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retro reels extreme heat Reviews by Players

Allyn. Reviewed on 02.07.18
All these games with retro themes actually transported me to my childhood, where slots mechanics were placed in public places like bakeries, shops and cafes, and then I think my attraction to this kind of games should be something that I have inside my veins.

“Retro Reels Extreme Heat” is classified in many casinos on Top games section, and that is because despite it looks genuinely old thanks to its classic symbols, such as cherry, lemon, numbers 7 and bells, it is a thoroughly modern game, with excellent sound effects and an interesting table of payments, which also includes special features such as wild symbols and rounds of 10 (15, 20) free spins, and one great improvement in this version "Extreme Heat" is the inclusion of the option of re-spinning that can be individually bought by pressing button at the bottom of each column enabled after each spin.

For me, this opportunity to buy re-spins in individual columns is the magic of this game, and it must be because experiences with similar slots, both 3 x 5 and 4 x 5 reels, have been totally rewarding for me to create a taste for slots with such feature. Having never played this game from Microgaming, I decided to try it in fun mode and started with 1,000 credits, and at this point I think it would have been great to have done it with real credits.

Initially, I wanted to use re-spin feature to trigger a free spins round, and to achieve this I chose to wait until two scatters appear and then pay on re-spins on the cheapest reel to get my third scatter. During my playtime, I tried and succeeded on three occasions, and the results were, financially speaking, twice slightly negative and one acceptably positive rounds. With these, my final balance was almost equal to my initial balance, so I decided betterto try getting a longer possible wild symbols line, and to achieve this I set alert myself awaiting any opportunity to start, and I was looking for my first wild symbols, preferably (or perhaps necessarily) located on payline number 1 and preferably on reels number 1, 2, or 3, since it is important to get small profits to help finance the purchase of re-spins , that increase in value as more substantial profits are enhanced. The opportunity came quickly when there was a wild symbol on reel 3 payline 1 (great!) then re-started with the re-spins on reel 1 to get my second wild and I did so on, always trying to maintain close high paid symbols that will help me finance the value of re-spins, in this way, I used to keep triple bars or triple sevens near then I usually changed to another column to try finding another wild symbol. The truth is my balance was never below $ 960 before getting my fifth wild symbol on payline 1 that in my case was for the reel 5. I could say it was hard work to achieve the highest award offered by this game (10,000 X) but the truth is I usually got enough average earnings to pay the next spins; in addition, to make it took me less than one hour. I attached some screenshot to this comment as evidence. Earnings were $ 223 obtained by betting 2 coins to $ 0.01 each one x 30 lines and my ending balance was $ 1.197. Now I would like to try it again but now in real, not for fun, but I wish I could do it with a minimum opening balance of $ 1,000, just to be relaxed.

Anyway, this is one of the games developed by Microgaming which will be one of the highest rated from me. Good luck with this game ;)

It can run badly at times (hence why I play it safe).
Sometimes frustrating when you think about re-spinning and don't then the win would have come!
Shame that you can't win free spins with only 2 scatters like in original slot.
Ruthe. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I did not used to like Retro Reels extreme heat and favoured the original Retro Reels over it but this is now not the case! Retro Reels: Extreme Heat is a fantastic 30 lines 5 reel video slot with nice graphics clear symbols and a great payout to player!
Retro Reels: Extreme heat is the 3rd and final installment of Microgamings Retro Reels Trilogy after Retro Reels and Retro Reels Diamond Glitz.

Retro Reels name is very appropriate not only because of its flaming 7s / bars but also for its RTP! It pays out lots when it is hot I prefer to play this with 5 lines or less as I normally play it when my back is against the wall. The unique aspect of The Retro Reels series is because you can re-spin individual reels at a price based on bet size/ possible win to make winning line combinations! This is rather awesome if you are just looking to have fun and not serious about making money but I find the game wins better if you don't re-spin them! Yes that's right do not re-spin and you will see many re-triggers and even possibly a 4 or 5 scatter (have had a 4 scatter a few times recently).

The highest win possible is 20,000 x line bet inside of the free spins and 10,000 outwith them this is gained by getting 5 dollar wild symbols (which also substitutes for everything except scatter), Next up is the sevens ranging from three 7s to one 7 these all pay 500 x line bet for 5(really generous)!, Bars are next best thing ranging from 1-3 on the symbols pays 250 x line bet for 5, Lastly the easiest symbols to gain 5 of are lemons, cherries and bells which pay between 75 x - 150 x line bet, mixed 7s or bars pay 50 x for 5. Believe me if it is running cold you will never be more relieved to see 5 of these!

Lastly I will talk about the free spins round this can re-trigger infinitely! Get 3 free spin scatters for 10 free spins, 4 for 15 free spins and 5 for 20 free spins and 50 x the full bet placed and with all of these routes to free spins your wins are doubled during the free spins. As I said above this game and retro reels originals free spins can go crazy! I have had as many as 30 free spins on Extreme Heat and 55 free spins on Retro Reels original! The only reason some may argue Original is best is the fact 2 scatters give you the free spins this is a valid point but I just find my less lines strategy works better on Extreme Heat and scatters are hard to get anyway so what difference does it even make?

In summary Retro Reels:Extreme Heat is a game I will certainly be playing regularly and it got me out of the red earlier on today a few times it seems to play out well anywhere!!

Here is my Pros of Retro Reels:Extreme Heat

Amazing payout and brilliant paytable
Re-spin the reels if you want to I personally rarely will
Fairly easy to trigger free spins compared to games like BDBA, Thunderstruck,Tomb Raider.
All wins in free spins doubled and can be infinite!
Dollar sign substitutes for everything except scatter.
Looks nice very well designed.
Player receives bet back if 2 scatters appear(always a nice addition).
The fact that my mind has been changed just ran bad first time I tried it from what I remember.

I give Retro Reels:Extreme Heat a well deserved 8 out of 10 a fun game to play and when it goes hot it will burn your retinas!

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