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Naughty Or Nice Spring Break

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Naughty Or Nice Spring Break Reviews by Players

Angelyn. Reviewed on 04.07.18
Pros: Wait a moment, isn’t that dolphin having in its beck a pair of woman panties (bikini)? I wonder why in the world is so difficult for RTG to make a really good and appealing slot!? Almost everything is indecent in this “Naughty or Nice Spring Break” slot. Maybe the two girls in beach suits are appealing, but about the gestures they make ... better not to talk. And another thing: you have seen what ugly and big fat belly has that Santa, having on its right and left the two girls (the Naugty and the Nice)? Not to mention the abs of man that just finished his surfing that only sexy does not seem to be! Maybe I myself, I am fat and ugly sometimes and also I have aged, but I avoid exposing like this ...

As I said, the RTG game designers have much to learn from other casinos. There are even casinos whose slots have much less sophisticated graphics, but they are more tasteful (Thunderkick slots for example).

About the game play there is not much to say: the old RTG tradition to lose almost in any condition is fully respected. As I said in about all my RTG reviews: even if you do not lose much, for sure you lose and you will never meet all the wagering here. It is like throwing money in a black hole, even if you get a 300% bonus and it is still not enough to make a withdrawal at the end. (Not to mention that most complaints about withdrawals are gathered also by RTG). Many RTG slots have a so-called Guaranteed Feature, and here this is also present. But now to have this Guarantee you have to pay something extra to the total bet (10 cents extra to the bet of 30 cents). And because these Free Spins are awarded somewhere between the spins 25 and 250 and you win always just about 3 Euro (that is, almost nothing) you are still at a loss.

I have shown all these as positive facts although many of them are generally drawbacks. Too bad for this slot because it is new and some of the latest RTG slots were better.
Cons: Even if sometimes you can also win 3-4 Euros from a spin, the average payout for a bet of 30 cents is some 15-20 cents. That is, in general one is losing. You are very rarely in advantage and this stands only for short periods of time. Although the graphics are beautiful, because some gestures of the characters, the overall aspect leaves much to be desired. Although it is better than many of old RTG slots, this game is still weak.

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