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Piggy riches

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We are all used to the fact that if you call a person like a pig, it will not be flattery, but on the contrary an insult. Developers from NetEnt decided to defeat this stereotype, offering an interesting and fun gameplay in one of the best slots, which is called Piggy Riches. In this game you will encounter some funny game symbols that can bring you really good money. Even playing in demo mode, you will want to make spin again and again in order to view all characters of this slot.

Main Theme

Everyone can be surprised by royal luxury and wealth. However, the most surprising thing is that such riches can belong to two amusing pigs. And a part of these riches can go to any casino player who will bet on real money.

You will definitely get dizzy when you see how much wealth this game offers. All actions will take place in an elite mansion, in which two guinea pigs live: Mr. and Mrs. Piggy. The whole mansion is surrounded by a white fence. In the big yard you will see an avenue leading to the house, which is strewn with paper bills. There are also statues and fountains. All elements loudly declare about the viability of the inhabitants of the mansion.

During the reels you will hear the sound of the machine running to count money. If you land a winning combination, you will hear a cheerful tune. This sound design will contribute to your success.

Interesting Features

In some slots with a large number of lines, they are always active during the spin. In Piggy Riches slot machine, you can choose from 1 to 15 betting lines. This is a game with 5 reels and 3 horizontal lines of symbols. Since coins with a face value of $ 0.01 are accepted, this game is a penny slot.

You can put up to 10 coins in nominal value up to $ 0.50. The maximum bet on the game line and round is $ 5 and $ 75 respectively.

There are special symbols in the game. Piggy Riches provides an opportunity to use free spins.


Paid combinations are certain sequences of identical symbols on the active paylines. Usually these are 3 identical symbols, but there is an exception to this rule (you will get a payment for a combination of two special symbols). The first symbol of the paid combination must be on the leftmost reel. You will see the animation and hear a pleasant melody if your bet brought a win.

Each winning combination has a certain coefficient. In case of a victory, the amount of your bet will be multiplied by this coefficient to determine the size of the prize. The maximum multiplier in Piggy Riches slots game is x2000.


This slot uses a typical user interface for NetEnt products. These are simple controls that are under reels:

  • Lines – select the number of play lines for spin.
  • Level – select a number of coins for bet.
  • Coin Value – determine a face value of coin for bet.
  • Max Bet – choose max denomination of coin, max number of coins for bet as well as use max number of paylines for gaming round.
  • Autoplay – auto game mode (you do not need click Spin every time).
  • Paytable – see all payable combinations in Piggy Riches game.

A button with rounded arrows starts the game round. Press it when you have determined the size of the bet for spin.

Use the 4 standard buttons that are located in the lower left corner of the game window to adjust the graphics, sound, speed of the gameplay and get details about Piggy Riches.

Game Symbols

Reels of this slot will show you a thick purse, bags of gold coins, a pig-piggy bank, a key to the safe and other images. Also, there are cards from 10 to Ace.

Special symbols in the game are:

  • Wild with a picture of a boar in expensive clothes. It is able to replace the missing symbols in potentially winning chains. However, Wilds sequences are not winning. If you get a winning combination with Wild, your winnings will be multiplied by an additional coefficient of 3.
  • Scatter, displaying the pig-fashionista. This symbol is paid if you see 2 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. Also, these symbols are used to launch a bonus round with free spins.

Bonus Round

Land 3 or more Scatters on reels to activate a bonus round with free spin. You can get a chance to spin the reels for free up to 28 times. In this mode, an additional multiplier is used for your winnings, the size of which Piggy Riches determines by chance. The maximum value is x6. However, this multiplier can be increased to 18 if a paid combination with Wild was received.

There is no thematic mini-game in this slot. Although it could even more diversify the gameplay.


Piggy Riches does not offer the opportunity to win a cumulative jackpot. However, you have a chance to win 360,000 coins, which is the maximum prize in this game.


Piggy Riches slot is a game, which confirms NetEnt’s right to be considered one of the best providers in the online gambling industry. You will enjoy fascinating gameplay, great graphics and nice sound.

This slot, in which you can put only 1 cent per spin. However, do not forget that the more money you put, the higher your potential winnings. If you like risk, then use the Bet Max button. According to information provided by some casinos, Piggy Riches boasts a high RTP over 96%.


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Piggy riches Reviews by Players

Tobi. Reviewed on 30.06.18
Ah, Piggy Riches what to say about this creative Net-Ent 15 line Piggy Bank/1930s wealthy pigs slot? Wow writing that was pretty bizarre! Anyway Piggy Riches is a medium to high risk game, it will chew you up and spit you out with a severe hole in your wallet if you don’t respect it! Piggy Riches is now one of the oldest Netent games but it is a classic game and the wins possible are truly insane! It has funny sound effects like a game show / barnyard and an old fashioned sounding theme during free spins it is pig themed after all!

The reason this video slot is so popular well there is not just one reason there are several! Firstly I’ll begin with the paytable! 2000 x for 5 money bags however land this with a piggy wild and it is tripled! Giving the player a massive win of 6000 x their line bet! Other symbols range in value for 5 they include credit cards 1000 x, keys 750 x, purses 400 x, piggy banks 200 x and 10-ACE symbols varying from 50-125 x for 5. Piggy Riches is suitable whatever your budget you can play it from as little as 1p-1 line all the way up to £750 per spin! Ok so doesn’t the base game alone sound terrific? Wait till I tell you what the free spins has in store for you!

