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octopays Reviews by Players

Elvia Erhardt. Reviewed on 02.06.18
Octopays is microgaming slot, and it was released back in 2013. I remember myself spinning and spinning this slot a lot of time on different microgaming casino, and right now i realize that i do it almost with every new game, lol, i am addictive to new games or something like this, because i am always play new games just right after it is released. Also i believe that i am lucky player for new games, because most times i am finish with nice profit.

When octopays was released, i start with redbet casino and 50$ deposit. So 50$ to play new slot, it is always good. I play at 0.60 probably 4-5 hours, and finish with 320$ on my balance, which was paid on my skrill account in 5 minutes. Okay, now i have even more money, and i just continue play this game at different casinos. Did not had a lot of luck, but i remember that i finish that first day with around 300$ + in winnings. Believe or not, but i am usually win on new slots, except new netent games, last one good for me was wild rockets, won 500$+ on first day. Octopays has 243 lines, and i am happy that it has not many wilds, only on 2 and 4 reels, by the way feature triggered when they come in one spin. Payouts for single 5 of a kind is good, because as i say there are not many wilds. Feature is amazing, big octopus can place more wilds on reels, or on middle reel can appear another one fishy wild. This is exactly game which i need, because variance is medium, and because i like the games when 5 of a kind pay something more than 10 x bet.

Conclusion: Really great game, with interesting feature, and medium variance. It is always nice to give this octopuses few spins, and few times they save my balance from zero result. I recommend this game and i give it 9 stars, almost 10, but 10 only for legends :)
I tried Octopays slot several times on my gambling sessions in microgaming casinos.The slot is 243 ways and features sea world and all sort of underwater animal symbols.It is relatively newer slot and very nicely designed.

My first time on octopays was when i had big wagering requirements so i jumped from slot to slot to check which one will be most suitable for wagering my bonus.Unfortunately octopays was not the one i was looking for. I played it for around an hour but won only one the kraken feature(free spins) and few small 3 of kind wins.There was a lot of empty spins that brought nothing and the free spins i won did not payed closely enough to get me to stay on octopays slot.

Free spins are triggered when you get octopus on reels 2 and 4,you get 12 free spins and during them a little tentacle comes out and places octopus wild on different reels except on reel 3. If the octopus does not pay it swims away.On reel 3 ugly fish may appear and act as wild and if you have it together with octopus in a wining combination they get inked and multiple win by 2. I had no luck in free spins and that octopus always landed where it did not complete any win and just swam away after.

Other then kraken bonus there is no other cool bonuses on this slot so it is pretty boring to play it for a long time.I guess it is for those people who don't really care about bonus features and just want to win base game wins.I am definitely not among those people and i like slots that have many bonus features to keep me entertained and focused to keep playing it.

For my conclusion i will rate it in my 3 categories.First payouts did not impress me at all(could be just my bad luck though) and i rate them 6/10,second fun i had playing on this slot rate is 4/10 and the last win big with small bets i rate 5/10
Aleen. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Octopays is shortened for "Octopus Pays" ( According to me ) and one can take that in literal sense too because in this lot actually the octopus pays you some hard cash. This is another Microgaming slot with 243 ways to win and 5 reels. The theme of the slot is set amid the deep sunken ship where there are different sea animals that have found their residence in this ship. All the symbols are inspired from the sea animals like Octopus and other small fishes and also from equipment found on a ship.

As one would expect from a 243 ways to win slot, this slot has average to good returns on the base game. From good i mean almost 25X the total bet on the base game itself which is much greater then other slots. I have always been fond of MG slots because they not only offer good graphics and sound but also a feature rich slot with very good returns... This slot is no different and apart from the base game it has a feature that can give you hefty amounts of cash. Also, a noticeable thing on the slot is that there are no scatter symbols or you can say the wild symbol is the scatter symbol itself and appears only on reel 2 and 4. If the wild symbol simultaneously appears on reel 2 and 4 it triggers the bonus game called " The kraken Bonus round" where a giant octopus appears from behind the reels to award you some cash. The bonus round gives you 12 free spins with the giant octopus from behind the reels placing up to 4 random wilds on reels 1,2,4 and 5. On third reel appears an extra wild in the bonus game which when appears gives you 2X your winning combinations. Every spin the wilds are placed on new reels giving you greater winnings on whole. Although the slot promises for up to 4 extra wilds on the slot , i personally have not got more then 2 of them on the reels but still accompanies with an extra wild on reel 3 and 243 ways to win you will at least end up 100X your total bet. The returns from the slot sometimes are disappointing to and my lowest being just 10X bet which was $6 on a bet of $0.6 per spin. i would say average pay out from the bonus game is about 50X of the total bet.

