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Ariel Worthey. Reviewed on 30.04.18
Red Hot Devil is a very interesting slot from Microgaming and maybe it sounds strange but I find its appearance better saying the used symbols a little bit ’food for thought’. I’m saying this because this interface is greatly design and the play symbols are very greatly chosen. Frome the name ‘Red’ basically is applied to the entire screen as it is the dominant colour there and in my opinion maybe it’s too dominant because a little bit diversified colour tints would have increased their powerful visual effects. ‘Hot’ may pertain to basically all symbols as all of them are illustrated with burning flames and ‘Devil’ side of the game is manifested in the characteristic devil’s pitchfork and some unloved animals like scorpion or snake symbol and I’m still undecided regarding the Woman character, whether is she the devil itself? Anyway, if we look at all symbols and what they illustrate (red 7, dices, cards, cherry - gambling synonyms), (red rose, heart, lips – symbols of temptation), (scorpion, snake, pitchfork – devilish allegory) so basically every word in the name of the game got own group of symbols and if we take time and look behind their primary meanings we can realize that figuratively all three words may be connected every pictograms here. OK, maybe this theory is a little bit philosophic and all I wanted to say was that I appreciate a lot the very clever and imaginative theme of the game and the perfectly chosen figures to serve the subject very well. The graphics of the pictograms is very rich and decorative or I can say artistic (sometimes when I’m looking at the screen it’s just like if I see a catalogue or reference works of a tattoo salon) and maybe the symbols in themselves would seem unfitting to each other but believe me they’re not and that’s why the interface of the game is very attractive and really pleasure to the eye and eventually thumbs up for Microgaming for all of their effort they put in this very complete visual work.

The complexity of the game can be felt in the game segment too as it offers some great features and generally the fun and entertainment is almost guaranteed. Every time when at least 3 Heart, scatter icons appear anywhere on the reels (which also has got own paying ability up to 200 times of total bet) we have the freedom to choose our favourite feature out of 3 options but based on my experience with the game it doesn’t really matter what we select as all of them are great secondary games and have great rewarding abilities.

Red Hot Wild Reels bonus contains 10 free spins where each and every spin is played with at least one guaranteed Wild reel, meaning, one of the three middle reel is selected and turned into Wilds but it can be even powerful because an appearing Scatter on the first or fifth reel can transform that reel into Wild and if two scatters appear at the same time on the first and fifth reels, well, that’s a lucky situation because that spin was played with 9 Wilds on the table and in this case we’re also awarded 10 additional free spins.

From the bonuses this first mentioned one is the most conventional while the Wheel of Fire is more of a traditional bonus game where we’re presented 10 fire balls and we have to select from them until Jester hands over the Game over label. Every successful selection reveals instant cash prizes and one of them hide a win multiplier (it can be either x2 or x3). Perhaps, this is not the most exciting bonus game in the business but its usual rewarding ability is quite satisfying.

My favourite is the Red Hot Multiplier which is also a free spin session but has got awesome qualities. We play here 10 extra games and every time if a Scatter appears on the first or fifth reels the used win multiplier increases depending on the number of Scatters during the triggering spin. For example, if the bonus starts after getting 3 Scatters previously, the
multiplier values will be x2, x3, x4, x5 and x6 but activating the free spin by the help of 5 such icons the multipliers are x5, x6, x7, x8 or even fantastic x10. The best thing here in my opinion is that the increased multiplier is not valid only one spin but every following spins are played with such conditions in the worst case. So in case of 5 Scatters during the activating spin, it means getting a Scatter one of the specific reels on the very first spin of free spin, the remaining 9 games are played at least x5 win multiplier if we don’t get additional Scatters.

All of these bonuses are superb and luckily they’re that from moneywise standpoint too and if I remember well, I could never leave them with less than 50 times of total bet won amount but frequently it can be much more ( I think my best prize was around $240). Speaking of the base game thanks to the Wild (no win multiplier ability) the average winning tendency there is also relative good and I’ve never experienced very long losing streaks and because of the decent paying ability of the winning combinations (though the best we can win by a 5 of a kind formula is just 2000 times of line bet) it’s really not rare when even the better paying combinations appear frequently causing some solid wins.

