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Mythic maiden

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Some video slot developers add original stories to their games to attract the attention of gamblers and provide an interesting gameplay. Many NetEnt slot machines contain unique symbols whose functions correspond to the story from which they are taken. This feature also has a Mythic Maiden slots game, which will appeal to fans of mystic genres and horrors.

Main Theme

All activities in Mythic Maiden by NetEnt occur in the attic of the old house. Here you will see a lot of different items that look strange and even ominous. All these things were collected by a certain traveler, who brought them from their wanderings. One of the main subjects is the Mythical Maiden.

This is a mysterious and mystical slot that looks even a bit scary. The light in the attic is dim, and this helps your imagination create terrible images. In addition to everything, you will hear a mysterious melody that fits well with the general theme of the slot. You have to explore the attic, because among all these items are hidden treasures that you can find.

Interesting Features

Mythic Maiden provides opportunity to spin 5 reels and place bets immediately on 30 paylines. The game accepts bets on the line from $ 0.01 to $ 0.50. However, the minimum bet on the game round is $ 0.30, since all gaming lines are always in active state. With the ability to bet in the amount of up to 10 coins per line, you will be able to bet up to $ 150 per spin.

Additional features:

  • The round with free spins is available.
  • The maximum payout is x2000.
  • Special symbols (Wild and Scatter) are available.
  • Demonstration mode for those who are not ready to play for real money or wants to test the Mythic Maiden slot machine is present.


If you land 3 or more identical symbols on the active line, you will receive a prize that corresponds to the received paid combination. An exception is a symbol with a mask image. Two masks located side by side are a paid combination. The first symbol of any paid sequence must be on the leftmost reel. You will receive a prize for the highest paid combination on the active line only.


Despite the fact that NetEnt uses mythical themes, the main controls have a common design. You can use the following slot controls:

  • Level tool is used to select the number of coins for a bet.
  • Coin Value tool can be used to change the coin denomination.
  • A button with rounded arrows located in the center is used to start the rotation of the reels.
  • Autoplay button can be used instead of the previous button if you want to use the automatic reels function in Mythic Maiden slot.
  • The Max Bet button is designed to maximize the bet size.
  • “i” button for viewing the pay table.

The game uses virtual coins, the values ​​of which correspond to certain amounts in real money. On the main panel you will see information about the bet with coins. Data in real money is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Also, you can adjust the quality of graphics, volume and speed of the game using the appropriate controls located in the lower left corner of the game window.

Game Symbols

All the things that are stored in the attic look very strange. So, do not be surprised that you will be shown reels in this slot. All symbols are divided into the following types:

  • Symbols of poker cards from 10 to Ace. These symbols form low-paid combinations. However, the payment for 5 Aces will be x125.
  • Chest, a book with a hand, an ancient man’s skull, a spider and a head with a sewn mouth. These strange symbols contain Mythic Maiden. Combinations involving chests bring the lowest wins. However, the head with the sewn mouth is the most desired symbol. For a combination of five such symbols, a payment of x2000 is calculated.
  • Wild, depicting a broken window, behind which is visible the full moon, turning into a skull. This special symbol can replace any other characters except Scatter.  All paid combinations that were formed with the participation of Wild, bring prizes multiplied by 3.
  • Scatter with two red and blue rotating fireballs. In addition to spectacular animation, this symbol opens access to the bonus round with free spins.

Bonus Round

To start the bonus round, land 3 or more Scatters on reels. Each casino player will receive 10, 15 or 30 free spins for 3, 4 and 5 Scatters respectively. In this round, to the right of the reels appears Mythic Maiden, which will display the randomly selected prize. It can display an additional multiplier, through which you will receive more generous payouts, as well as the number of additional free spins. During the bonus round, the current bet is used.


This slot does not offer a progressive jackpot. The maximum win is x2000 for 5 characters head with a sewn mouth.


You do not need to be afraid of the terrible theme used in Mythic Maiden, because the more terrible the symbol looks, the higher the amount of potential win you expect. All fans of thematic slots from NetEnt will definitely appreciate this game.