Free spins are activated when you land 3 or more female pigs on the reels players are then given a choice of their own which feature they would like! These choices range from 12 free spins x 6, 9 free spins x 5, 12 free spins x 4, 15 free spins x 3, and 22 free spins x 2. These change depending how many scatters you trigger it would take a very long time and these only slightly alter so will just tell you the value of the scatters and you can be surprised at what your choices are when you discover by yourselves. Two scatters doubles the bet and returns to player, 3 scatters quadruples the bet and gives players choice of free spins/multipliers, 4 scatters gives 20 x bet and gives higher value free spins and multipliers and 5 scatters gives 100 x bet and the crème de la crème of mutiplier rewards! Another nifty addition to these free spins are the wild still triples everything and for every lady pig player is awarded an extra free spin! So if you get 3 more females during free spins this is an extra 3 free spins! This can make free spins last a very long time and increases the chances of winning very big indeed even at a tiny 15p bet!!

Now that I am certain I have mentioned everything you want to know here is my
Pros of Piggy Riches!


Massive Pays possible the game titles extremely apt!

Fantastic free spins with big multipliers!

Tripling wild symbol(base game and free spins)

15 paylines or less not too steep for anyone's budget

Player is paid for every 2 or more scatters

Nice music & simple graphics prevent lagging and game malfunction

Fun to play for long periods of time.

I give Piggy Riches 8/10 very nice game but can be cold and take money as quick as DOA!

Grady. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Piggy Riches is a 15 Paylines video slot than I can enjoy from time to time. It depends on how Piggy Riches plays out for me. Can it deliver within 30 minutes of placing $0.60 bets or will it collect for very long minutes at a time? The decision is solely on these two factors but if I happen to collect more during my 30 minutes and hit free spins in the process then I will expect to have a great time while continuing on Piggy Riches.

In a way this slot is better than hitting free spins on Mega Fortune because I've hit more than 3 times in my sessions to see 3 and 4 scattered lady pigs holding and petting that present. Nice touch NetEnt! It's too bad that 4 scattered lady pigs are worth only 15x. That totalled to just $9 for my $0.60. I'm just shaking my head here realising how very small the price of 4 hard to earn scatters are. I know it should be much better. Make it at least 30x or so to make it worth while. As these scatters are averagely coming out it gave me choices of how to play out my free spins. Now the choices are completely random! I have seen 22 free spins at 3x, 10 free spins at 6x, 17 free spins at 2x, 25 free spins at 2x, even 25 free spins at 6x which is the most valued of choices! Not only are the choices a great idea but they have incorporated a gentlemen pig that pays 3x for all combinations. It's almost like Loaded only with lacking similarities (choices in Loaded are limited unlike Piggy Riches). What's more to get out of the free spins are for every lady pig scatter that comes landing anywhere on the reels she gives an additional 1 extra free spin per scatter occurrence! So if she comes out for 3 on a spin it would grant me 3 free spins more.

The most I usually win on Piggy Riches considering the feature would be about $68 for my $0.60 bets. I do wish I could hit 5 scatters because I like collecting screenshots of them! The nifty part is I don't know what I'll get until I trigger the free spins. It could be good (it usually is) or just down right nasty!

Overall, Piggy Riches gets a 7.8 out of 10 for the winnings I've made and if it would part with it's crispy bacon strips I would appreciate that too!
Lorrie. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Piggy Riches is a game I didn't play much until recently. I found myself in a position where I had small balance and I went to this slot because of its minimum stakes and after a few free spin rounds, it helped me get back on my feet.

This game has 5 reels, 15 paylines and free spins bonus round. The reason I like this game is the minimum bets, which are only 15 cent per spin so for me it is a great fit with small balance. I find the design of this game really interesting and fun. The theme is rich piggies, there are dressed up piggies and money symbols. As most slots, there are wilds that substitute for all symbols except scatters. And scatters are the key to free spins. For 2 scatters, you'll get winning twice your bet, but for 3 or more free spins. Great thing is that in the free spins each time you get scatter symbol, it rewards you with an extra spin and overall you can get 28 free spins. When you trigger free spins, you can choose your free spins and multiplier. You can choose from 9 free spins with 5x multiplier, 15 spins with 3x multiplier and 22 spins with 2x multiplier.

When I have free spins round, I usually go with either 9 spins or 15, because on one hand, I love 5x multiplier, but on the other, with more spins the possibility to get extra scatter is higher and 3x multiplier can pay really nice too. I almost never take 22 free spins because it doesn't seem really worth it. I think my highest win has been about 70x bet so far. Though I've seen some great winning screenshots so I think my big win on Piggy is right around the corner.

Overall I think graphics are great, theme is unusual and fun. I really like the free spins round because you can choose your spins yourself, also wild on main game and free spins can pay decent winnings. My only recommendation - if the game seems tight, stop playing it, otherwise Piggy will empty your bankroll with long dry runs.
Free spins feature is hard to trigger. This is the only bad thing which bothered me.

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