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Wealthy Mr. Green continues his fabulous adventures around the globe, and now the man takes off in a voyage travelling through the Europe in a most peculiar vintage style. Basically, Net Entertainment came up with a very suitable title for the game so that to cover the forthcoming escapade – Mr. Green’s Old Jolly Grand Tour of Europe (just to keep things simple let’s shorten it to Mr. Green’s Grand Tour) – and this name is surely justifies itself when players meet the machine’s interface and gameplay particularities. You are about to find yourself back in the 19th century where the classical epoch is spread through every possible detail – design, animation, graphics, pictures, landscapes… you name it. In order to throw in a pinch of authenticity, NetEnt outlined the special character of the theme which revolves all over ’commotion’ by diverse means of old-fashioned transportation like steamboats, carriages, steam trains and flyboats transporting Mr. Green in the background animation.

Well, The Grand Tour of Europe reminds of old-good days when people barely knew about cars or buses, so NetEnt chose to hold it energetic and robust in terms of action because special times always need special treatment. Apparently, this is the reason why some constant motion has been added to the backdrop where our well-known entrepreneur is traveling in a marvellous company of fellow gentlemen and beautiful dames. Aside from that, cheerful soundtrack records submerge casino players more in this authentic journey while gambling action occurs on the reels. Moreover, NetEnt exclusively devised the line-up of unusual symbols each portraying a transport mode which is depicted in the backdrop activity, thus the machine instantly receives a couple of extra points for being extraordinarily bona fide. On the whole, mechanics remained the same as the gaming platform is built on NetEnt’s new-generation engine that you can witness in many other slots of last two-three years.

Loads of animated elements isn’t the only distinguishable thing about Mr. Green’s Grand Tour slots game. Here you will also encounter six different types of Wild symbols, some lucrative free rounds and base game with an equal share of profitable combinations outside bonuses. Generally speaking, players are offered to participate in a 5×3 format with twenty-five paying lines which are fixed to the grid. No doubt that this amazing video game so genuinely passes you through the old era as NetEnt originally created the machine for Mr. Green Casino, so have no wonder when come across some other slots with the title mentioning the man. One can say: The Grand Tour slot is a decent follow-up of the game series having many remarkable merits.

Interesting features

To everyone’s delight, there are so many ways of feature travelling in Mr. Green’s Grand Tour slot machine meaning that there are so many ways to receive something financially tasty. Technically, the game provides two traditional in the slot world bonusing components – Wildcards and Free Spins, but this is not more than simply a superficial glance at gaming arrangement because these features dive much deeper in realisation. Here players can make use of six (!) different in delivery substituters three of which are designed specifically for base-game while the last three items would come in handy during Free Spins. Overall, NetEnt stuck to classics in layout performance as The Grand Tour slot is the epitome of classics itself. Shall be begin?

In the first place, regular spinning can be diversified with three major elements which are traditional Wildcards, Multiplying Wildcards and Expanding Wildcards. Each of them has a certain power not only to blend with matching combination, but also impose an additional bonus factor according to the name. Nevertheless, it’s not that easy as it may seem because all Wildcards are gathered under one common pattern – Multi Wild feature. Chiefly, imagine flipping three-side coin to find out the outcome in a random giveaway. Mr. Green’s Grand Tour utilises completely the same approach to activating Wildcards when they land on the reels, so that players could get a little bit of anticipation and thrilling excitement in their waiting for the results. In other words, there’s a common Wild symbol which transforms into one of these three replacers right after a successful landing. Therefore, NetEnt maintains a small participle of forethought and surprise in the base game.

Free Spin symbols aka Scatters can also strike the reels out of blue to set off some number of free rounds played at the same bet value as the trigger-spin. Mr. Green’s Grand Tour provides three sets of spins followed by Scatters depending on how many of them appear – three, four or five. Scatter symbols represent a bright picture with “FREE SPIN” writing on it and they can basically show up anywhere on the reels in the regular-spin rounds. What is inciting about the machine is the fact that three Scatters will be able to fetch you 30 Free Spins, yet the situation has really low odds, so players have to make do with 10 or sometimes 20 free rounds in the main.

Spinning in Free Game regime might be also increased to a new level of real money by another package of mixed in function Wildcards. The line-up looks incredible and promising: Expanding Wilds pair-crossed with a re-spin option, another Expanding teamed with a multiplier within and the last is a multiplying Wild with an additional re-spin. Free Games wouldn’t give the Wilds so easily because the value of a replacer is again wrapped in mystery meaning one of a set is chosen randomly shortly after the card comes out on the drums. However, everything has its own rules and conditions concerning position, range of duties and compatibility which we are going to be looking at in a few moments.

