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ninja fruits

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ninja fruits Reviews by Players

Soila. Reviewed on 03.07.18
Pros: Ninja Fruits is another video slot produced by the likes of Play’n Go. This game somewhat surprised me when I started playing it. Initially I found the theme a bit goofy, since I didn’t really see the correlation between ninjas and juicy fruits. Well, if you always wanted to see what it looks like to slice up the most delicious fruits at one go with a sharp edged sword, then Ninja Fruits definitely is a game that I can warmly recommend.

This video slot offers 5-reels, 3-rows and 15-paylines. The symbols are decorated with several masked ninjas which appear in different colors. Furthermore, there is also some sort of Mr Miyagi symbol (Old Ninja with beard), Geisha and of course the most delicious fruits available like grapes, melons, oranges, strawberries and pineapples for instance.

I played this game briefly on the minimum bet size of 15 cents. It’s cheap to play so why not if your bankroll isn’t huge and doesn’t allow big bets. I like how the fruits get sliced up after every winning combination. There are a couple of symbols that need to be closely watched.

The Old Mr Miyagi (I’ll just call him this way) functions as wild and can replace all other symbols except scatters and bonus symbols. The Geisha acts as scatter symbol in this game, while the ninja stars hold the key to trigger the bonus game.

I managed to trigger the bonus game a couple of times by getting 3 ninja stars. It gets introduced by some inspiring oriental music to get into the mood to play the bonus game. Not that it’s needed, since anyone would be game if there is money to be won lol.

During his bonus game there are several fruits placed on top of a table on various heights. You then have to throw the ninja stars on a fruit of your choice. As soon you miss the game ends. I didn’t have too much success with this game since I never won more than 10x bet. So from that perspective this game could be better, even though the max to be won is 150x bet.

Then there is also the free spins feature which gets triggered with 3 geisha's like I said before. When this happens, the geisha grabs an umbrella which is filled with symbols. The umbrella then spins like some sort of wheel of fortune until it comes to a stop. The assigned symbol then determines how many free spins you’ve won. The free spins feature also had some extra scatters which I didn’t quite understand.

But when a particular symbol appeared it multiplied all of a sudden to award me a coin prize. The nice thing about the free spins is that it isn’t clear how many you win. I managed to trigger it twice and won 10 free spins only. Not sure what the max is it can award. During free spins I did however win a prize of around 80x bet.

Although my results weren’t bad I was hoping for a bit more action.
Cons: Lack of good wins during base game.
Corene. Reviewed on 26.09.18
Pros: "Ninja Fruits" does not seem a very attractive name for a slot machine, in fact I myself hesitated a bit before starting with this game, a priori I could not see what interesting they might have a lot of fruit next to a handful of ninjas; playing after a while it occurred to me that the intention of Play'n GO might be to create a game that would attract players of all genres, which I think is a totally valid argument in the process of mass a product of these characteristics.

Play'n GO has had the ability to surprise me with its game "Ninja Fruits", since starting from a seemingly meaningless concept, it has managed to contextualize each element so that everything flows very naturally during the course of the game, and in order to achieve this it has developed an impressive job on graphics, animations and sounds, putting great care and attention to the smallest detail in a totally professional manner. The truth is that the only word that comes to my mind to describe this game is "delicious". The game runs at comfortable speed, their payouts are decent, it has enough bet levels, 15 paylines, wild symbol that works as substitute, and two special features, free spins and bonus round.

The bonus round is triggered by the appearance of 3 symbols with the image of a ninja star, then the screen makes a transition to a training camp where the player throws a ninja star and your targets are some fruits, and per each fruit successfully destroyed player earns a certain number of credits as reward. The round ends when player fails or it run out of fruits.

The free spins feature for me is what gives flavor to this game, and the reason is that it is always different. After 3 symbols with the image of a geisha appear, the figure is activated, after that a woman with an umbrella that works like wheel of fortune to select which symbol will work as scatter during free spins and corresponding to each one is a certain number of free spins. The fact is that the number of spins does not depend on the number of scatters obtained in the base game in the feature activation, and you always have the same opportunity to obtain a greater number of turns, this above adds extra excitement to the game to make it even more enjoyable. During the free spins extra scatters expand along the reel and form paylines matching same symbol reels even if they are not adjacent, this seems a little hard to explain but you will understand it when playing.

However, in this game I ended up winning and I loved it, and I like more to see efforts that more and more developers are focusing on the details of their slots giving importance, not only to the part of money, but to the ability of their games to generate fun.
Kathleen. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Pros: Ninja Fruits is awesome. I really did not want to play this game when I first saw it, but am happy that I gave it a try. Upon first glance you don't think that this game can pay big and try to avoid it, but when you actually give it a try, you realize the potential in this game.

Like most of Play'n'Go games the game has 15 lines and two features. There is a bonus game and free spins, and my favorite is the free spins. Once you get geisha on 1, 3 and 5th reels you get 10 free spins with a random scatter. First time I got this feature I got watermelons as scatter, and got five of them a couple of times. On €0.30 I walked away with over €60 and was really happy. I don't like getting picture as scatters because even if they pay huge they never come out.

The bonus game is also pretty cool and you need to get stars on 3, 4 and 5th reels. This is a pick bonus and for hitting fruits you get cash prizes. Not a bonus where you can win lots, but on average I was getting around €5 to €10 on €0.30 bet.

The graphics in the game are pretty cool and sound effects are nice. Because the game is not expensive you can also play it for a long time and I was playing it for ages.

Cons: Double tapping is a bad idea in this game. I did not win anything and the feature was impossible to catch. The free spins feature is very difficult to get, and sometimes I would spend what I won on free spins, just to get them again.

The game can also turn off really quick. Just when I get warmed up and raise the bet, everything stops coming out. And if the feature comes out, it would give me a ninja that does not come out in free spins. Over all a game with a serious potential that can pay huge. My rating 7 out of 10.

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