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panther moon Reviews by Players

Gianna. Reviewed on 03.07.18
It’s really cool that Panther Moon finally got an entry to the AskGamblers' games directory section because I believe this slot really deserves this kind of attention too. This is definitely one of my favourite Playtech game and it is on my list which contains the most beautiful slots I’ve ever played. This animal/jungle themed slot is very close to be perfect graphically and without a question the design of the atmosphere is a real masterpiece. I really like everything here what I get visually starting from the very tempting animal and flower symbols through the little animations till the perfectly used colours and even the card supplementary icons are very well designed. The black and purple tint domination on the screen is another kind of Jackpot which really strengthens the visual effects of the colorful symbols (my favourite is the butterfly pictogram) and makes all symbols nicely harmonizing to each other. I could praise this appearance with hundred other words but I think it’s the best if everyone come and see this game but for my part it’s a real and pure pleasure to the eye and hats off to developer for creating such amazing looking video slot.

Panther Moon is a 15-payline product and though it doesn’t offer too much features but what it does, well, that’s one of the best one what a mini game could provide. Generally, this game possesses all the qualities what it should have to be a modern, very great video slot. Black Panther is the Wild of the game and doubles the wins when it substitutes and it’s also the best paying symbol if it forms a 5 of a kind type win which rewards 10.000 coins. Fortunately, Wild appears very frequently on the screen and it’s also not rare when it completes own winning combinations. Scatter is the other very important symbol and not just it may reward us up to 500 times of total bet in extremely lucky situation but it also activate 15 free spins where all wins are counted by tripled value.

The best thing with free spins is the feature sometimes tends to repeat itself and when we have a chance to go with 30, 45 or even more spins with increased multipliers that’s really cool. My best run on it was with 3 re-triggered features around cumulative 38 spins and though my initial excitement was bigger than the final collected amount but I couldn’t have any reason to complain about at the end. Luckily, this attribute just like in the Wild’s case brings lot of memorable successes and make the game not just a fantastic looking but also a very profitable product occasionally.

The only thing what I dislike here and that’s why I don’t use it at all is the gambling feature. It’s not my preferred colour/suit type side game, rather it goes with the prediction of higher than dealer’s card but I don’t find it neither too usable nor entertaining, but I just wish that would be my biggest problem with any slot games.

All in all, in my opinion with Panther Moon, Playtech hit a home run and made an overall amazing game. It’s not too common if a game excel in all area and possesses all abilities to make its customers satisfied in many ways and that’s why Panther Moon is a very admirable and respectable product in my eyes. I just can advise everyone who isn’t familiar with this slot to come and try it and I’m sure it’s going to amaze and impress the majority of newcomers as it does often with the already existing customers.
Enough is enough as I played this Panther Moon slot from Playtech. I know that if I keep playing I will continue to lose so I will stop here and I will start writing this review. I have not played for long time a Playtech slot and however, this slot I did not liked at all. I did not like it just because I lost one game after another, and I did not like it also because this slot is like a combination of a classic and video slot that does not say anything when you play.

Yes its theme is good and beautiful, and I guess it about the full moon nights when the panther goes out, but the way the game is made, and especially these big losses and small winnings do not say something special about this slot. This is a weak slot maybe with some Playtech ambitions, but totally different from other Playtech slots which even if not top, can be played. But here... what to play? To give nine cents and to expect to lose one game after another? This slot does nothing extraordinary, nothing good just that sometimes you can earn just to not lose out too big. A usual winning value for this bet of 9 cents is 2-20 cents, and a good win about 50 cents. 1 Euro is earned only with great difficulty and after 15 minutes I never managed to have 3 scatters to play the Free Games.

Therefore no big wins, no special game-play, no music, no nothing. The Panther Moon, sorry to say it is one of the weakest slots that Playtech brought ever to the players. Ha, ha... here only now when I end to write this review I realized that the Wild here is the Panther (so weak it is this slot). Too bad for Playtech reputation!
Raeann Rowton. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Panther Moon is a 15 payline 5 reel slot coming from Playtech. I think that most of the people who have played this game on small bets are a bit disappointed because the wins here aren’t very big and at first look it doesn’t look like a slot which can produce mass payouts. But any experienced gambler knows that 15 line slots are capable of hitting big.

If you take a closer look at the paytable you will see that the payout from the wild and scatter symbols is a bit higher than on average slots. The good thing is that the scatter payouts begins from 2 all the way up to 5 with a win starting from 2x bet up to 500 x bet. The most I have won on this game are 4 scatters which provide a descent 20 x bet win. The best combination is when I hit 4 scatters in the free spins so my win came up to 60 x bet. This game has only a free spins bonus and you get 15 free spins with a 3 x multiplier. Again it doesn’t look like anything much but believe me like in some other 15 payline slots the free spins are often retriggered so you will often get 30 instead of 15 free spins.

Counting the scatter wins which come often in pairs and everything multiplied by 3 this slot can provide some big wins. I have to say that this slot reminds me very much of Safari Heat and I think they are both clone games because they are very much alike. Still I think that the base play wins are a bit bigger in Safari Heat. I play this slot from time to time when my balance allows it. I always play it on 1.5 euros bet starting with 100 spins. If I don’t get the free spins bonus within those 100 spins my balance drops for 70-80 euros. If I get the bonus I break even and continue to play. Usually when you get the first free spins bonus, you will get another and in 90% of the cases the feature is retriggered at least once. One time the free spins retriggered 4 times in a row and I had a great win.

I recommend this slot but only on a higher bet and you have to have a big balance to get a big win.
Ester. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Panther Moon video slot made by Playtech software and unique game with great graphics with animal theme, makes this slot more then enjoyable. Panther Moon is 5 reel and 15 pay lines, one of the slot s with the minimum bet of 0.15 cents but with awesome pay table, so the maximum you can win is 10.000 X your bet size.

So it kind of reminds me of DOA game just because of it huge payout or it’s something in this 15 liners slot. Before I didn't even think I would enjoy this 15 liners slots, but after seeing their payout I totally changed y mind. The Panther itself is a wild symbol, so will substitute all the symbols on the reel, except the scatter ones. The scatter symbol is the Full Moon symbol, so triggering 2 of them will double your bet, but triggering 3 of them will award the player with 15 free spins.

The good news about the free spins feature or maybe my experience, that during the base game the free spins feature is a bit difficult to be triggered, but when they are, then the free spins can be re triggered unlimited times and the winnings from the free spins are X 3 multiplier, which makes this game awesome. I have played this game many times, seeing one of our forum members, which I can call him the Master of Playtech slots, his great winnings from this game, actually that was the reason I start playing Playtech slots, specially this one.

But as I mentioned above, triggering the free spins are difficult but when triggered it can really give you decent amount of money, but for all I seem think that this game take a little bit of patient and of course bigger money balance. So far I can’t say I have won something spectacular, but still chasing those great wins, hoping to trigger something more then decent. I will recommend this game, just because has really big potential of huge wins.

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