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Muse. The word encompassing so many notions under four letters. According to mesmerising Greek mythology, Muses were the nine goddesses created by almighty Zeus in nine nights to become new dwellers of the Greek pantheon. They epitomise the personification of science, music, arts, dance, literature, comedy, that’s why so many people of art would refer to Muses to aid in their creative endeavours. Even nowadays artistic talents seek inspiration in muses when they need a mental stimulation to come up with something original and ingenious. If you desperately want to feel the rush of invoking, but this incentive has a specific appliance in the sphere of gambling, Net Entertainment presented a great video-slot game for such an occasion called Muse: Wild Inspiration where you can unleash your amazing potential of an outstanding gambler and show the world how fruitful your efforts are. It’s out of question that NetEnt’s fantasy range might have an everlasting capacity, so there was no surprise when this extraordinary in theme machine hit the market.

Muse: Wild Inspiration isn’t another tedious game regularly found in casinos’ gaming catalogues because it’s powered with impressive Greek motives surely standing out of the common row of traditional layouts. Here you will be offered to unravel the mystery of inspiration with a beautiful help of three gorgeous muses whose appearance slightly seems to bring back old good Disney’s Hercules animation. NetEnt gathered a charming set of cartoon installments and combined them into one coherent picture touching with enveloping pinkish colours, heaven-like backdrop image and authentic designing for gaming elements like reels, buttons, symbols and control keys. Overall, everything is incredibly pleasant to look at, so that the machine definitely begins to differ from standard records settled in casino players’ heads. Besides, sound effects conjure up the images of a bright weekend morning on the coast of some marvellous and warm sea, so it comes completely clear that the developers have invested much love into creating this high-quality machine.

The gameplay course must be familiar to everyone with a little prior experience as Muse: Wild Inspiration gets gamblers to play at a classic layout with 5 drums, 3 rows and 25 instant-active winlines meaning that the number of included strings is fixed into the settings. Despite that fact that the first impression about the interface specifications seems to aim articulately at female gamblers, everyone can find their own bit of suitable action given that Muse slot machine has a lovely scope of additional features. As long as three muses make it a company, NetEnt included three different Wildcard-based highlights and a couple of interesting moments about Free Game mode. Also, there are some random multipliers to expand winning opportunities, so you will absolutely get excited when meet astounding muse creatures hooking you to play.

Interesting features

Would you ever doubt NetEnt as a great provider of amazing additional features planted in every slot product they make? If so, you should have a quick track through their machines to find out that it’s actually a rarity to find out a game without anything in particular. Muse: Wild Inspiration slot machine isn’t some kind of an exception because here you will be served with a decent range of awesome features to dilute the classic direction of base game. To begin with, each Muse has a specific Wildcard delivering different gaming mission. Apart from that, players can fully take advantage of Free Rounds ‘endowed’ with omnipresent Wilds as well.

Speaking of Wild symbols, they can appear during any set of gaming whether it’s a regular spin or a free one. Muse: Wild Inspiration obviously received its title due to an unusual array of replacers which could be not often seen in other slots. Here Wildcards can be landed specifically at the central reels with no standalone payout for Wild matching combination. In general terms, a Wild is a specialty symbol substituting for all regular symbols to form the highest possible pattern. Wilds might be visualised differently and have different assignment. Muse slot offers three various kinds of substituters:

  • Expanders – Wildcards able to expand to cover the whole reel they are on, three rows stipulate Wilds to occupy three cubes.
  • Multipliers – Wildcards with a certain number of multiplication applied when they join a winning combination of symbols.
  • Stickers – Wildcards having a sticking ability to hold a certain position on the reel saved for the next spin.

Nevertheless, these three Wild elements can combine with one another when it comes to free rounds. Basically, Free Spins are triggered in the most classic way – catch three, four, five Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to get access to a concrete number of rounds played for free. Muse: Wild Inspiration slot is a game where players can obtain from 10 to 30 ‘toll-free’ spins depending on how many Scatters come into view. The Bonus Game peculiarity is that it includes a randomly selected Wild from the threesome replacing department – Sticky x2, both Sticky and Expanding, Expanding x2. This fine mixture, again, is revealed only after the symbol flips face-up. What’s more, rounds could be reactivated on the same terms.

Bonus rounds

Muse: Wild Inspiration slots offer an amazing action when it comes to Wildcards, so one could consider the game to be a housing place for replacing. Overall, there are 6 different in functions Wild symbols three of which appear during the base game and the last three is a special elements of Free Game bonus. Of course, if one looks a bit closer, the concept behind Wilds assembles just three cards with different delivery while the others act more as combinations of the Wild groundwork. Probably, it’s better to begin with these symbols and explain how they actually work outside of gaming mode and then show the delivery during bonus rounds. So, here’s a full table providing short descriptions for all Wildcards.

Expanding Wildcards.

Add a little action on the reels because of expanding. Basically, whatever position this type of Wilds lands on, it expands so that to cover the reel from A to Z and the entire drum is overlaid with the card.

