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retro reels Reviews by Players

Phillip. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Pros: With a slot name like this we can expect some old-fashioned pictorial solutions and that’s exactly what we get by playing with Retro Reels. Basically this is a memento to the very first gambling machines which used the most traditional symbols like fruits, 7’s and Bars. The design of the game is very simple and we also haven’t got any reason to be enchanted by the quality of the graphics which is just average but decent so as expected there’s no any surprise on the interface of this product and personally I prefer Microgaming’s PowerSpin series slot games in this category but my opinion about the appearance of this slot is no more no less than a massive OK.

The slot chosen not use the real classic 3-reel, 1-payline working system instead it accepts bets on 20-paylines so we can really expect some features that didn’t belong to the then machines. For example we can play here Free Spins feature which has quite surprising good qualities. It’s enough to trigger free spins if just 2 special Scatters appear anywhere on the reels which gives 10 extra games but we can get 15, 20 or 25 free spins too which are played with using x2 win multiplier value. Fortunately these same conditions are valid for recalling the Scatter’s paying ability and we’re awarded 2-100 times of the total bet.

However great the free spin feature is I still feel the lack of using any kind of Wild symbols which is a big mistake in my opinion and I can’t really understand why Microgaming left out this very important function emblem from this slot. maybe they wanted to place for a unique Re-spin feature. At this game the player have a chance to spin separately the chosen reels giving a chance for some bigger wins by completing with newcomer symbols the already spun winning combinations. After every spin for a specific additional bets we can spin any reel as many times as we want to. Of course the prize for a re-spin is always changing depending on the potential winning combinations.

It’s always good to have any freedom and option to influence the play but personally I don’t really like this feature and very rare times I use it. I’m just skeptical about it and don’t believe with re-spins will bring the desired symbol to the right position but I’m just prejudiced with it, I know it.

To summarize my thoughts about this slot I think it’s an overall rock solid product with not too much features but what the game offers are quality features and fortunately the slot has the potential to reward big prizes especially in free spin segments. This is where I could collect my most memorable winnings here when once while was playing with my usual $1.2 and triggered free spins by the help of 4 Scatter and during the 20 free games I could witness at 2 separate spins as 4 Dollar signs arrived to the reels (by the way 5 such symbols on an active payline means the Jackpot of base game is won and great 10.000 coins are credited) and at the end of the spins my final won amount was barely more than $320 (including the $48 for the Scatter pay in base game). So the great qualities of the features are really there and perhaps the slot doesn’t possesses that ability to be a real excitement slot but we shouldn’t forget this is a retro reel which isn’t supposed to be an action-rich slot so this is a very decent product in its own and I like it.
Cons: Can run cold when it's being cruel or had a big win.

Respinning can deplete funds fast.

Dollar sign does not substitute in this one.

Sometimes your free spins rounds will be just awful (this can mean a good ones on the horizon though).
Tiana. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Pros: I discovered Retro Reels just under 2 years ago after seeing a few win pics online and on a tv advert of a casino. I gave this little beauty a spin and have loved it ever since! Retro Reels is the first installment of this series by Microgaming it has 20 paylines and 5 reels with the ability to bet as small as 1p and as big as £100 a spin it suits all budgets!

Retro Reels was very unique when it first came out because it was the first online slot where you could respin individual reels (at a set price) to enable winning lines after near misses.You can keep on spinning one reel until the win comes but for certain combinations this can make a huge dent in your balance so if you are going to try and stop before it’s too late!

In Retro Reels it is colourful and is fun to play so much so that the time can go very quickly! Retro Reels is based on the traditional style american fruit machines it comprises Dollar signs (10,000 x line bet for 5), Cherries, Lemons, Blackcurrants Bars and multi-coloured sevens. Five sevens is the next best symbol you can get to win between 250 x - 500 x line bet, Bars and all fruits except Blackcurrants pay you a healthy 250 x the line bet for 5, Blackcurrants and mixed sevens/ bars pay between 200 x - 75 x for 5. All of the winning amounts are doubled in the free spins though!