The main feature of this slot machine is a bonus round in which you can receive additional free spins and use multipliers to increase the winning amount several times. This slot is also popular for the fact that its reels often display paid combinations. Keep in mind the fact that the higher the amount of your bet, the more generous prizes you will get.


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Mythic maiden Reviews by Players

Karin. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Mythic Maiden is your creepy 30 paylines video slot provided by NetEnt! I will see on the right side of the slot that there is this iron maiden (a magical tomb of some kind) is locked until free spins are activated but I will explain more about that later.

Everything is always positive whenever I win on this slot. The full moon wilds are what contribute the best in tripled any combination it lands on. Now I don't mind that this full moon has a skull or a face for a matter because it aids very well when I bet for $0.90 - $1.20 bets a spin! But we all know that full moons containing a face does seem rather unsettling or one that laughs in a deep evil voice. Can't get that thought out of my head now.

The 30 paylines are really useful for it is able to create an "N" or backwards "N" pattern nicely. I expect winnings over $0.90 almost every time, in small to medium sized and larger wins when the full moon is in sight! But here's the greater news! Whenever these scattered swirls of red & purple land for 3 on reels it gives 10 Free spins (more if there are more) and the lock on the Iron maiden casket opens up it's sweet mysterious goods. In every spin there will always be something like a multiplier, free spins or both appearing in the Iron Maiden! What I discovered before my free spins ended was not only a very sweet 10 extra free spins for retrigger it again on my 3rd last spin but in one of the newer spins (16th spin) I found a 4 combination of spiders with a full moon (3 spiders + full moon paying 3x) and the iron maiden, while leaning in major curiosity of what it will bring me at the end gave me a super 10x multiplier! I won an amazing $159 from my 20 Free spins on $0.90 trigger bet. It's the end of each spin is what hypnotizes myself and my curiosity very well. You won't know what you'll get in each spin.

One thing to hate about Mythic Maiden is if free spins get wasted. For example I would come to no combinations and the Iron maiden gives away a 6x multiplier but if it gives 2 free spins on that wasted effort than I can't complain! What Mythic Maiden needs to make everything excellent is if it can award an "expanding wild".........with or without the combinations of free spins and multipliers. My reaction would be "OMG this slot is totally bangable (Hot)"! Tripled full moon wilds, Free spins giving out unexpected rewards, very good base game wins of returned bets or more and I absolutely like NetEnt for being thoughtful in giving 30 paylines rather than less. Mythic Maiden is an 8.2 out of 10 for me!
Demetra. Reviewed on 27.09.18
I always thought NetEnt successfully solved a problem with Mythic Maiden and was able to turn it to their advantage. The situation seems to me as if they hadn’t any real idea what to do with the next slot game and in what subject around, and while creating this game they took the components away from somewhere else, from other slots of their palette and mixed it all in one complete game.From the background image and the grinding sound of a door I could imagine they belong to a ship that sank long time ago and had all the stuff that wait for to be valued. I didn’t find a common ground between the symbols which are treasure chest, animal skull, spider, head of ancient warrior, a book in a mummy like hand, a moon that turns to a skull (Wild), and the uncategorizable scatter. The mythic maiden refers to a locked, sarcophagus like coffin that displays all the time on the right side of the screen. The original story says it’s a very experienced adventurer’s attic and all the relics and keepsakes he collected from all over the world can be seen. Well, if I look at it that way it can make sense but it’s a little forced to me, not that it would matter too much.Anyway, the layout, the graphics are superb but talking about a NetEnt slot it’s almost evident and as I see it they really caught the moment with the half-light in the back. It has awesome free spin feature which is the only side game her. During the original given 10, 15 or 30 free spins the Maiden is unlocked and randomly reveals multipliers and/or additional free spins to every winning. The multiplier can be between x2 and generous x10 and it pays relatively well especially if we don’t forget the Wild from the extra games that also add its own to the total.Very rare occasions were, where my final win didn’t reach x40-x50 of my total bets, but it tends to disappear for long times. Without it the game’s payout is not too tempting. Mythic Maiden is not on my list for every day playing but not a bad game and the maximal 60.000 coins of Jackpot is respectable.

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