Sticky Wildcards.

This kind behaves as a sticker holding onto the reel it originally lands on. Muse: Wild Inspiration throws an additional function on Stickers to trigger a re-spin for both base and bonus games. There might be more than one Sticky – in that case only one re-spin is given.

Multiplying Wildcards.

These are fellows to get some real money because they not only can substitute for symbols, but also bring an extra x2 multiplication to the line they are on. When there are more than one Multiplier they multiply one another up to x8 to winnings.

Sticky Multiplying Wildcards.

It’s time for some great combo. Imagine one Sticky and one Multiplier have a sister, it would be a Sticky Multiplier. The symbol merges two main functions and can re-spin the reels and give x2 multiplication for a single icon. Also, can get in compounds with multiplier raising up to x8.

Sticky Expanding Wildcards.

Another interesting combo of two previous Wilds – Expanders and Stickers. Here you can benefit from an expanding Wild reactivating the reels for one time with a position saved for the coming round. The symbol covers the reels up to the top and doesn’t move anywhere.

Expanding Multiplying Wildcards.

Gets hotter, doesn’t it? Now we have an expander covering the whole reel and additionally bringing x2 multiplication to winnings. Also, it can multiply with one another when there’s a chain of them to create up to x8 multiplier in total.


Ready to win real money? Then, let’s get the entire set of cards together to see how they operate simultaneously on the reels. When you are on the base game, the first three Wildcards can appear in a random fashion, yet the symbol lands face-down. Right after the machine chooses one definite card from the pool to serve its mission. In case of bonus games, you firstly lands three, four or five Scatters to open 10, 20 or 30 spins respectively where the alternative set of Wildcards leads the action. Basically, as you can see, bonus Wilds appear as combinations of base-game symbols, so they all save their range of functions including face-down landing and random selecting from the pool of three.

Rules and features

Muse: Wild Inspiration by NetEnt has a modern-like environment consisting of a 5×3 grill and twenty-five fixed lines where you can place wagers on the drums and get rewarded in case of matching combinations formed with symbols from a paytable. Basic rules revolve around betting and winning, though, you are also provided with a few harmonious gambling elements like Wildcards and Free Games. The original set allows to utilise replacers during each gaming regime, but apart from the listed peculiarities the machine has nothing to offer. Bet range start with 0.25 coins with 0.01 wager per payline and ends with 125 which pleasant news for high-rollers with a huge wallet capacity. There are two major factors contributing to the betting amount besides paylines included – bet level and coin value – which set how much it is going to be staked per one round. Bet level also play the extra role of a value modifier. On other words, the paytable numbers are given in raw values that are additionally multiplied by the level of betting gamblers use.

In order to receive payouts, players must collect a combination of same symbols so that they all come arranged in one winning line. However, it’s not necessary for a combination to go back-to-back – the chain might be broken by other symbols, yet matching ones have to locate in a payline. In theory, Muse: Wild Inspiration has a low to mid volatility percentage, 97%, so wins should go smoothly and frequently and sometimes not substantially large in value. The game is listed to have a potential of fetching 590’000 credits which is quite strange regarding high RTP number. Returning to gameplay aspects, Muse: Wild Inspiration provides two options of gaming where you can stick to manual spinning or try out a little automatised action presetting the number of spins in advance. The paytable offers two groups of symbols with low-win and mid-win rewarding, and you can check It out right here (not again that the values are ‘raw’, i.e. display the first bet level payout sums):

SYMBOL 3 4 5
Tens 2 15 50
Jacks 2 15 50
Queens 3 20 75
Kings 5 25 75
Aces 5 25 100
Grapes 10 50 150
Goblet 10 50 200
Artist’s Palette 15 25 250
Quill and Scroll 25 75 300
Harp 50 100 500
Flying Boot (Scatter) 10 Spins 20 Spins 30 Spins


Undoubtedly, Muse: Wild Inspiration slots game is an aMusing machine with loads of Wilds inspiring you to wager more. Not only did NetEnt followed their long-established standards of designing for this one, but also sorted out how to write in three characters so that they might celebrate the diversity of their own. One Wild symbol is great, yet when there are nothing less than three icons each having a different rank of responsibilities the gameplay unfolds in the most enjoyable way for gamblers. While Wilds wildly wild the gaming course, Free Games serve as an additional fringe benefit, so it becomes pretty clear why the game has remained fairly popular in casino catalogues for a long time.  On the whole, Muse slot should be a great opportunity to invest your funds and get something handsome back from casinos.


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Muse wild inspiration Reviews by Players

Annelle. Reviewed on 01.07.18
Hmm only one review so far for the Muse Wild Inspiration slot from NetEnt. I guess nobody really likes this game. Well, me neither and I’m not even sure why I decided to play it in the past. I guess I just play games because I want to see what’s up with the features and potential it has.

Unfortunately Muse Wild Inspiration is a bit too boring for my taste. I only experienced the game during one session a while back. The game is too monotone and might even bore an old, patient lady of 70 years old. Nevertheless, I did have a decent win on this game. So I shouldn’t really be complaining.

