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playboy Reviews by Players

Annamae. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Playboy has to my favourite of these super popular Microgaming 243-way slot games. The "243-way" indicates that no paylines are used, although its often easiest for most people to consider these games as having every single possible payline connected, rather than the "All wins pay as adjacent scatters" MG like to write in the paytable. It's not an entirely accurate way to look at it, but its close.

I won't say too much about the theme, because lets face it, most people will make a decision on if this is the kind of slot they would play immediately just from knowing the title - you know what to expect, all I will say is that the ladies featured are not gratuitously disrobed all over the place just for the sake of it!

Playboy has a similar variance level to Immortal Romance, although its jackpot payout is less at 243,000 coins when playing 30 coins, this is largely caused by the fact Playboy sets the maximum coins at 150 whereas 300 are allowed in Immortal Romance - therefore, its equivalent jackpot is 364,500 coins. A common factor between Playboy and IR is the fact the high paying symbols are located close to the wilds on the reels, unlike Thunderstruck2, which has only A/K/Q/J/etc symbols close enough to form part of a five wilds combination. This makes a huge difference to the maximum base game win.

This type of slot is never about the base game though! The playboy magazine is used as the scatter symbol, and pays out 100 x your bet if you should land all five, but there is no additional benefit in terms of additional free spins or similar. The first time you catch 3 or more scatters, you'll only have the option of choosing 10 free spins with a 5 x multiplier, but upon subsequent triggers you will unlock additional features including "Running Wilds" which I believe was first seen in "Untamed Wolf Pack", and "Wild Night" which gives 25 free spins with randomly triggered "Wild Desire"/"Wild Storm" style features on some of the spins.

As always, the four different types of feature have wildly different top payouts and levels of variance. You can only hit the games 243,000 coin jackpot spin in the "Running Wilds" or "Wild Night" feature, but these two are also the most likely to give you nothing at all as well. Several times I have chosen the "Wild Night" feature and received NO stacked wild feature triggers - but I've also had 3 reels wild many times as well, compared to only one time I ever saw this in TS2's "Wildstorm" feature.

I do enjoy the 'Rolling Reels' feature in MG games, though there's no denying it is usually the "safe" option, that can be counted on to give you a little boost if your running low, but there's no way you would choose it in the hope of a big hit, as, although it can give them, they are just super rare. The 5 x multiplier free spins are always fun, but its all too easy to not get a single spin with a five of a kind hit to take advantage of that big chunky multiplier. I do love the fact this feature can be retriggered though!

My favourite without a doubt, and the one that has given me my biggest win on this game to date, is Sofia's "Running Wilds" - over 2500 x bet, and it can also grant the games jackpot of 8100 x your total bet - a monster hit in anybodies eyes surely?!

Playboy is one of my favourite MG slots - it can be unbelievably generous if you hit it on a good day, whilst being less brutal on your bankroll than many other similar games on the other occasions. Definitely recommended!
Alethia. Reviewed on 25.09.18
You might say that the Playboy slot machine is just the latest in a long line of almost identikit Microgaming “243 ways to win” games, and that would be a reasonably accurate description, in total fairness – at the same time though, I do think Playboy has enough unique features to make it worthy of a little special attention. Thunderstruck2, Immortal Romance, and The Finer Reels of Life all have exactly the same bonus features, albeit ordered a little differently – the 25 spins in Thunderstruck2 is the “Rolling Reels” feature, whereas in Immortal Romance you get the “Wild Vine” when selecting 25 free spins, but essentially all three games are very similar.

I feel I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but at the same time I cannot imagine there are too many on-line slot players who are not familiar with these Microgaming products. You probably already know that Microgaming makes very high quality games, with excellent graphics and sound, and it’s also very likely you are familiar with the Playboy brand as well, so you should have a slight inkling of what you can expect when firing up this game for the first time!

