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Pyramid: quest for immortality

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General Description

Nothing pleases connoisseurs of gambling online more than visiting ancient countries during their heyday, which occurred in the past centuries. This is why the recognized popularity of slots devoted to the exploration of ancient Egypt lands is explained. Even the beginner is certainly familiar with the name of the Pharaohs Secrets gaming machine, which became a classic representative of the industry. NetEnt brand, engaged in the development and promotion of game content, offers the the most popular Egyptian theme, generously flavored with new, interactive algorithms.


Choosing the slot Pyramid: Quest for Immortality as a companion, the user gets a chance to personally see the magical artifacts belonging to the deities; powerful pharaohs, unperturbed sphinxes, and majestic pyramids. The slot machine is notable for its eccentricity, which is inherent in almost any slot from the manufacturer. Interactive session Pyramid: Quest for Immortality will entice the gamer for a long time, capturing the imagination and allowing you to travel to the most extraordinary places.

Experienced players,who had time to test the slot, note that the developers have contributed a fair amount of creativity in the familiar storyline, dedicated to the search for treasures in the lost cities of the past. Particularly pleased with the fact that the Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is available in free mode: the user can activate the demo version and play for free in order to acquire the necessary gaming skills, and study the rules. The coefficient of return of the gaming machine exceeds 96%, which is quite high.


Going to Ancient Egypt, the user admires the mysterious design of the Pyramid interface: Quest for Immortality, executed in dark purple and blue tones, which symbolizes a velvet eastern night. Game drums are stylized under a pyramid of golden-sand color, on either side of which sit the deities from the vast pantheon of the Egyptians. These are gold figurines, with their luxurious appearance promising grandiose payments, which is not so far from the truth.

The design of the slot machine is pleasing to the gaze of the player, the effective contrast combinations used by the designers make an elusive charm in the game session. The unusual construction of the game board Pyramid: Quest for Immortality demonstrates a complete departure from the standards, attracting a professional gamer and promising a non-trivial gameplay with fascinating algorithms. The navigation panel of the gaming machine is located at the bottom of the screen, representing a set of familiar keys with which the user controls the game session. Accompanying music has a thematic character, helping in the disclosure of the topic and creating a peculiar mood. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality promises close acquaintance with the culture and customs of the people of great rulers, fanatical priests,and powerful magicians.


Direct gameplay is different from the standard. The fact is that a slot machine containing 5 reels does not have classical paylines. Therefore, the game relays in Pyramid: Quest for Immortality do not rotate in the traditional way, and symbols fall from the top down, forming combinations on the principle of neighboring cells. In the maximum amount the user is able to create 720 combos.

The first thing that a gamer needs to do is assign a bet, using the “Level” button. then you should denote the value of the game credit. The session is available at the maximum rate (Bet Max); gamer, who wants to enjoy the change of game icons, selects the automatic mode (Auto Play). Special indicators in Pyramid: Quest for Immortality allow the user to track the size of the current bet and account. Before pressing the start key, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the information section, which is hidden under the “I” key. This will allow you to study the rules in detail, avoiding mistakes and gaining confidence. A large round key starts the game process, pressing which, the user goes straight to find Egyptian treasures.

It should be noted that the gameplay is full of numerous options that serve as a real decoration of the session. When the prize combination is formed from the falling icons, the chips that make up the combo explode, freeing up space for new icons, which allows you to hope for compiling another sequence. In the case of the continuous formation of winning combinations, the player receives an increasing multiplier x1 – x10. If the player managed to form a chain of wild symbols, then the above pictograms are fixed in the upper part of the Egyptian pyramid, allowing to compose an even larger number of combos. This happens when a wild icon appears on the middle drums, which, when combined, subsequently trigger an avalanche of Wild chips.


Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is a quite unusual and interesting gaming machine; the creative way embodies the usual theme, captivating the player with the originality of algorithms. The great Egyptian journey is so generous that it brings a huge number of impressions and prizes. Therefore, in Egypt online, you want to come back again and again to constantly make wonderful discoveries.

