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reel gems Reviews by Players

Teddy. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Reel gems video slot was created by microgaming long time ago, and therefore if you this type of player who like great looking games, i think you can simply miss one, since all old games in most cases looks totally bad and outdated.

Game has 243 ways, and i like all 243 line games to be honest. Here we also have wilds on all reels, but to my surprise wilds here have no payouts, which is a bit strange and i did not understand why mg did not award any payouts for wilds here, specially in 243 lines game. Payouts are also not great here, but from the other side i can't say that this payouts are too low, it is just average and not so bad, can't complain about it. Free spins can be triggered by 3+ scatters and player awarded 15 free spins with x 3 multiplier. Also 5 scatters award 100 x total bet, and this is typical amount for microgaming game. I play this game 4-5 times in different casinos, but most playtime at this game i had in 32red casino, i start play game with 50$ balance at 0.5 bets, and after 30 minutes or so i just get 100$ balance, have couple of feature but unfortunately without wins more than x 100. Also here is this stupid and not interesting feature with a chance to respin any reel for money, and like in other slot review of same feature i said it is useless thing at least in my opinion and i pretty sure not so many players use this one.

Medium variance 243 line game, with stupid respin feature and medium payouts. Also here is no payouts for wilds, and taking note that game looks bad i did not know who will play this game, since microgaming have much more better 243 line games. If only you love everything old, and this is only one reason to choose this game.
Hahahaha imao one star from the staff member. Well, I could tell you all that Reel Gems for it's overall features gets 3 stars. The luxury themed graphics and the symbols of gems were really spot on, but I don't think Reel Gems is a really good payer. I find that I have to pay large to win large. It's a game of cat and mouse, I chase my wins at a personal cost from a single re-spin, sometimes it calls for more and I may or may not hit my 5 of a kind combinations.

Free spins scatters were in the dark somewhere so they weren't in any of my spins to triggers Free spins, just some scatters that roam the reels thinking they are better than me! If I wanted it I would have to re-spin the reels to get them! It s*cks! I like the graphics here however I will instead rather go on Naughty Nurse than to play Reel Gems. It's just so costly to get big wins! It's supposed to entertain and pay well for us players, not punch big holes in our pockets! My biggest losses have been $66 because of the Re-spins!
Eartha. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Reel Gems is a sleek and luxurious themed 243 ways video slot. It's so much more elegant in graphics than that Progressive video slot Millionaires club III. Although, the bonus there has been really super that I can't argue about that! Gem picks after gems, it crazy good!

The worst I had done on Reel Gems was through 3 coin bets. I tried lining up the Diamond symbols each, first from right to left with a wild on the 4th reel instead of the diamond. When I tried for a re-spin on the 1st reel it costed me $8.03 each, I did it 7 times thinking I should accept my losses and close Reel Gems but....I chose one last re-spin for $8.03 and finally gotten the Diamond for 5 of them! It paid me $120 but personally it nearly costed my wallet injuries of $56.21 had I not spun for the 8th time! I felt crazy just spinning for a large bet like $8.03 per re-spin! My advise to you all is to think really carefully on each re-spin that you make, your wallet/purse will definitely suffer for it!
This slot really frustrates me but for some reason I end up playing it now and again - but I get the same results every time. This is I loose! I have never got the free spins - EVER! Which is one of the reasons why I play it, im determined to get the free spins, knowing my luck they will be rubbish anyway. I don't like the wins on the base game, I find they are usually non existent and quite often or not my wins are £1, I spin for £2 to get £1 back - that is always going to be a downhill ride isnt it!

I'm afraid I cannot go into details about the Free Spins feature as I have honestly never had them. My advice to anyone reading this is to stay clear of Reel Gems!
Larraine. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Reel Gems is another of Microgamings 243 ways slot - it is by no means one of their good 243 ways slots and unfortunately I will have more to add in the dislike section of this review rather than the like section!

Okay so what do I like about this slot?? hmmm. Well I like the fact it is 243 ways - which I always forget actually, whenever I play it I just immediately think it is a 25 line slot because its 25p a spin, usually 243 ways slots are at least a minimum of 30p a spin, so I find myself analyzing the reels when I get a win because I am thinking how is that a winning pay-line - takes a few minutes then I realize how! But that is just me being me!

To be honest that is probably the only thing I like about this slot - which is a very weak argument isn't it! I don't think the makers of this slot will be contacting me anytime soon to promote it!

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