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pink panther Reviews by Players

Creola. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Don't you just enjoy watching all those humorous pink panther cartoons?! It certainly was one of my top favourite cartoon series on tv, along with the likes of Tom & Jerry, Popeye and whatever else. They are all very funny, silly at times but funny nonetheless, even after numerous watchings. Just see how the kids are glued to the tv watching those shows! But nowadays, even adults can get the same treatment too! Just see how the moms and dads are glued to the computer screens playing Pink Panther! Hahahahaha. Adults can be kids too after all!!!! :D

This 40-paylines 5-reels slot game is a wonderful addition to Playtech stables. Whenever those Marvel heroes just aren't performing as they are expected to, try switching over for some pinkish fun instead. That should cool down a bit of the fiery human torch that's burning in your hearts due to not winning! Hehehe. But if Pink Panther cannot sooth you are probably a deeply-addicted sore loser! :D Lets take a closer look at the game then. First time ever in any Playtech game, you'd get to win a randomly triggered Major Jackpot and Minor Jackpot dedicated to the game! Just as you would get from playing Real Time Gaming games. This is a wonderful variance from the usual Progressive and Marvel Jackpots which are so very very hard to get. But of course, the quicker they come, the smaller the prizes, but you actually do stand a much better chance of hitting a jackpot! Symbols used for the game are the same characters as from their cartoon shows. There's Pinky himself as the wild symbol, paying out 5000x the line bet for 5-of-a-kind, whilst the wording 'Pink Panther' is the scatter symbol, paying out 125x the total bet for 5 scatters anywhere on the reels. This 125x total bet award is not up to the usual standards or 200x to 500x, whilst the 5000x line bet for 5-wilds award has been halved, but these two reduced awards have been compensated to an extent by the various extra exciting bonus games!

Tired of getting the same old 1, 2 or even 3 bonus games? Pink Panther offers 6!!! Yes, 6 different bonus feature games...and you can close your gaping mouth now, hehehe. Number 1: Pink Pow feature, randomly triggered in the main game, whereby good-old pinky panther blows up 2 to 6 symbols on the reels, turning them into wilds! If your Lady Luck is by your side, you may just get 5 wilds on a payline, or any other lesser 5-of-a-kind! When the going isn't good, no-good pinky panther would blow up two symbols on the 4th and 5th reels and win you nothing! Number 2: Crack The Pink Code Bonus game, randomly triggered in the main game, whereby you get to crack open 10 safes to win free spins, expanding wild (on reel 3 only) and a win multiplier! Selection ends when that dirty-old-rat little man hiding in one of the safes hands pinky a dynamite! But he isn't that dirty after all...because he awards 2 additional free spins to the total already won. Number 3: Colour Pink Bonus game: Here, pinky and that little man paints a wall with numbers, pink numbers from pinky, blue numbers from little man. Pinky panther paints first...then that dirty-old-rat paints over pinky numbers randomly with his blue numbers. Would be so nice if a player could somehow swish away that paintbrush from little man, hehehe. The pink numbers are added up and becomes the win multiplier for the total bet! Usually, this is around 23x to 27x. I haven't seen anything higher. If you don't like the first set of pink numbers, you get another 2 more tries at it, but the third try becomes the final award. So choose pinkishly! Hehehe.

Number 4: Wheel Of Pink Bonus game, randomly triggered in the main game, whereby pinky gets to spin a wheel of small fortune (won nothing big so far). The outer wheel awards a win multiplier for the total bet, whilst the inner wheel gets a respin or collect (which ends the game). For once, the little man is working together with pinky here, as he jumps for joy whenever pinky gets a respin! Yep...wished I could swish away those 'collect' symbols...hahahaha. Number 5: (drums rolling...) Pink Trail Bonus game! "Good morning Mr Clouseau! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to follow that trail of footsteps to the end, that will lead you to the stolen diamond! But be careful...that dirty-old-rat little man is hiding somewhere and he may just cut open a hole in the ground right where you are standing! Good luck Mr Clouseau...this message will NOT self-destruct...I ran out of dynamite!" Got the mission? Good! Hehehe. Four rounds of trailing to do here. Each footstep awards a number, representing the total bet win multiplier. You can chicken out any time, or go till the end. Take the trail, find that stolen diamond...and get your total numbers collected so far multiplied by x2. How big can this be? Geeee...I've made it up to 40x, just 2 more footsteps to go...and that dirty-old-rat cut a hole under my feet! Grrrrrr!!! Won only half of the total! If the last two footsteps could award 4x each, that would mean a total of 48x, double it up and that would be 96x. Perhaps 100x could be the maximum win, who knows.