Recently , i was playing on comeon casino on the same slot and i triggered the bonus round which paid me approx. $60 on a bet of $0.3 per spin which is almost 200X the bet. Luckily i have the screenshot for the same which i will upload here too. Overall this slot will keep you entertained for quite some time and i would give it definitely a 9 on 10.
Krista Kierstead. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Octopays is a way wins of 243 paylines video slot. I appreciate the background and the light music Microgaming made for Octopays but to tell you the truth I don't see myself using this for wagering requirements or playing it for hours.

One thing I know is it got me very bored to start off and the closest wins I have received had been only for 4 of a kind combinations on base game. The 5 of a kind cannot be seen in this underwater adventure when I placed it for $0.90 bets. I tried to play it for 20 minutes more then I started to lower my bets to $0.60. There are much more pays appearing in this bet including the scattered wild octopus. That is one of the things that made me disinterested in the is because there are just two wilds on Reels 2 and 4 that occur typically almost never. The wilds aren't all over the place to create winnings easier.They act as both the Scatter and Wild of Octopays. Microgaming should of at least made these wild octopus' stacked. I know it's probably easy for the trigger but had they thought of two more wilds attached at both ends of this octopus it can be easy to make winnings and produce a feeling that I may or may not hit a home run on the trigger. Just a broken part of stacks showing on both reels of 2 & 4 would make hitting the trigger effortless at least by 40%. That's the idea I would want on this slot to say the least. Wild and scattered octopus' are always hiding in the dark and most likely in each spin I made I would have to line the combinations naturally without the assistance of wilds. Many other successes can overpower Octopays because they do so well at paying in the main game and have a HIGHER chance of hitting the feature.

The Octopays feature is a very hard to come by Kraken feature that gave me 12 free spins only. It featured wild octopuses on random positions to create winning combinations.....they aren't held sticky for the duration unfortunately. When there is a symbol of an eel on Reel 3 it gives not only a substitute win of 2x but if I find there are octopuses on the reels, these orange fellows produce ink that doubled the win I have. I only had $31 total from 12 Free spins and this trigger took 45 spins before I can get it. Good music, nice underwater background, tough to land Kraken Feature, ideal bet of $0.60 is recommended and less than decent wild octopus appearances. The Underwater wonder of Octopays has been granted a fair 5.3 out of 10! Diving into "other" way win slots know the true definition of paying out!
Geneva. Reviewed on 28.09.18
The only video slot, in my opinion that pays average big with 243 winlines. First time i played this game was at betat online casino. Little octopuses appear on reel 2 and 4 and trigger the free spins feature. When the feature is triggered, the big octopus appears on the background and the free spins start with random wild symbols (sometimes they don't appear thou).

My experience with the free spins was great, on the third free spin, i got 3 wild symbols on reel 1 and 2 and 3 wild symbols on reel 4 and 5 and that was my first big win with this video slot. Big win? Yes it was very big, it could be bigger if the eel appeared on reel 3, the eel symbol double your winning. but unfortunately it did not appear.

This game is the only one i know that just needs 2 scatter/wild symbols to trigger the bonus feature. I wonder if the free spins can be re-triggered in the free spins feature itself? The wild symbols unfortunately are not sticky wild because otherwise you can win a large of amount of money with this game.

The biggest win i ever won with this game was 130 euro with only 0,60 per bet/stake. It''s a pity that not every online casino has this game on their game list.
I know this game for a few months but I played it very often because i find it very joyable. The soundtrack is fantastic to hear and the graphics are quite high.

Although the game is very simple but i can play it for hours. In fact i have played this game for more than 3 hours. Why? I don't know, maybe because of the music that hypnotize your brain but still i find it a great game to play, for fun or winning. Either way, i also recommend this one for all my fellow gamblers. I am sure you will enjoy this game as i did. but that''s just my opinion.

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