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pyrons Reviews by Players

Mary. Reviewed on 03.07.18
The “Pyron” slot as easy as it is, with its barrel organ music, catches you. So that, here is another whole new slot belonging to the Yggdrasil gaming platform (I am looking if I wrote its name the right way) - some entirely new casinos with which AskGamblers accustomed us lately.

I guess those who called this game Pyron have thought of a name as “cool” as can be, and they have never guessed that among those who will play it will be a physicist (in physics Pyron is a measure of the area energy density, very little used). I said above that the slot “catches you” even it is very simple. Some glass bowls fall from above, having symbols drawn on them representing the fruits from which are made the various drinks they contain. The sound of colliding glass bottles is amazingly natural and you wait at any moment for some bowls to break. This is a thing that, of course happens when they align on a payline. The places of the broken bowls are taken by other bowls. With every winning a line of “fire” climbs from the floor of the slot and sets up five multipliers (2 x, 3 x, 5 x, 20 x) on the left, giving each time a higher value. With luck you can touch even a 5x multiplier thought I never had a 20 x followed by a payout, but I still had 3 Big Wins of 10-15 Euro each. The screen shots uploaded above were taken at these times.

I played twice here, about 150 spins each time. The first time, I ended up with a minus of about 20 Euro in balance (pretty much), the second time I finished the game with 27 Euro extra. So I do not know really what to say about the game statistics. The slot can equally eat all the money very quickly or give wins after wins. If you look in the paytable, from the 6 existing symbols 4 of them offer only ridiculously low payouts (5 cents for "3 of a kind", playing at 20 cents/spin) but I suspect that the frequent attached multipliers, are increasing enough the value of payouts. However, except these multipliers here are missing both the Free Spins and the Bonus Game and these two would have certainly added some thrill to the game.

Just to say again, at the end the player remains with the image of so many broken bottles and of some light background music played only on 3 keys of a single instrument. Not bad, but certainly it's not enough.
Minda. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Yggdrasil Gaming is a company that seems to be very committed to producing innovative style slot games and its work is evidence of an ongoing exploration of new features, which in some cases they appear to have had very good results, as can be the case for the welcome which it has had its slot "Reef Run".
"Pyrons" meanwhile, in my opinion, is a slot with uncertain future because basically it depends on one special feature to try to generate sufficient earnings (at least to nourish the hope) and fun able to captivate and retain new players. Its only special feature is the symbols involved in forming of a winning line, explode and disappear to allow new symbols fall into places that have been left vacant to explore new potential profits without charging additional value bet until you stop forming winning lines; In addition, each new gain in the same turn, is entitled to a multiplier to a higher level each time on a predetermined scale as follows: 1 x, 2 x, 3 x, 5 x, and 20 x, at the time it fails, the multiplier returns to 1 x again; the dynamics of this feature is very similar to video slot "Big Bang" created by the prestigious company NetEnt.

This feature is not bad or boring, on the contrary, we are always eager to make our next spin in the hope of getting a better result; what I mean is eventually the game becomes frustrating because of the poor winnings average. Playing on demo, I counted 18 turns in a row without being able to form a single payline with 3 of a kind; I hate to think about the performance of this slot in a real account, besides the low average is not compensated for any bonus round and much less by a wild symbol, totally lacking featuresin "Pyrons." While I agree with the statement that money is not everything in a video slot, I think that it's important, since after all, we the users of this kind of games are gamblers and money moves us.

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