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orbital mining Reviews by Players

Sherrell. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Orbital Mining is a very interesting looking ’space’ themed slot from TopGame and every time I land on this game to play I always impressed by its appearance. I believe TopGame really did a fantastic job creating this interface and surprisingly for my taste it’s almost perfect and really couldn't find any issue here. The best attribute of the screen is it can be a very authentic one which means it greatly representative a futuristic world and it’s obvious that the developers spent lot of time to work out every little detail and make the best they can. Of course we can see the endless space in the background mixing with perfectly drawn planet which even has a little animation while supplementary little things like function buttons got sci-fi like decoration as well as the visible font styles and even the background sounds are very fitting to this theme but the special effects and animations the game has are what I consider as really outstanding. The used symbols (and their displaying scheme) are also not common as mainly they illustrate asteroids, atomic, space guardian, otherworldly characters and they have really appreciable high quality graphics and for me the used colors are at least that much impressive as the entire screen. Hat off to the creators to imagine this great theme and they were succeed to pair it with an awesome visual work.

Very sadly the game segment is not even close to be mentioned in one sentence with the greatness of appearance. I suppose it’s enough if I say the best paying line win is worth only 500 coins and because the Space Guardian character which acts as a Wild doesn't have any win multiplying functionality (nor own paying ability) this ‘grand’ prize can’t be increased in any way during normal game mode, but at least the Jackpot emblem appear on the screen in stacked format and it also pays if just 2 of them appear on a paying line and sometimes we can advantage of the appearing formula but it’s not that meaningful in my opinion, except if we can witness as the entire screen turns into this symbol. This attribute can be acceptable if this 25-payline slot would pay from right to left direction too but it’s not the case and we can’t find any add-on's here that could compensate this very poor rewarding ability and I don’t really understand why it got such weak qualities.

I also can’t say this product would be feature-rich slot as the only two extra we meet here is the free spin and gambling feature. The free spin triggering Atomic symbol has the power to give out up to 100 times of total bet prize and start up to 33 free spins when wins maximum multiplier value may be x6 but in normal situation the given number of free spins is around 10-12 and I've never played with higher multiplier than x3 and I think this is a very average and well-known free spins extra session where the wins are also just average despite of the used multiplier here, and it’s also not a good thing that this features is very rare times triggered and playing the game for extended period it becomes obvious.

I don’t really like the payout ability at this slot and even if we can collect many smaller wins during normal games but none of them is what I really like to see on the screen and for a longer spent time with the game the decreased balance situation is very probably. From this mentioned thing it easily can be suggested that I don’t see too much potential in this game (except if an extremely lucky situation when all spots on the reels turn into the best rewarding symbol which could give back 15.000 coins but I suppose it’s just a theoretical possibility and not what we can see in reality.)

Overall, I have very mixed feelings regarding to this slot because there are many things that I like here and find exceptional while the other things are just ordinary for me and there’s some issues that influences the entire gaming experience and not in a bad way. I still think the game is worth to play it mainly because of the unique and attractive appearance but we can’t have any high hope or illusion about its paying ability because probably just disappointment will be the only result of doing this.
Willena. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Top Game software has never been my favorite choice of slots. As long as Playtech exists that’s not gonna change. Lately I had a lot of free time and no money on my Neteller balance so I decided to try out some no deposit bonuses that have been piling up on my mail. The first bonus I took was at Sunset Slots casino. It was a descent 50 dollars no deposit with a 500 max cashout. I had to wager about 7 000 I think which was pretty high but I didn't expect any success so I didn't mind. I know that I don’t like Top Game so I decided to try some of the new Premium Play slots. The first slot I saw was Orbital Mining. I liked the name so I decided to try the game. I have to say that I really liked it. The animations were verygood and I liked the music. It looked very futuristic. I didn't even bother to read the pay table because I didn't expect to win anything and I was just playing on a minimum bet. I got 3 scatter symbols very fast and the free spins bonus round started. I liked it because I needed to choose two planets which awarded extra free spins and a multiplier. Overall the bonus feature looks promising but the payout was terrible. I won only 4 euros from 18 free spins with a 5 x multiplier. That’s why I don’t play in Top Game casinos. The payout is just too small. Anyway I was really frustrated with this and decided to raise my bet to 1.25 and play my balance away fast. Suddenly the screen was full of max symbols. I didn't know what the heck happened but I had a win of 625 dollars. That was amazing. A 500 x bet win which I think is the maximum you can get from this game. Overall a good game but the symbols pay very little during base play and bonus round.

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