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Pyramid: quest for immortality Reviews by Players

Sharie Standridge. Reviewed on 01.07.18
"Pyramid Quest for Immortality" is the new slot released by "NetEnt - Net Entertainment" just during this month October 2015, and it is not just another Egyptian themed slot, but NetEnt has taken the shape of the pyramid to enter a completely new concept and no doubt it is very attractive, which consists of two additional rows with 3 and 1 reels positioned on top of the traditional grid of 5 x 3 reels to give shape of pyramid to this slot, but additionally, each of the 3 outer blocks forming the tip of the pyramid can randomly become a wild symbol, which is a supremely interesting feature for two reasons, first because in this slot the player can achieve combinations with matching symbols located on adjacent reels without the need of being on a specific line, very similar to the known feature 243 ways to win, but in this slot it must be over 243 ways to win due to the existence of the additional 4 cubes forming the tip of the pyramid, and secondly because this slot is of those of crumbly type where the symbols that are part of a combination, disappear to leave a space for new symbols to fall and possibly form new combinations to fill the gaps, and to this, we can add the feature win multiplier that increases by 1x every three hits, in conclusion, every wild symbol we get on each of the 3 central reels, can lead us to a big win, especially if we achieve enough consecutive hits to allow us to reach a 3x multiplier level or higher, that’s why this creation of wilds feature is too important.

For me this game is pretty interesting just as it is, I miss perhaps some round of bonus or free spins, but I also think a scatter symbol does not fit well to this slot, I even think it would be the wrong thing, the only thing I think could be better in this game is that wild symbols appeared more regularly, since the absence of them for a long time can make us lose interest because practically this would leave us without options to recover us due to the absence of bonus rounds and free spins; in fact this game at first seemed just great to me, but during a long run of very few wilds happening, the situation just started going from bad to worse until finally I could realize that things would not get better again. Either way, I think this slot gathers sufficient merit to arouse the interest of new players, and even more if they are fans of NetEnt’s games.
Pyramid: Quest for Immortality is latest video slot released by NetEnt software. This game has 720 paylines and minimum bet is set to 0.20€.

First i tried this game after i received a lot of free spins from different casinos. The game did not impressed me. The best results from free spins was around 7€. Otherwise i won only pennies. I expected more from this game after i saw promotion video, before the game came out. I thought it will be more fun, better to play it.

The game based on the avalanche multiplier which increases by 1 with every 3 successive avalanches containing at least one bet way win. You can get up to x10 multiplier. When i played it, i had a lot of dead spins. Really a lot. The best multiplier which i got was x3. I can not imagine to received x10. It is impossible or really hard to get it.

If i compare this game to some other with the same paylines from this software provider, like as wild rockets, i would definitely choose wild rockets to play it. When i played wild rockets i didn't had so many dead spins into the game. But here at Pyramid are really a lot of them. I think this game is not for me, i don't like it at all. I expected more from this game, especially with multipliers. I think winning 3 times in a row to increase multiplier is too much. It would be better 2 times. And when you received x2 or x3 multiplier for example, than you must have only winning spins if you are trying to win big with this game. And only one non-winning combination pushes you back to the start at x1 multiplier. This is the main reason why i don't like this game. NetEnt software did not convinced me with this video slot and i'll rate it low.
Elliot Ros. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Pyramid: Quest for Immortality I one of the latest slots released by NetEnt, it has a very popular theme as it is a Egyptian themed slot. The slot itself is like a pyramid too, so it has very unique design. The graphics are decent but I like the music very much.

I have never seen a lot advertizing such a big win potential, the maximum win when you play at the highest bet level, 100 coins, is supposed to be 3600000 coins which is huge. Pyramid: Quest for Immortality has minimum bet only 0.10 and since it has 720 ways to win it seems great to me. Many times I play this slot when I have low balance in order to hit something good and give my balance some life.

It has 5 low paying symbols which are the typical letters, and 5 high paying Egyptian symbols with the best symbol of the slot to be the red Pharaoh. The pay table seems the worst I have I ever seen since the best symbol pays only 5 times the bet amount so it makes you wonder how come this slot give such big wins as it is advertized.

