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retro reels diamond glitz

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retro reels diamond glitz Reviews by Players

Rosalee. Reviewed on 02.07.18

Retro Reels Diamond Glitz it is microgaming old video game, which was created long time ago, and also have few more clone games from this series, and i did not like all this games. Retro Reels Diamond Glitz has 25 paylines, and therefore minimal bet here is just 0.25$. Unfortunately this video slot did not have any wilds on the reels, and for me it is a bit boring thing to be honest, i did not like when slots work like this, without wilds.

At least we have free spins and scatters here, 3+ scatters award 15 20 or 25 free spins, depending of the number of scatters. Freespins have x 2 multiplier, and this give me a chance to say that maximum win per spin in freespins is 800 x total bet. Also 5 scatters pay here 100 x total bet, not too bad. Also i can't not share my thoughts about respins feature which presented in this game. You can respin any reel after every spin, but you will need to pay some money for this. I really did not like this feature, it is boring and useless for me, and it is good that we did not see it in new microgaming games. I tried this game few times, and for all my experience i have nothing to say good about this game, or i can't even remember good experience to myself.

Game really looking outdated, and it is boring one, of course it can pay some good money when in the mood, but generally i am sure i will not play this one again. Nothing interesting for me, and i did not get fun when play this game.
Medium variance game with respin feature and without any wilds on reels. If you like other games in retro reels series of course you should try it, but i did not like the whole series of such games.
I'm not sure if „Retro Reels Diamond Glitz“ is a classic slot or a video slot. It has elements of both of them. The symbols are the classic Cherry, Bar, Bells, and in addition, Diamonds like in any classic slot but there are elements of what only video slots have for example Free spins or individual reels re-spin.

The slot is both good and weak, and although it has a feature that provides the individual re-spin of each reel, it is totally different from „Hot Ink“. Here there are no Wilds and it is therefore more difficult to line up say, 5 symbols of the same type. I first tried to ignore the possibility of the individual re-spin and played about 100 normal spins at a minimum bet of 25 cents (for 25 paylines). The result was a loss big enough, about 10-15 euros per 100 spins although I entered once in the Free spins round, where the wins were about 5 Euro. So on the overall I was still losing out pretty well.

I have tried then to have on 2 reels the „Free Spin Bonus“ and then to get 3 „Bonuses“ from individual re-spins and get into the Free Spins round. The result was that I was still in loss one more time. This was because here the win from Free spins is about 4-6 Euro, and you certainly need more than 5 individual re-spins (worth each about 1 Euro) to enter the Free spins round.

I tried then another approach. I fixed on 4 reels the „3 diamonds“ symbol ( having the higher payout) and made a re-spin of the 5th reel until I have 5 „3 diamonds“ symbols on the reels . Again I was in loss.

The only way I managed to play some good Euros without much loss was the following: I aligned up on the the last 4 reels, 4 Bars of the same type. Then I re-spun reel one. Since the slot pays at 5 mixed „Bars“ if you manage to have any Bar on reel 1 in any position you will get a payout that is greater than or comparable to the amount required by the re-spin. However playing this way you will never enter the Free spins round, although you will manage to avoid the big losses.

As I said, the slot is both good and weak. In most cases you will get in loss, but choosing a good strategy of the possible re-spins you can have some gains in some cases.
Thersa Thornburg. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Trying to remember over two years worth of slots I have played is really hard. There have been so many good ones and so many bad ones. But one thing for sure is, this little slot is never one I fail to remember. It took me a while to start depositing at Micro gaming casinos when I first started gambling, and I struggled to really get a feel for the software..until I played this!

It is a 25 line slot with a minimum bet per line of 0.01p, which happens to be the exact amount I bet on here. There is a re-spin feature on every wheel so after every spin you can choose whether or not you want to spin one or two or all of the reels again...but at a cost!! So if you have two free spins symbols on the screen, its guaranteed that the cost to re-spin one wheel, (which obviously increases your chance now of getting that all important third symbol), is going to cost you a fair bit. It may even be as much as 4 or 5 times your bet and that's just for one of the reels. I've never really bothered much with this feature to be honest, to me its just another way to waste your money! I'm not saying I've never used it because I have, but only if the cost to spin is low, sometimes it has paid off for me but the majority of times I've ended up spending a few quid on technically 1 spin.

So your free spin symbol is the '5 free spins' symbol..obviously and you need three to activate them, The good thing about Diamond Glitz is; it isn't afraid to give away its free spins. I'm very lucky on it actually and they always roll in for me and more occasions than one and more often or not you will them repeated 2 even three times. I've never actually got 4 or 5 free spins symbols which does increase the amount you get but with three symbols giving you a healthy 15 free spins at a x2 multiplier, i am more than happy with this.The main feature though, apart from all I have mentioned, for me personally, is the ability to press the STOP button mid way through your spin. I don't usually like to use this on slots so much because you can through a lot of money in a very small space of time, but I've always benefited from it on this little gem and I would say 70% of my free spins I get are through doing this!

I don't play this slot as much now as I used to, and there are so many bigger and better slots out, and with the old school feel and look of this slot it could easily be forgotten, but it will always come with a very high recommendation from me!
Susanne. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Personally, I equally love playing with traditional 3-reel slots and multi-line games and I think Microgaming was able to create an almost perfect symbiosis when thought about how to should mix these two different styles. They did a great job to keep the purity and simplicity of a classic game and add to that the hidden possibility of a 25-payline slot and strengthen it with extra features, potentials.
The symbols are old acquaintances from the ‘little’ product like diamonds, cherry, 7’s and they’re all have a very compact look and also a good example of great transition.

Retro Reels have a very unique feature that definitely causes a lot of speculation for players and they can think to be involved and somehow influence their own fate and fortune. Namely, after every spin there’s a chance to re-spin one selected reel. This re-spin of course has cost that displayed on the screen. It’s a little tactic game too whether when to use it or whether it’s worth the risk because it’s implicit that every re-spin price can be very different depending on the potential returns. Think about that if you got four $ symbols you won 1000 coins but if you re-spin and get another one on the proper spot you grab an additional 10000 coins, so obviously that re-spin (or re-spins because the number of this feature usage is not limited) wouldn’t be too cheap. I think at this kind of feature the most important thing to determine the optimal situation to try this extra. The flexible bankroll and some gaming experience also wouldn’t hurt to choose wisely. Of course the slot can be used as a normal 25-line slot absolutely ignoring this option.
I like very much this re-spin thing and appreciate how the players must use her/his brain and leave the rests to luck.

The slot has a marvelous 420.000 coins Jackpot that can be achieved during free spins thanks to its win doubling attribute. At least 3 specific symbols required to activate this Glittering Free Spin bonus and every triggering icons mean 5 more spins (the number of free spins can be increased during this game and the re-spin function doesn’t work here). The free spin activator also serves as Scatter that pay in its own up to 100 times of total bet.

This game has three seasons why it got on to my list. First, the game implementation, second the great special feature and third the Jackpot. From these three just one would be enough for me to play this game but to have all these qualities it’s a luxury. For all that, I urge everyone to meet this slot. Well-deserved 5 stars for Microgaming for creating Retro Reels.

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