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pixies of the forest slot

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pixies of the forest slot Reviews by Players

Elva. Reviewed on 03.07.18

What can be said about this game? I think if you are judging it from visual point of view then it is awesome. If you are judging it from gaming point of view then it is a complete opposite. This game truly has great graphics and the pixies are absolutely gorgeous. They have the power to mesmerize and hypnotize players into playing it, and it is very difficult to stop. Most of the spins are winning spins and pixies cover the reels. With decent pays they really offer a player a chance to make money. The rolling feature also gives you a chance to win many times on a single spin or even get the feature.

Now that is where it all goes wrong, the goal is to get three bonus symbols on a winning line from left to right. I must have got them 50 times on the first three lines but they were never on a pay line. It is the worst feeling when that happens to you and i had to feel it over 50 times. With 99 lines it is really shocking not to get them and makes me wonder if the game does that on purpose. It lets you get small wins in a normal mode but makes it super difficult to get the feature.

Every time I play this game I start of making money and before I know it I'm out of cash. It could keep me on the same balance for ages and then all of a sudden kill me. I must have spent over €100 on this game and only managed to get the feature once. When I finally got the feature I had to pick one of the bonus symbols to reveal amount of free spins. After the free spins I walked away with €25.

I like the graphics but don't like the game play and the feature is very hard o get. Hence I am going to rate it as 5 out of 10.
I wonder who would refuse to play a slot that has only beautiful girls especially when they are elf creatures - pixies from the forest! This slot is superb with its theme. I played here and only for the sheer pleasure of playing. The joy was as great as many pixies were on the screen. No joke, this slot is addictive.Although if it was to play for real money I could not even had a spin here. The minimum total bet value is 33 coins (it is true, this bet is for 99 lines) but I suspect that the value of a coin is 1 Euro here! It would be very nice if I am wrong and I will be able to play for real money.

And that is because like the fairy graphics look, the total earnings are also charming here. Playing as I said with total minimum bet of 33 coins about every 2 or 3 spins is given a win between 50 and 200 coins. Which is pretty big. And once every 10-15 spins you will have a really big win over 300-500 coins. To get back to the slot appearance, the symbols are in the form of girls (pixies) and of several stylized card figures that fall from above. On a winning combination symbols disappear and are replaced by others also droping from above. At least me, I have not found a paytable or something alike to describe the rules of the game, but from the observations thefeatures are the „Wild“ symbols (who appear very often and are especially beneficial) , and „Bonus“ symbols (which from 3 above trigger the Free Spins). The number of „Free Spins“ is selected by choosing one of the 3 bonus symbols on the screen by the player . During „Free spins“ I won here usually some good few hundred coins that have raised every time the total balance over the starting amount. There is still a symbol called „Pixies of the Forest“ which I guess is the scatter for this slot but I have not had more than one on the screen at the same time and so I did not get any payout.

As I said the slot has 99 paylines because almost all combinations of symbols on adjacent lines pay, but if my hunch is confirmed (that is, if 1 coin = 1 Euro ) only a gambling „whale“ can afford to play here for real, although very large wins are indeed offered.

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