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality does not have any free spin feature or scatters but it has 2 unique features, the Avalanche multipliers and the wild generation. The Avalanche starts when you have a single win and it continues as long as you have successive wins. Every 3 wins you get a multiplier for your wins with maximum multiplier 10, so you must have 30 successive wins to reach the max multiplier. During the Avalanches you have wild generations, where when the symbols on reels 2 or 3 or 4 are part of the winning combination they become wilds for the next Avalanche.

I play this slot often but the maximum wins I had were about 200 times my bet and the max multiplier I have reached is 7. It is a very entertaining slot and very unpredictable.
I actually almost feel guilty giving the majority of NetEnt games such poor reviews, but not this time around. Pyramid - Quest for Immortality is literally everything I hate about a bad NetEnt game all combined into one - this game is awful!

The game promises a maximum win of 3.6 million coins, but your absolutely never going to get anywhere close to it as you'll need the maximum 10x multiplier to do so which requires a ridiculous 30 winning combinations IN A ROW, followed by a jackpot hit on the next spin. Come on that's just outrageous!

The rest of the game seems to be a low variance slot along the same lines as Starburst, there's certainly nothing to get excited about on the paytable. Even the top symbol pays just 50 coins for a five of a kind, and although there are 720 pay ways and stacked symbols on every reel the game just feels like a huge scam to me.

For example, scoring a win that includes a symbol at the very top of the reel causes a wild to drop in when your winning combination is remove from the reels (the game works along the same lines as Gonzos Quest or Rolling Reels slots from Microgaming), however if you have any stacked symbols forming part of that combination you are unlikely to get another wild when the next lot of symbols drop in - it's kind of difficult to explain but this isn't a game designed to make it possible to hit many successive wins in a row despite that being exactly what you need in order to access the games multipliers which only increase after three successive wins!

There's no bonus rounds, no free spins and no scatter symbols, no win attached to the wild symbols themselves and no wilds on the reels other than the ones created during winning combinations. Almost nothing to get excited about whatsoever and despite receiving around 100 free spins on this game from a whole bunch of casinos my total winnings from ALL of them were under £2.00 - thats less than 20% RTP! I understand it's a small sample size but wow, 20% is horrible. Just avoid this game, especially if you like to bet big - it will eat you alive.
Kazuko. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I tried to search for the best explanation when it comes to describe and explain what a pyramid is, or what it meant, but, I got lost in all the available theories. If I start with Google's explanations, I can never stop. Still, I did have a platonic Egyptian love once before! Nothing to do with pyramids, but at least something to do with Egyptians. Hahaha. I am sorry, now it all sounds so funny, but that relationship did end up disastrously. Nonetheless, I like living in my virtual world now, trying to hide and avoid all those walking monsters and creatures in the street, but in spite of my sweet personality, I always tend to get into problems with people. Maybe I’m a trouble maker, I don’t know, but I don’t think so.

Coming back to the game, I had expected so much more from Pyramid Quest for Immortality, one of NetEnt’s latest game releases, and I was hoping this slot would be amazing, maybe as amazing as the game Immortal Romance by Microgaming, but it turned out that Pyramid Quest for Immortality has nothing of that sort to offer. However, I do love its design, its theme, the background sound, but nothing more that. The game has 5 reels, 5 rows and 720 paylines, but has a very low maximum win value only 50 x for 5 of the Pharaoh, which is the highest paying symbol. Other symbols are worse and have lower values. I don’t really have time to look for more information into this game, but I suspect that the game designer might have got high or drunk when he undertook this creation to get it done. Hahaha.

Actually, I have played Pyramid Quest for Immortality only once with real deposited money, I think it was at Fruity Casa Casino last summer when this game was released, but I have also played the game a few more times at other casinos, using free spins given to me. Before playing the game for that first time, I was so excited about the game, but after playing it a few times, I was so disappointed instead, because the game was not to my expectations at all. Not only that, I didn’t like the game too. To me, NetEnt has failed again with this new game, oh yes, they certainly did! No, I won’t be recommending Pyramid Quest for Immortality to anyone.
What I dislike about Pyramid: Quest for immortality, can be summarised in a short book, if I want to! Hahaha. But no thanks, I don't feel like bombing this new game into a zillion tiny pieces, because there are some players who are actually enjoying this game, and loving it too! Gees! Believe it or not!

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