This game has been produced by Net Entertainment and offers 5-reels and 25-paylines. You might wonder why they chose the name Muse Wild Inspiration. Well, they probably chose it because the wilds play a very significant role in this game. You might think, well don’t wilds always play a significant role in any slot in general?

Of course they do! But in Muse Wild Inspiration they basically drop almost every spin and are the cornerstone of a potential big win. In addition, the game is also capable of awarding 10, 20 or 30 free spins for respectively 3, 4 or 5 scatters. The minimum bet is €0.25 but I played it at €0.75 I believe.

The wilds can only drop on reels 2, 3 and 4. The coin symbol with the 3 ladies pictures on it functions as a wild. Every time it drops, it randomly picks one of the ladies to turn into either a 2 x multiplier, sticky wild with one re-spin or a full wild reel.

You never know what you will get, but it speaks for itself that if three wild symbols land at the same time that there is some huge potential. Definitely if you consider all three being wild reels. I didn’t come further than 50 x bet size as win. Plus, I do find the wilds kind of annoying, since they interrupt the game very often and the wins are usually very marginal.

During the free spins the wilds can play even a larger role. The sticky wild has a 2 x multiplier attached to it all of a sudden, while the wild reel is sticky as well and there is also an expanding wild with a 2 x multiplier. So it’s even easier to have a good hit.

I had all three wilds appearing, but didn’t win more than 150 x bet size though, which is good, but I thought it would have been more. Overall a decent game but it will probably bore most players quite fast.
David Nierman. Reviewed on 25.09.18
Lately I've been exploring many new games for me and Muse was one of them. I have to say that I'm disappointed with myself that it happened so late since I've started to like this game so much. It has very beautiful design, inspired by Ancient Greece theme and you can see it is displayed in a very nice way- scatter symbols look like greek sandals, beautiful ladies have traditional clothing. Overall I am very pleased with the looks for this slot.

Game has 5 reels and 25 paylines and the minimum stake is 0.25€ per spin. It has free spin round, that is triggered by 3 or more scatters anywhere on screen and the only thing I don't like there is that the free spins have no multiplier, I would have liked to see at least 2x multiplier. But then again, in the main game and in free rounds there are wild symbols that can bring awesome winnings. I like that the wilds are mysterious, there are 3 types of wilds and when they land on the spin, you get one of the wilds randomly. And they appear only on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. There is a wild that gives 2x multiplier, sticky wild that gives one respin and stays on it, and my favorite wild- expanding wild. They all substitute for all symbols except scatter and I’ve explored many big winnings when there is more than 1 wild on the screen. And in the free spin round all of the wilds are sticky wilds.

I am really impressed with this slot and I think because of the wilds it can give great winnings. Most of the time I end up with 80x winnings and I really like that the possibility to hit a big win in main game is very real. It's really not hard to get around 50x bet win with good combination of wilds. For me it can take some time to trigger the bonus round, last time I played this game it took me more than 300 spins to trigger first free spins, and although you can get 40 and even 50 free spins for 4 and 5 scatters, I've never experienced that. In the free spins you will want to see as many wilds as possible, otherwise the spins can pay poorly, I’ve had free spin rounds when I’ve won only 3x bet because I couldn’t get any wilds.

I recommend this game to all players because it has really nice design, good paying features in both - main game and free rounds, and so far I haven't got many dry runs with this game, which is also good.
Kendal. Reviewed on 28.09.18
Muse is a game I play from time to time and I can say it can be quite fun and profitable on certain sessions. The graphic is pretty descent. The slot is set in ancient times because for a theme it has ancient Greece. Even the background music reminds me a bit of some traditional Greek song. The slot has some nice cartoon like animations so you won’t get bored and you are guaranteed to have fun playing.

The slot has 25 paylines and 5 reels and the main features in the game come from the wilds. There are 3 muses so that means there are 3 wilds in the game. They land only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can be sticky, expanding or with a 2 x multiplier. Whenever a wild lands on the reels he flips over to reveal the feature. This is a great detail because you often get 2 wilds one next to another and you can have some nice win. For example sometimes you get 2 expanding wilds on reels 2 and 4, you get expanding wild on reel 2 and x2 wild on reel 3, you get one sticky wild in one spin and another in the next. My biggest win during base play was around 40 x bet with only 2 expanding wilds on reels 2 and 4. So this slot can give out nice wins despite of the poor paytable.

Another great feature in this slot is the free spins bonus. It is triggered when you get at least 3 scatters on the reels. Depending on the number of scatters you can get 10, 20 or 30 free spins which is great but most of the time you get 10 free spins. In the free spins you can get a sticky wild x 2, expanding wild x 2 or a sticky expanding wild. This is great and you can really have some nice wins in the bonus round.

In my last session I played 200 spins on a 1 euro bet before I got the feature. I got a few good base play wins and in the bonus round I had a nice win of 103 euros. This left me with a 90 euros profit and 200 euros wagered from my bonus. I recommend this game to everyone.

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