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pollen nation Reviews by Players

Maynard Arvidson. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Pollen Nation is a game powered by microgaming. Just what i like. If you like games with pick bonus then this game is perfect for you. There is a chance to win a lot of money in this game and it all depends on your luck. So have your shamrocks ready, when you are playing Pollen Nation. This game is the exact copy of Gift Rap game and they are both awesome. The bonus in this game comes out quite often for me and i do think that its easier to get bonus on this game than others. My perfect bet on this game is €0.50 and i had plenty of big wins.

This is a 25 line game with one bonus feature, Babee bonus. The player is awarded that when he gets three or more Babee's anywhere on the reels. In the bonus game you will have a lot of honey blocks that you can pick out of. you can pick until you pick the stop symbol. Once you pick the stop symbol the bonus round ends. On my €0.50 bet i won max €46. I think on a bigger bet you can win a lot.

The drawings in this game are nice and the music is fun. So far almost every time i play this game it has been very good to me. I get bonuses a lot and get good line hits.

There are also scatters in this game and you can win up to 80x your bet. I would definitely recommend this game to low rollers and high rollers. I can play this game for a long time and actually make some money. If i was to rate this game i would give it 9 out of 10. Give it a try. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day:)
What I do the most on Pollen Nation is persistence with a $0.75 bet per spin until I acquire the bonus. Surprisingly for the name it is very neat and refreshing! What I think about during slot play is, the Wild Queen should start acting less of a princess and more of a royal queen! In other words, instead of providing no multipliers how about acting as one inside normal spins. It seriously needs multiplying Wilds on this slot to get a really good value of my returns.

On another note it's lacking abilities that prove to be satisfactory can be made up for under the bonus called the "Babee Bonus". The bonus is just your standard bonus identical to the one on Age of Discovery or Gift Rap only with honeycombs within a hive in lieu of X's or wrapped presents. The winnings, if correct picks are selected, can be sensational.

On the other hand, an unlucky player sometimes using myself for an example can turn an exciting endeavour into one of the worst to occur on any game....a feature that let's me leave the way I entered lol. To expect the best of outcomes inside rewards $40, give and take, on account if my picks don't land me in any of the 3 stop signs. Caution, persistence and luck are requirements for a successful outcome on Pollen Nation otherwise everything will only be left in the phrases, "I'm out of cash", "I should've left when I had the chance" or "I got robbed". Pollen Nation is still very entertaining and I like it for all it's worth. Microgaming, please consider that this slot needs some multipliers. I recommend bets of $0.50 or $0.75. $1 however just won't do the job and makes the bonus harder to hit in my experience!

A total of 8.7 out of 10 for Pollen Nation!

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