The base game has few surprises, though one thing I have noticed is that there seems to be much more potential in this mode than in, for example, Thunderstruck2 – I haven’t quite worked out why yet, but I have managed a hit of nearly 300x bet outside of the feature, something I have never got close to playing Thunderstruck2, and I have put far, far more spins through that machine!

Speaking of the features, Playboy introduces two new ones, whilst still including the 10 free spins with 5x multiplier as the initial feature – this is available from the moment you begin playing the game. It is the only feature where you can score an additional 10 free spins by landing the scatter symbols again during the bonus round, but in Playboy, this is certainly not the feature with the greatest big win potential. Also included is the rolling reels feature, which is offered with 20 free spins this time around. This is the “safe option” in my opinion, its very likely you will come away with something, although it may not be spectacular.

Then there are the two new features – these are the Running Wilds, and the Wild Night. These two features are the only place where you can win the Playboy jackpot of 8100x your stake. As the names suggest, both are based around the wild symbol, in the case of Wild Night, this gives you 25 free spins where a “Wild Desire” / “Wild Storm type feature can activate randomly. Sometimes you will see it activate five or more times in a single feature, others it will not go off at all. Personally I kinda liked this feature being present in the base game just to mix things up a little, but perhaps that’s just me.

My favorite feature is definitely the running wilds – you may have seen this before in some of the “Untamed” series of games. Extra wilds are added to all reels after every free spin, finishing up with 15 wilds per reel at the end of the bonus round. Many times you can finish with nothing, of course, but I have also had many good wins in this feature including one with four reels wild for over 4000x my £3 stake!Amazing!

I can’t think of anything bad to say about Playboy, its definitely one of my favorite Microgaming slots. Hopefully they’ll come up with a sequel?!
Anissa. Reviewed on 27.09.18
PlayBoy slot game is another piece of game by microgaming. I am actually attracted by its name PLAYBOY as it might bring a lot of unexpected good effects to players. I'm not overwhelmed with the look of this branded slot. The graphics is still good and nice. This Playboy slot game is just like many of the 243 line slots, the maximum potential win is nowhere near as large, but most of the other features such as the 'Achievements' levels are present and correct. As are the four separate bonus rounds and these are triggered depending on how many times you reach the bonus feature. This section is quite good for me actually because you can just try yourself to reach bonus feature. For those that don't usually play Microgaming slots or have avoided the 243 line games as being too expensive, actually you no need to play max coins, I encourage you to get a try although there are some weaknesses, but overall strength is outperformed. I can say the size wins is quite decent as there are some huge wins to be had in the regular game. Even you only obtain a three-of-a-kind winning lines it could be significant. Then, the most attractive thing is that if you get the Playboy logo, you could get the double win as when you get the Playboy logo is wild and you get a 2x multiplier if it forms part of a winning line. It is pretty sweet.

Moreover, this Playboy slot game has an amazing bonus round because it has the 10 free spins round offers a 5x win multiplier. This makes bonus rounds very profitable and attractive to players like us. Other than that, you will get a unique winning line and receive an achievement. This part makes me excited the most because whenever you can collect all the achievement's turns your pay table platinum and gives you higher payouts. There are couple of bonus types such as kimi bonus round, it is a 1-4 triggers of the bonus feature and you get 10 free spins with a 5x multiplier. This feature can be re-triggered. Then it is sofia bonus round which triggers the bonus round 5-9 times and you are awarded 15 free spins with running wilds that grow with every free spin. Then, comes to ashley bonus round it is initiated from the 10th trigger of the bonus, you will receive 20 free spins with rolling reel multipliers from 2x to 5x.

As a conclusion, I'm certainly not saying that Playboy is a bad slots game, then it would have got a better rating. I think you guys could make give a try to this game as overall it is quite good and satisfying. I also have seen many reviewers have done their reviews here, this means the Playboy is still acceptable in many players eye, I still looking good that this will be a great piece of game to others who never get a try before.

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