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Pandora’s box

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If you are looking for a game with a progressive jackpot from NetEnt, you might want to opt for Pandora’s Box slots game. And the reason for this is not just the name of this game. This is a highly dispersive slot machine with a good RTP of over 95%, which contains all the functions that fans of modern video slots are so fond of.

Main Theme

The game takes place in Ancient Greece, during which people believed in the existence of various gods. Zeus, who was one of these gods, created a mythical woman, famous for its beauty. She received the soul of Athena-Pallas, the daughter of Zeus. As you know, Zeus allowed Pandora to visit people’s land. He gave her a casket, which he forbade opening without his knowledge. One of the vices of this woman was excessive curiosity. After a while Pandora opened the casket, because she was very curious. And at that moment all the misfortunes and misfortunes flew out of him in an instant.

When the woman closed the lid, it was too late. Only hope did not have time to fly out after those who left the casket and remained lying on its bottom. Here is such an interesting story unfolding on reels Pandora’s Box by NetEnt. However, this game does not bode you unhappiness. On the contrary, it gives hope that you will be able to receive generous prizes.

Interesting Features

Many gamblers like themes related to Scandinavian or Greek myths and legends, so NetEnt released this wonderful Pandora’s Box slot machine. It contains 5 reels and 20 paylines, the number of which you can choose at your discretion. Casino players will be able to choose coins in denominations from $ 0.01 to $ 1.  In the game you can use up to 4 coins to bet on the line. So, we have a 0.01 minimum bet and a $ 80 maximum bet on the game round.


Pandora’s Box provides an opportunity to get good cash for winning combinations, which are formed by several symbols lined up in a chain. The first symbol of the paid sequence must be on the leftmost reel. Each combination has its own prize pool (see Paytable section), which is used to calculate the winning amount. The most profitable combinations on an active line are paid.


First of all, you will need the buttons Bet Level, Bet Lines and Coin Value. The purpose of these tools is clear from the names. To start spin of reels, use the button with rounded arrows. Use the Max Bet button if you want to bet $ 80 on the game round. Below the green buttons, information about the rates and status of your cash account is displayed.

In the lower left corner of the game window there are standard buttons for adjusting the sound, graphics, speed of rotation reels. Use “?” button for more details.

Game Symbols

Let’s find out what symbols are waiting for us in Pandora’s Box:

  • Symbols of cards from 10 to Ace, which are carved out of stone. These are standard symbols that do not form the most profitable winning combinations. However, the largest chains can bring a payoff to 150 coins.
  • Symbols such as a warrior’s hat, a bunch of grapes, a lyre, an olive branch, a shield and a jug form paid combinations with a more generous payouts. The greatest profit will bring a combination of five helmets, for which you will get 750 coins.
  • Often, only one symbol is missing to form a good winning combination. If in place of the missing appears Wild, which depicts Zeus himself, then you will receive a 3 times larger amount than the winning fund of this combination.
  • Additional Wild with fire-breathing Zeus, which can appear only on the third reel. This symbol is also different in that it uses the x4 multiplier for the sum of your winnings.
  • Scatter, which depicts Pandora. Contrary to the legend according to which this woman has released all the misfortunes and misfortunes, Pandora will give you hope to get more generous prizes during the round with free spins.

Bonus Round

Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels. A combination of three or more of these symbols will bring prizes and the opportunity to use 10, 20 or 30 free spins. During the round with free spins, all your winnings will be multiplied by 3. This means that the combinations formed in the bonus round with the participation of Golden Wild will bring prizes multiplied by 12 * 3 * 4 (x144).


In this game, a jackpot is played. You have a chance to get 120,000 coins with Pandora’s Box.


Forget about what happened at the time when Pandora’s box was opened according to the legend. Keep in mind only the fact that there is still hope, which this game gives you for receiving big prizes. Running Pandora’s Box slots game, you can win a good amount of money. And the bonus round will allow you not only to save your money, but also to get higher wins thanks to the x3 multiplier.

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Pandora’s box Reviews by Players

Vannessa. Reviewed on 01.07.18

Pandora's box it is another one long time ago created game from net entertainment. Also this game is clone of wild witches and trolls game, so if you like this two games, this one will be same great for you, as it is have everything same, except layout which is ancient Greece i think.

This game has 20 lines, and like to clones here we have involved wilds, which also have x 2 multiplier and will pay x 500 bet, if 5 of this bastards will land of course. Also here is we have golden wilds only on reel 3, which have multiplier x 4, like you see, this is really just clone game with different layout. 5 scatters is another one chance to get great win - 500 x total bet +30 free spins, with x 3 multiplier.I Think this game is less lucky for me than other clones, because my results here a bit worse than on trolls for example, but i think i play this game also much more less than other two, so probably i just need play it a bit more, and great results will come. My best hit on base is even less than x 100 total bet, and for this slot it is not big win. In free spins once i made more than 100 x total bet, but with x 3 multiplier + wilds multiplier it is of course nothing, and not big result at all. Generally i think i am still win more than lost on this game, and this game is nice to play with bonus funds, bad streaks is almost impossible, and with bonus funds you will have a chance to bet higher.

