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mystique grove Reviews by Players

Lemuel Hayse. Reviewed on 02.06.18
“Mistique Grove” is a slot where you have to be persistent. Although it is a relatively new slot from Microgaming casinos and although it has all the 243 ways, a win here is very, very rare. Having a magic tree in the background, the slot symbols that float on the screen represent different Fairies from the forest. The music (or better said, the magical sound) accompanies each spin and with all the avarice of the slot, the game is enjoyable.

With a minimum bet of only 25 cents, unfortunately 90% of the spins are losers. The game plays as follows: after 10-20 spins when you are not winning anything, you get 3 "Jacks" or 4 “Nines” that pay about 5-30 cents. All this would be disastrous, but after about 50-70 spins, you finally manage to have 5 “Fairies” of a kind that bring 5-10 Euro or you are lucky enough to enter the bonus round. In this round the symbols of the slot transform into different flowers to be picked up to “Collect”. This Bonus Game is very generous, and you will always finish with some extra 10-15 Euros. And because the bet is only 25 cents, these 10-15 Euros you just won (from 5 Fairies or from the Bonus) are enough to pay for the next 40-60 spins. At least in my case, I got relatively easily the Bonus Game and despite all losses from normal spins, I gathered some extra money. After the first 100 spins, playing 2 times the Bonus Game and having 2 large wins of 5 and 8 Euros, I had in an extra of over 20 Euros! At the end of about 250 spins played, I stopped with about 17 Euro extra.

As I said here you must be persistent, the wins (even the small ones) are very rare. However the story of the slot and the graphics are the most beautiful and thus the spins themselves are not boring, even after a long playing time. But for gamblers who need the thrill, I must say the slot is disappointing. For this reason, in my opinion the game is only slightly better than an average Microgaming slot. Pity.

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