Overall, there’s nothing but lot of positive things to say about this slot and even if I have some minor issues with the game but I really think this is a fantastic slot from A to Z. I really can find here at every important game segment what I could really like and appreciate and when this experience meets with some unique things and the ability of game to keep me well entertained I think I can easily say that this product really deserves nothing but praising words. So virtually I put a ‘Highly recommended’ stamp on it.
Jacquelyn. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Pros: Red Hot Devil is a very interesting new slot from Microgaming. It offers something new to the table and is a delight for any avid Rock N Roll fan. This slot is smoking hot and completely decorated in red with symbols such as snakes, cherries, roses, royal flush of hearts, pitch forks, kisses, dice, scorpions and the lady in red who looks more of a bit like a stripper of escort than a sophisticated rock chick lol.

In addition the game also features wild symbols (only on reels 2, 3 and 4) and scatters (hearts). The background melodies match the theme of the game perfectly. Avid rock fans will find themselves right at home while playing this game. Red Hot Devil offers 25 paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows to complete winning combinations on.

With the minimum bet being €0.25 there are cheaper alternatives, but this game does have an unique set of features which can be unlocked during free spins mode.

You need at least 3, 4 or 5 scatters to make it to the free spins and have a go at one of the three features. Yes, you’ve heard this right! You can pick from a total of three features when you advance to the free spins.

I played this game with 1 euro bets most of the time and never won too much during base game. I really think you need the bonus game to make a killing. The first bonus game is 10 free spins with a multiplier that can go all the way up to 10 x.

However, you need five scatters in order to reach that max. For 3 scatters the max multiplier is 6 x. The free spins start with 1 x multiplier and for every scatter appearing on the reels the multiplier increases by 1 x. Nevertheless, during my feature I didn’t even have one scatter appearing winning only a measly 20 x bet.

The second bonus game is a Wheel of Fire game where you need to pick symbols and where you can win up to 240 x bet apparently. I didn’t get the chance yet to experience that bonus game. I did however try out the last bonus game, which is 10 free spins and up to 3 reels wild.

In my opinion that’s the best bonus game around because it can award huge prizes. I experienced this bonus game a few times and once won more than 250 x bet size when 2 wild reels got wild and some of the best symbols appeared. I’ve yet to see 3 wild reels but I guess those are scarce. Overall a very appealing game that I will definitely play again.
Cons: Red Hot Devil is a brand new game on Microgaming that is getting a huge hype over nothing. Yes I would admit that it looks really good and the girl is certainly sexy butt the game play itself is really bad.

Well it was in my case that's for sure. I got some free spins on this game on 7sultans and was actually very excited. A brand new game and some free spins, why not? I got 25 free spins and after they were got I only won around €3 and did not manage to get the feature. Disappointed with that I played those €3 and made a deposit of €20 on top of that. For that €20 deposit I got another €10 free and had in total €30. Playing this game on small bets I thought that I was going to get the feature for sure with that cash. T

There is nothing to say now, because the game did not pay out anything and the biggest win I got was around €4. For a while I did not even see a single scatter, but when I had around €5 left they started coming out in pairs but never the three. So I lost that €30, and feeling pretty disappointed. So I decided to try again and deposited another €20. I had the feeling that the bonus is going to come out so I played in 2 coin bets. I kept on spinning and the game kept on giving me tiny wins. I noticed my balance going down so to change the game play I started double tapping. I kept on tapping and a couple of minutes later I had €30 on my account. I did not know what I got because I was double tapping so fast but I was glad. I thought the game is getting better, and continued to double tap. Unfortunately the game did not want to pay and soon after I was down to zero again. In over 200 spins I did not get the feature. I mean everyone gets it except me. I tried it a second time the next day and lost another €20.

So far this game has taken €60 from me and my rating for it would be 3 out of 10. It looks good but the pays are a bit small and the game is a tease.
Roseann. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pros: Red Hot Devil is just like my story of a beloved forum heroine. I think I inspired this hot recipe and a "magical entity" used his powers to realize this beautiful slot which I "handled with much care"! From the moment I played Red Hot Devil for the first time I was lured in by it's heated graphics but also the lady in devilish red who seems to be or should be the future forum Heroine for Halloween 2014!