Medium variance game with good chances to hit big, x 4 golden wild is great addition to this game, and if you happy with medium variance or need to clear bonus funds, this game will suite perfect for this goal.
Lately Pandora’s Box became one of my favourite NetEnt slots. I like its Greek mythological theme and find its layout good looking. The adorned Corinthian columns between every reel are really cool and give the little plus that make the game more authentic. Besides Pandora there is god (Zeus), helmet, shield, harp, vase, grape among the symbols and even the common figures, the numbers and letters are suitable.

Like some other NetEnt slots this 20-payline game has some good features. For example Zeus beside of being the best five of a kind symbol (x10.000) in the base game and substitutes for any other figures without extra function and doubles the prize in the case of a win, but if it appears on the middle reel and is a part of a winning line (Golden Wild appears only on the third reel and independent of normal Wild) has the power to multiply that win with x4. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have any bonus features but Scatter has a very great return (x500 of total bet) if 5 of them turn up anywhere on the reels and also triggers the free spin features, in this situation it means 30 spins, but 10 extra attempts can be won by 3 scatters appearance. All free spin wins are multiplied by 3.

My best section happened not too long time ago when was playing Pandora for a while and 10 spins without stake were awarded. The Golden Wild appeared in middle and 2 other Zeus figures joined it and the other spots also had the proper symbols so this spin paid out €47 and at the end of the free games I won €71. ‘Not bad’- I thought, and continued playing and shortly after I was lucky enough to get 20 free games thanks to 4 Scatters on the window. I really don’t know what winnings were under free spins I just remember Zeus appeared 7 or 8 times during this interval and had a 5 of a kind win by one of the better paying icons and after the 20 spins ended my balance got a push around €160.

All in all, I love this Greek themed slot and find its Scatter as one of the best paying that I’ve seen so far in its kind at the NetEnt slots. Pleasant view, great features, some good returns and some fun that’s all I got from this game and I think if someone loves this theme and play with it for a while, there’s a good chance to tell something similar at the end of the play.
Nichole. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Welcome to ancient Greece, where the almighty Zeus and Aphrodite conquered. Pandora Box takes you back to those days by using the Greek mythic gods as symbols, of which both could be of an significant value. For those of you who don't know: in ancient Greek history Aphrodite was seen as the love goddess, while Zeus always been depicted as the god of thunder.I think Net Entertainment did an outstanding job translating this theme into this slot. Of course Pandora's Box isn't the very first slot with this theme, and probably won't be the last game either. However, this game does offer plenty of potential. It has 20 paylines and 5 reels, while it also contains a wild symbol on each reel which gets portrayed by Zeus.The wild symbol is attached to a 2x multiplier, except the golden wild symbol on the 3rd reel because this one has a 4x multiplier instead. Therefore even in base game you can find yourself winning 50x, 100x bet size quite easily. This happened to me when I just started playing this game. The wins were adding up very nicely in a very short time frame.The minimum bet on this slot is only 20 cents, too bad I only had 60 cents bets when I was on a good run while playing Pandora's Box. But that's what random games are all about eventually. You don't know when you will be hitting a good win. Sometimes it's when your bets are extremely low, and sometimes it's when you just increased your bet size.Only once I managed to trigger the free spins. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols (Aphrodite) to win 10, 20 or 30 free spins. It wasn't easy for me to win 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier. The free spins bonus was a disappointment though, resulting in me winning only 5x bet size. In all honesty though, I do have to play this slot more to make a valid judgment since base game has been good to me, and free spins very disappointing. Definitely if you consider it could have 7x multiplier when you get the golden wild symbol on reel 3. So there is no doubt that there is more to win.My final rating for Pandora's Box is 7/10.
Opal. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Ohh we definitely know who this video slot represents ehh! As we all know Pandora's box is an artifact that shouldn't be opened. Once it's opened, we will now know the reason why we shouldn't have opened the box from the start! All evil lurks from within! A simple choice to open a mysterious box leaves the whole world in super detrimental disorder and by that we will know the true meaning of H e l l!

Luckily, we are safe to play NetEnt''s Pandora's box to grant us bountiful rewards then mega large consequences for everyone! The accuracy of Greek mythology is dead on, everything on this video slot is Greek-like from the fearful Zeus wilds to the scatters (Not sure if that's Pandora, Aphrodite, or a female mortal opening the box) . Come to think of the NetEnt slots around Pandora's Box, Excalibur and Wild Witches are like brothers and sisters!

The free spins are just 10 Free spins at 3x but I have to say they can come at random times! My $0.80 bets were getting restless of fitting into the feature after much efforts of dealing 30 spins to later get in return $35. Persistence was the quarterback for Pandora's Box when I played it! To keep things more interesting there are Zeus Wilds scattered around the reels to create double winnings for regular Zeus or the golden Zeus wild for quadruple my combination wins! I do however like how this slot has been made but I wish NetEnt would make a slot different from each other, something that will not lead to a similarity. It has led me to believe they kind of gotten lazy with the features.

I like the slot but I wasn't in "love" with it. Pandora's Box safety earns a 7 out of 10! NetEnt must give us more than 2 multiplying wilds....a wild reel, a random feature trigger or even multiple respins can grow very well on every player or something new that we have never seen before in slots!

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