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raging rhino Reviews by Players

Sherri. Reviewed on 04.07.18
With "Raging Rhino" WMS bank on a new format slot, as well as adding a row, also adds 1 reel to the traditional format 3 x 5 to turn it into a 4 x 6 reels slot, a very interesting format from my view, not only for being different, but the potential to generate large profits in a moment of luck. To try to balance the sustainability of this slot machine with mathematics winning odds, WMS has implemented a system of 4,096 ways to win with a modest payout table where animal figures appear with reasonable prizes, but characters, letters and numbers, have particularly low payouts that can sometime make the player feel this game is somewhat fruitless, and more if we consider that the only special feature of Raging Rhino is a round of 8, 15, 20, or 50 free spins which can be triggered by the appearance of 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters with a diamond image. The thought here is that if the task of obtaining only 8 free spins is particularly hard, how hard can it be to get a round of 20 or 50 spins?. However, during the free spins, the player is awarded with 5 additional turns whenever two scatters appear simultaneously, and also good, wild symbols appear on this round, automatically become multipliers 2x or 3x, in addition to providing their usual function as substitute for standard symbols.

Giving a look at this video slot from the aesthetic point of view, I must say that Raging Rhino has a fully pleasing appearance inspired by the African savanna, with images of animals fairly representative of that environment, and a smooth transition between spins gives a pretty nice sensation, like all the details that are also part of the animation process throughout the game. Similarly, the sound effects are quite appropriate and equally enjoyable. For all the above I could say that this one is a totally fun game, and very popular indeed, though I think it profitable only for those who truly are in their lucky day. What I liked most from WMS, is having risked with this game in favor of getting some innovation, because if it is true that for us players are very important the profits issue, it is also true we really appreciate all the efforts of software development companies to create games with the ability to surprise us.
Lots of dead spins despite the 4096 ways-to-win format.
Tierra Triana. Reviewed on 26.09.18
What can I say about Raging Rhino? The game is super popular and if you check it out on youtube you will see some amazing wins. And no doubt about it, the game can really pay big, but only if it feels like it. I remember the first time I saw this game on youtube, I wanted to give it a try straight away. So I deposited on bet365 and opened this game.

The minimum bet on this game was €0.40 and I was playing on it. I had €25 and I thought that playing on small bet would give me a chance to get the feature. The game was playing good and I was getting few wins here and there, but nothing amazing. Then I got the diamonds on the reels and was awarded with free spins. I was praying for the rhinos and wilds to come out but nothing did and I ended up winning like €5. Even though I was very disappointed I kept on playing and in about 20 mins lost all of my money.

I thought that the reason why the game did not payout was because of the small bet. After all, all of the guys on youtube were betting big to get the big win. So I decided to wait while I have a lot of money and give this game a shot on the big bet. A few days after that I had a lucky run on bet365 and had around €170 on the account.

I opened Raging Rhino and put the bet to €1.60. I started playing and before I knew it i was down to €100. I could not believe how fast I lost €70 so I panicked and put the bet down to €0.80. After few spins o got the feature and actually managed to get 5 more spins in it. I won a total of €19 and was disappointed that I lowered the bet.

he game is very picky and if it doesn't want to pay, then even if you get the feature you would not win good. These days I play this game only on big bets and only when I have a lot of money. So far I did not manage to get a huge win but maybe one day I will. My rating 5 out of 10.
Chandra. Reviewed on 28.09.18
First time playing this game was at Casino Euro. I got an email from Casino Euro regarding the promotion about this game.
The promotion was cash back for playing Raging Rhino, 10 percent cashback for your losses and 5 percent cashback if you win. I thought it was a great promotion. Unfortunately there are limits for this promotion ( max 50 euro cash back for winning and 100 euro cash back for your losses).

So I deposited 50 euro and it is a ritual for me to play Kronos first when I play at Casino Euro and after a big win then play another games.
Lucky me I had a big win playing Kronos with 40 cent per spin.
My balance went to 220 euro after playing about an hour and a half. So I put a limit (200 euro) and kept playing Kronos till I reach my limit and I did.

With 200 euro in my balance I went to the new slot Raging Rhino and hoping to win some great amount of money.
In my mind I thought with 200 euro and lowest stake I might able to hit some bonus rounds and probably a big win or mega big win.
Hour after hour, spin after spin this game wouldn't give me a bonus round.
my balance was cut in half and I know I'm not a quitter so I kept playing, spinning and spinning. In total there were more than 600 spins I played at this game and my balance went to zero without any bonus round triggered.
At that moment I was bugged with this game and hate it. I couldn't believe I didn't get any bonus round with that much spins.

The next day I got the cash back from my losses, it was almost 30 euro and I gave Raging Rhino another shot, not! I think because the game was new a lot of player were playing this game and I was unfortunately played the game at the wrong moment.

I noticed that games that have a lot paylines don't pay big ( at least not often).
A friend of mine had more luck than I did so I do believe this game is able to pay big time.

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