA but...for Georgie Porgie, the better chances of 15 paylines can be heard from the winning combinations of this video slot. Even with some breathing space to try to make winnings, I will have trouble hitting the 3 mint sprays for 15 Free spins at 5x multiplier. It was incredibly ridiculous to land these on my $1.05 bet or $0.75 when I tried to trigger them on this bet. In the free spins, when it ffinnaaalllyy hit, it was a nightmare. I would expect to have these free spins deliver a big colossal win total but when my flurry of over 70 spins have been played trying to get this trigger, it displayed it's gratitude with a $13.09 win. I have spent roughly close to an hour before I closed down Georgie Porgie, not a single 5 of a kind combination put me up to a good mood or a large win of $50 or so to give me.

Good display of graphics (Georgie kissing that lady to take off something on her face), worst type of winnings to collect, Wilds paying 5x in main game while 25x under the free spins (showing up barely on very good symbols), same free spins feature you would find on Break Da bank Again and a common gamble feature. All in all Rhyming Reels - Georgie Porgie Stoops down to a low 3.5 out of 10! I will not give it another chance again!

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