Free spins is possibly the best aspect of Retro Reels as it can go on forever because they are so easy to get. By easy I do not mean you will win free spins every game round but you can get free spins for only 2 scatter symbols!
Most online slots you need at least 3 to access the free spins. Every time you get 2 Scatters you get double your bet placed too. 3 scatters gives 15 free spin+5 x bets, 4 scatters for 20+40 x bet and 5 pays out 25 free spins and 100 x the bet! The great thing about the free spins is the fact you only need 2 scatters they can go on forever! I've had as many 60 free spins before!
These streaks give players a chance to hit something really big inside the free spins which is what we all want! As I said before on my Extreme Heat review. I play with about 5lines on the Retro Reels games, as I primarily use them as bankroll builders for other slots but still enjoy them all the same. The only time I may consider having higher amount of lines is if I have a strong suspicion the free spins are gong to come.

Here are my Pros of Retro Reels:

Great paytable

Good payout back to player most of the time

Doubling free spins and infinite free spins possible

Free spins with only 2 scatters gained!

Fun to play and runs nice and smoothly in quick spin mode

All in all Retro Reels is a really good slot but not quite as good as Extreme Heat as the pays are higher and more frequent in my opinion I give Retro Reels 7 out of 10.
Marshall Morrow. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: After I played here at “Retro Reels”, I said myself that someday I will focus only on playing slots games and I will become a professional player. Maybe this does not sound too much, but here in Eastern Europe where the average salary is only a few hundred Euros and a minimum deposit at a casino is 20 Euro (especially because of the risk in a casino that is still major), this means something.

“Retro Reels” is the third slot having the same theme (after “RR-Extreme Heat” and“RR-Diamond Glitz”) from Microgaming casinos and playing here I spent hundreds of
spins and about one hour trying to count about how much money I could manage to get in an average day. Yes you read right, “how much money I could gather”, because when playing at these slots having individual spin for each reel, in my opinion it is impossible to lose. Different from the first two versions of the slot is just the minimum bet (smaller here) of only 20 cents, but this is an advantage in what it provides a bigger margin of playing individual spins when one is trying to form winning combinations. But to explain a bit this statement I just made.

The slot has some classic “Cherries” and “Lemons”, plus three kinds of “Sevens” and “Bars”. Since any combination of “Sevens” or “Bars” pay nicely it is enough to get on 4 adjacent reels these symbols (“7s” or “Bars”) and then play only individual respins of the last reel. About
once every 2-3 respins you will get at least a combination of 5 same type symbols paying an average of 2.5 Euro. And because an individual respin of the last reel costs about 1 Euro, you can start to win some money. Playing at these 3 “Retro Reel” slots, I never had a loss at the end of the game.

In an idle moment, when I was playing “normally” I even entered the Free Spins after only 10 spins (and what to see, they have been re-triggered). Very easily (playing only for a minimum bet of 20 cents) I had gathered another 9.5 Euro.

To repeat myself, this is the first slot that made me think seriously about a career as a professional gambler. Without doubt, it is a good slot.
Gary. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Retro reels video slot is very old one which made by microgaming, so it is interesting to play this game and to see what games microgaming software offer in past. This game has 25 paylines, and here is presented very rare and actually i not see anything else this feature which have name reel respin. This feature allows to pay some extra money, usually much more less than your total bet, to have this reel respins.

It is can be interesting thing of course, but generally i did not get this idea from microgaming and to be honest did not see any sense in it, and therefore two times i played this game i never use this feature. Interesting thing here that scatters pay 100 x total bet, and i like that 2 scatters award 5 free spins. Not many slots give a chance to play free spins with only two scatters. Also can be triggered 10 15 25 free spins, for 3 4 5 scatters respectively. All wins in free games doubled and this is not so bad. Payouts are a bit low in my opinion, but 5 of a kind best symbol pay x 400 total bet, in free spins it is 800 x total bet, but of course i never get such combination.

Generally from my experience i understand that it is low variance game and it is hard to get some huge wins on it, and therefore i did not see myself playing this game, really. Microgaming these days have much more better and interesting video slots, like immortal romance or thunderstruck II for example.

Not great from microgaming, very old and therefore bad looking, also payouts are low, this means low variance game. I can't see myself playing this slot game in future.Probably to play with a bonus money it can be good game to make wagering requirements... But really, immortal romance or retro reels? No one will choose this one i think.

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