Number 6: The Jackpot Adventure game, the one everyone has been waiting for, but not getting it, hehehe. In this game, you get to open 12 doors, whereby pinky panther, Inspector Clouseau and that little man are hiding. Getting 5 pinkies win the Major Pink Jackpot, 4 Clouseaus win the Minor Pink Jackpot, and 3 little man wins a consolation cash prize. There's a reaction timer running whilst you ponder which door to open, so do it quickly, or an award would be automatically given for you. If you're getting tired of reading...I'm even more tired of writing! Hehehe. Pink Panther is a marvellous game! It doesn't award you huge wins like Marvel games do, but you'd get one hhhell of a time playing it! **'re still here Mr Clouseau??? Aren't you supposed to be trailing???...zzzztttt...** :D
Lakenya Loh. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pink Panther is a 40 paylines progressive video slot that I enjoy to the fullest extent!!! To me this slot is a joy ride, winning within such a large amount of paylines, using the gambling feature occasionally to make better wins from smaller wins, the 5 other features that can really be a pleasant surprise and last but not least the two jackpots taunting me each time I push down the Spin button for my $0.80 bets. I don't know why those jackpots are up their? Is it for show? Is it placed behind a trophy case? I've not seen a jackpot hit in any of my sessions so I will not expect to find one in any of these progressive slots ever.

The 5 features are different from each other and are randomly triggered in the event of any spin regardless if the conclusion is on a win or loss. The 5 features are the Pow Wilds, a simple yet worthy mini feature where up to 6 symbols are randomly detonated into wilds which I discover to be very useful in the game. Then comes the Colour Pink bonus where each time I find this feature I will see many numbers from 1 to 3 on the wall and when I click the paint button, the pink panther will paint them pink! The other character with the mustache counter-cooperates to paints them blue. It's a matter of choosing which of the 3 rounds has the most multipliers for my $0.80 bet!

The next feature is the Wheel of Pink, a hit and miss way to get multipliers for my bets so long as each spin results in a number as well as the word "respin". If it stops on "collect" than the game is over with my collected prizes. The big potential is there most of the time and the unluckiest way I've had is landing a collect on my FIRST SPIN for 7x lol it didn't go very well.

The second last bonus is the trailing bonus. It's a decision making bonus for each time I decide to continue, Inspector Closeau keeps moving up the trail while providing me a number of steps he will take per selected "continues". Each footprint is worth a prize multiplier on my triggering bet. By being careful at every decision it is possible to double my total winnings in the end of the trail...when I find the diamond. There is something to watch out for. Somewhere on the trail the inspector can fall into a trap and have my winnings "Cut in half" If I get too greedy.

Finally the final feature is a great Crack the Pink code. It's a bonus round to start off with and I will have to pick a safe one by one! Each time I find a safe without the dynamite I would get free spins or one of the following: a multiplier or an expanding wild. I don't think they can be found together at the same trigger so take note. My favourites out of all the features are the Crack the pink code, the trail bonus and the wheel of pink! I won $186 in one trigger from finding the diamond inside the trail bonus! The diamond is worth 2x of my total wins so that's $93 x 2 = $186!!! I was ecstatic to find this amount!!! Pink Panther never fails to stay as a worthy slot to play on! Just keep in mind players that each bonus are independently triggered randomly so it can be icy sometimes. Make sure to light a camp fire when that happens and avoid nasty frostbites.

Pink Panther really is a gem and is worth a conclusive 13 out of 10!!!
Harvey. Reviewed on 28.09.18
I try this game on end of January but my memories are so fresh, and I want tell you my experience with this adaptation of popular movie. This is one of those slots which have a significantly higher number of payment lines of the other and with it greater potential gains on the drum slot machines. Pink Panther all remember as a cartoon then a very successful adaptation of this achievement and here today we have one slot game dedicated to Pink Panthers and clumsy Inspector Clouseau. This is a game with a lot of good bonus you definitely should not be missed.

This game I start with stakes of € 2 per spin that means that my line bet was € 0.05, so that on these 40 lines get a bet amount of € 2. Otherwise the game has two jackpot Minor and Major, and I can say that I was not even close to winning any of them. Speaking of bonuses Pink Panther them have as many as four while there are also two progressive jackpots in case you any of the above does not go as you imagined. The biggest prize will win with five symbols pink panther which in this game is a wild symbol, it is somewhat logical because always in every game mainly the main characters get epithet of wild symbol.

In short, if you win all five wild symbols on the five columns of the drum, you can expect to gain 5000 coins. I played safely but I did not get anything significant in the very beginning. After half an hour rather empty game came as a bonus symbols so I opened this bonus game, the waiting was worth it. This bonus that we mention the so-called "Crack the Pink Code Bonus" is in this moment activated for me. I managed to open as many as nine fields before the explosion, so I collected some best 26 free spins with a multiplier of 2x. In the first 10 free spins, winning € 30 and in the remaining 16 got an additional € 68. So the total gain in this bonus game is € 88, vowww I am happy my friends.

On the end, it must be recognized very creative bonus round where I won 26 free spins from which you can also extract a substantial amount of money but still would like to ask you to be careful with higher stakes because as the game is simply addictive. My experience was positive it does not mean that sometimes there will be bad times and on this slot machine, in any case worth trying.

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