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Lessie Labombard. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Piggy Fortune's is a reincarnation of the old fairy tale story, "The three Little Pigs". The little ones have there side in the form of a by a storyteller lady while we adults get the adult version of the fairy tale, in video slot gambling form!! It's a normal 25 paylines paying nicely that I have gotten a few 5 of a kind wins that resulted for $4.50 and some for $6.60. Kings and Queens were most of what I hit most followed by 3 small house combinations.

The free spins is a classic "blowing down the houses by the wolf" called the Big Bad Wolf Feature! The free spins don't have a multiplier yet until one of the 3 houses get destroyed by the wolf. The houses have to be beside the wolf to get blown to bits! The good news about it is each destroyed house grants a multiplier when the wolf wild is in a combination but not for the overall free spins. The brick house is for 4x, the wood house for 3x and the least of everything, the straw house for 2x. The multiplier is applied when the wolf appears which does have a big disadvantage in trying to blow other houses down! On my $0.75 triggering bet my total won me $22.50. Usually, when I'm luckier it is around $40. I wanted the free spins to keep going but none of the pigs rebuilt any of the destroyed houses!
I find triggering the Big Bad Wolf Feature to be moderately hard and when inside the unlimited free spins I only had one spin where 2 scattered pigs were on the brink to repair one of my broken houses once the 3rd pigs scatter came out didn't appear! What I wanted to see are more scattered pigs to extend the life of the free spins because from what I have been seeing, the Big Bad Wolf destroys each of the 3 houses while no pigs were trying to repair them.

The feature was in need of balance, destroying and repairing so that each side will be scaling! Oh and by the way, how is it that the Wolf destroys the brick house in one blow!? At least 2 or 3 tries in blowing this brick house down would be sufficient for a feature like this and really, I find that even one breath alone can't take out a brick house. It would some good explosives or a helicopter crashing into one!

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