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nauticus Reviews by Players

Madelyn. Reviewed on 02.07.18
Pros: I wouldn’t say that this maritime themed slot has the best graphics I’ve ever seen at video game but it still has some visual elements I like. It has a very compact interface with decent designing work and relative good color usage but what I really like is the card symbols. They’re not illustrated in traditional forms and all of them consist of pictorial elements what are very suitable for the theme of the game and I find this solution very creative. Even though they’re not forming a comprehensive unit but they’re really look good and fitting to other symbols (torpedo, shark, Nauticus, anchor, octopus, sea mine). So this is an average quality interface with some respectable and imaginative symbol illustrating techniques.

Unfortunately, the slot has a very limited paying ability which is a real drawback at this game. I think it’s enough if I say that the best rewarding line win is worth only 250 times of line bet which is ridiculous, the Wild has no win multiplying or rewarding ability and appears only on the last 4 reels or the best what we can win by Scatters is just to return the stake. I believe none of these attributes is good enough for a modern slot so it’s a mystery for me why the creators assigned such poor qualities to this game.

Strangely, despite all of these very weak qualities the slot still offers some good features. Free spins can be awarded in numbers of 10-60 which is decent and although the wins don’t be multiplied there but at least Sticky Wilds may appear on the last four reels and remain the same position for 5 spins. One or two spins with 3 or even more such Wilds are really great but every time when I had that situation unfortunately the new symbols weren’t arranged to give me a big win. Generally this side game not a very good paying one and there are some entries here when I must have gone out without any remarkable wins.

3 Torpedo figures on the table trigger the Torpedo Bonus where we have to destroy sea mines and we have 3 torpedoes to shoot down one sea mine. Playing with $1 bet I have 15 sea mines to eliminate and doing that the first one pays back $1, the second $2, the fourth $5 and so on while the last one would be worth $15.000 but something inside in me says that will be the one that I will never shoot down. It wouldn’t be a bad game at all but in my opinion more reaction from players’ part wouldn’t have hurt this secondary game.
The slot also offers a small instant feature when 3 or more such Sea Mine figures arrive to the reels and picking one of them reveals its cash prize. The average amount I usually win by it is around x10-x20 times of my total bet.

Despite the brutal line win paying ability it is a surprisingly good slot and the side games really do their jobs. Though this is not an action rich product but I never felt myself bored and the game can be entertaining and diversified but it still can’t step into the ‘real great’ video slot category. It is rather an average products with very reliable game functions. I think Nauticus is a fine example for being an ordinary game that no one would name as a favorite slot but also no one turns away from it saying it’s a horrible game. Mostly I use this slot as a warm-up game and just play here a few spins before I switch to another slot where I want to spend more times to play.
Cons: The worst possible part are the payouts of just 1 cent for two of the symbols of the slot (“3 of a kind”). This is inconceivable for Microgaming, payouts smaller than even the payouts of the old NetEnt slots! Even the best payout for “5 of a kind” major, is just 10x bet, that is 2.4 Euros! Yet with all these frequent payouts you are in advantage. Probably the Microgaming fame ....

And there is something else totally bad: even when it is extended and played in full screen this slot is still small. Like if it was not a Microgaming slot.
Arlen. Reviewed on 27.09.18
Pros: After the first two spins played at Nauticus from Microgaming I said myself, wait a minute you have played this slot in the past. So much this slot resembles the Subtopia slot from NetEnt, that I even looked at Nauticus page at AskGamblers to see if I have not written this review. And this despite the fact that slot is brand new here at AskGamblers and although the game is not yet part of many Microgaming casinos. The slot has some good parts, but it is so weak in a particular aspect that I hardly believed that this is slot from Microgaming.

But I will start with the good parts. First of all even Nauticus resembles very much with Subtopia of NetEnt, however the game is played differently here. A positive fact is that all along the 250 spins played, despite the extremely low payouts I always had about 6 Euro extra. A second positive aspect is that the Free Spins and the Pick Me Bonus are very frequent (about one every 20-25 spins you get to play one of these). It is enough to play in auto mode, in series of 25 spins and each time you enter in a one of the two features. The third thing and best of all is the bonus game. Until now I met just a single slot that had a bonus like this (in iSoftBet): here playing the bonus is just about skill (not luck) and if you practice enough you can win from this bonus up to 2000 Euro. I will tell you why: in this bonus you have to hit some stationary mines having available 3 torpedoes for each, fired from a submarine moving up and down. If you got well the shooting moment nothing prevents you get to the mine that offers 2,000 euros!

But the slot has also a very weak part and therefore only gets from me an appreciation slightly better than the average.

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