It's video slot containing 25 paylines, a good amount that hits almost every time yet I wouldn't mind having more! I always have many scattered heart hits, almost on 1st and 2nd reels for that hot chance to hit the bonus choice! Sometimes my 2 scatters hit both on 3rd and 4th reels and it still lands on the last reel! It's very good in hitting these scatters on 2 coin bets but what I did during Bet Motion casino was to start from $0.50 then work my way up to $1 then $1.75 and finally $2.50 bets.

The first choice I made in after 3 scattered hearts is the Wheel of Fire, the most guaranteed feature to take on winnings. At beginners luck in playing Red Hot Devil I immediately had the 2 x which for the life of me never knew what it was for until later on my future triggers. Apparently the 2 x makes existing/future wins doubled. Who would realize that if my first choice happens to be a 2 x heart? $27 is my total amount with my screenshots intact on this page. The drawback for this feature would be that about 5 or 6 picks are commonly my maximum until I get the jester for a game over. It's weird however that betting $1.75 - $2.50 seems to raise the level of choices of 8 - 9 picks.

But beware, hitting the feature will be aggressively difficult but the choices will be larger and winnings be more than make up for your efforts ($20+ more or less on picks). $129 has been my biggest hit for five of a kind 7's and a whopping $165 on my Wheel of Fire Trigger. Wheel of Fire is by far the best to choose from compared to 10 Free spins + multipliers or 10 Free spin + wild reels. For those features, I had just around $10 - $37 on them whereas the wheel of fire can 2 x the Cr*p out of each winning pick while enjoying the blazing hot female on the right!

My only two wishes on this devilish slot would be to have twice my maximum bet for $5, hit a bonus, use the wheel of fire and get all prizes including the 2 x multiplier heart and to some of you who already gotten suspicious about my 2nd suggestion is to let the Angelic Serbian hottie dress up as the female devil this upcoming Halloween!!!
Cons: Not much to hate on Red Hot Devil although, the other choices the multiplier and the Wild reel free spins need a better understanding for winnings. Scatters on the 1st and 5th reels for the Wild reels free spins need to hit better and come out much more often!

The other thing is, I think my current bet has something to do with how many picks I can get from the Wheel of Fire. I find that betting over $2 has "more choices" inside this feature as opposed to $0.50 but that is just my opinion!
Leilani. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: A few weeks ago I recieved an email from Crazy Vegas casino regarding 20 free spins from their fantastic superhero game Thunder Struck II.
It has been a while since I played at Crazy Vegas casino, I didn't remember my username or my email address I use for this casino but I was in luck because my pc did remember my username so the only thing I need to do was inserting the password and that I could remember.
So I logged in and started the game Thunderstruck II. After a few spins the game seemed to stuck because the reels weren't stopping but it was not the case, the random wild feature was triggered and Thor just dropped from the sky and filled the reels 2, 3 and 4 with wild!
A great win of 25 euro!

After finishing the free spins promotion with a total winning of €27 I went to their new game Red Hot Devil! This game is also cartoon-ish like most of Microgaming games. Anyway, so I tried this game just for my curiosity and it seems that this game is very popular because the jackpot meter was almost full. I've never hit the jackpot meter and I was hoping this game could change it.
Unfortunately what I was hoping for didn't came up but I did get a nice winning playing this game.

I hit the bonus round a few times and I really like the bonus rounds. There are 3 different bonuses you can choose from. I've only tries two of them, the free spins with random wild reels (up to 3) is what I choose most and it is also the only bonus round that gave me a lot of winnings. I tried the free spins with multipliers once and it didn't gave me lot (highest pay of this free spins mode was 3 euro). After 2 hours playing this game my balance went up to 140 euro. I decided to quit and play other game, so I did but after losing 100 euro at other games I went back to Red Hot Devil, hoping to boost my balance again.
30 minutes balance! I must did see it coming but I was too stubborn to believe it. The game gave me 2 bonus rounds during this game session but no big win! Instead I doubled my bet and lost all my money playing this game. A total of 6 hours playtime with only 20 free spins from Thunderstruck II. Cheapest playtime ever! :)

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