Bonus rounds

Of course, bonus action happens in every spin whether you are on free games or charged games. To put it in a simple way, Mr. Green’s Grand Tour slots center Wild symbols in the middle of gambling, so most of prizes come through these expanders, yet five-of-a-kind won on a maximum can also be a profitable case, but boring, too regular and hard achievable. To have a better understanding of what happens in terms of bonusing in both game modes, let’s split up all features into two major categories – base game action and free game action – and explain how these features work together.




As soon as the Wild turns

into an expander, it

overlays the entire reel

forming a cluster of

three rowing Wilds.


Super primitive function but has some advantages: multiplies winnings by 2 and when gets in a combo with the same function multiplies with one another up to x8 value.


Acts as both sticking and re-spinning symbol, i.e. holds its position for the next spin and gives this spin to be played for free when appears.

Two main bonus elements are embedded in the regular spinning – Wildcard action and Scatters which, unfortunately, bring no winning apart from additional spins played for free. As it has already been mentioned, there are three Wild symbols with different ranges of functions: overlaying, re-spinning and multiplying. All, in the first row, operate as replacers for other symbols and as a topping serve some rewarding action. Note that symbols don’t appear separately – initially, one common Wildcard shows on the reels and only then the randomiser chooses which extra feature will be applied to the symbol. Icons can also appear in group, but their extra-prize is revealed independently. Wilds appear only on reels 2, 3 or 4.


Mr. Green’s Grand Tour by NetEnt activates Free Spin mode in case three, four or five Scatters get on the reels in any pattern. Respectively, players can obtain 10, 20 and 30 rounds depending on the number. In general, Free Game can be re-triggered in case some more stacks of bonus icons flash up on the reels, and if both Scatters and Re-Spin Wilds meet each other in one spin, Free Spin are going to be played first. Overall, you can take advantage of slightly different Wildcards (also given randomly after a regular Wild faces up) which represent a certain combination of the previous threesome pack. Take a look:


A great combination of two Wild features – trigger a free spin and multiply winnings by two. Basically, this set of symbols inherits all functions from their ‘parents’.


This symbol expands to overlay the whole reel from up to down and also multiplies all win-line sums by 2 – also, can create bonds and multiply with one another to up to x8.


The most profitable tool on your kit as it can trigger a consequent spin, stick to its position for this spin and also covers the whole reel of landing.

Rules and features

Undoubtedly, Mr. Green’s Grand Tour has a pleasant picture and an opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime at your home boundaries. The format of organisation used is a customary stock consisting of 5 reels and 3 rows where you can place wagers on an immovable number of paylines which is fixed 25. However, this doesn’t mean stakes climb significantly higher due to a stiff value because wagers are separated in two values – coin value and bet level. The latter is a certain number in the range of 1 to 10 also employed to multiply the paytable values. For instance, five anchors will give 300 coins by the default first level, and when you play with, say, level 5 now five matches fetch 1500 (300*5) credits. Coin value serves as a denomination setting in turn influencing payouts.


Rules won’t amaze you at all: firstly players place their wagers, then they spin the reels, and then they get rewarded in case at least one win-line features a combination. By combination it’s meant a group of matching icons arranging in any of 25 paying lines not necessarily forming a continuous back-to-back string. Mr. Green’s Grand Tour offers two game modes – base game when you spin in a regular fashion betting each time to activate the reels and bonus game where you are given a definite number of free rounds on the basis of Scatter’s number. In addition to that, a flock of three various Wilds is offered in each mode. There are in general Expanding Wilds, multiplying Wilds, conventional Wilds and Re-Spin Wilds either used in a standalone method or mixed in different collaborations. The paytable for bet level 1 looks as follows (note than Wilds have no rewarding for a combo):


Grand Tour Logo 50 100 500
Anchor 25 75 300
Work Kit 15 50 250
Light Bulb 10 50 200
Horseshoe 10 50 150
Ace 5 25 100
King 5 25 75
Queen 3 20 75
Jack, Ten 2 15 50



Mr. Green’s Grand Tour slot is a game presenting a magical experience in the 19th century where you put yourself in a rich man’s shoes to find out a bit more about luxurious and reckless life. Even if most people would argue about this treacherous period and remember horrifying conditions of living for ordinary town dwellers, NetEnt tried to cover only pleasant aspects about this epoch omitting particular details to highlight positive moments about being wealthy 200 years ago. It’s not about sending a message to the audience, but to give them a chance to play a dynamic game with an attractive outlook. Overall, Mr. Green series of slots always have some sort of thematic appeal, and The Grand Tour of Europe perfectly fits the sequence. Besides, Wild-based action can never be boring due to lots of motion. So, go and witness yourself Mr. Green’s adventures on online shelves of NetEnt powered casinos.


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